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1. "Even in India the Hindi film industry might be the best known but there are movies made in other regional languages in India, be it Tamil or Bengali. Those experiences too are different from the ones in Bombay."
Author: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
2. "In the industry, you do need some ethics - if one film does well, then thousands get work and money comes back to the industry. I guess the bottomline is, if there are two versions, then the better one will click."
Author: Ajay Devgan
3. "Do you stand naked in front of the mirror and flex every night? I mean, really, at least go into the adult film industry. At least it won't go completely to waste."
Author: Amy Harmon
4. "One might have thought that the most significant change in the film industry that would come about with a transition from the communist economy to capitalism would fundamentally concern the sources of funding."
Author: Andrzej Wajda
5. "As a child, I had no idea that I would end up in the film industry. My ambitions changed from wanting to join the army like my grandfather to taking up merchant navy as a career to running for India, and finally, investment banking while I was a student of economics honour. But during my college days, I began to get offers for modelling."
Author: Arjun Rampal
6. "Our film industry as well as the audiences are now open to unconventional pairings and subjects, which has aided my journey greatly."
Author: Boman Irani
7. "In the mid 1990s the Korean film industry was really open-minded."
Author: Bong Joon Ho
8. "Britain is producing some of the worst films in the world. Our film industry is desperate to be part of America, and we just churn out flaccid imitations of bad films over there."
Author: Catherine McCormack
9. "It's so easy to become obsessed with the film industry and recognition that we can forget that we are not saving the world. We are just actors trying to entertain people."
Author: Charlie Cox
10. "I think all industries are sexist in nature and I don't think the film industry is any different."
Author: Christine Lahti
11. "I owe baseball all that I have and much of what I hope to have. Baseball made my entrance to the film industry immeasurably easier than I could have made it alone. To the greatest game in the world I shall be eternally in debt."
Author: Chuck Connors
12. "The Australian film industry is a small industry, so you have to really be flexible within working in different mediums. A lot of actors work in theater, film, and television, because there's not much opportunity in terms of employment there."
Author: Deborah Mailman
13. "If you were in the film industry at that time, you were always picked up by directors who were much older. You were whisked about and shown things. I did work very hard though."
Author: Diane Cilento
14. "The film 'Tapped' illustrates quite clearly how we've been getting 'soaked' for years by the bottled water industry."
Author: Ed Begley Jr.
15. "If you invent the Mini Cooper, pour all your energy and passion into it and it gets made, you should be on a roll. In the film industry you have to start again the next day."
Author: Estelle Morris
16. "Album sales have collapsed, with few artists making money from albums; touring is more lucrative. But I'm 53 now and won't be able to tour forever, so a logical step is to get into writing film scores. Trouble is, you need to be somewhere which has a big film industry - another reason why I'm thinking about living in California."
Author: Gary Numan
17. "If I fail, the film industry writes me off as another statistic. If I succeed, they pay me a million bucks to fly out to Hollywood and fart."
Author: George A. Romero
18. "In the film industry, all the money is focused on television and the stupidity of American cinema."
Author: Gerard Depardieu
19. "I can't frankly see much difference in the film industry at all. The only difference might be that they don't take as much time as they used to. For example, they'll do in one day what we used to take a week to do."
Author: Glenn Ford
20. "Check it out."Jonah removed the bubble wrap and held up the picture for his three cousins.Dan took a step backward. The shock was almost as powerful as it had been the day before at the Uffizi. "It's perfect! It's every bit as disgusting as the real one!"Amy nodded. "And so fast. We only called you yesterday."Jonah shrugged. "Even the Janus take a short cut every now and then. You can do a lot with digitization these days. You break the picture down to squares and reproduce them one at a time. The other two are just as fly.""You mean, hog ugly," Hamilton amended. "The serpents don't help," Dan put in critically. "Live fat spaghetti. Lady, if you're thinking of a modeling career, forget it!" The rapper clucked sympathetically. "You guys just don't appreciate the power of the visual image. The Wiz used to be like that–until Gangsta Kronikles. When you're in film industry, you understand the whole picture's-worth-a-thousand-words deal."Hamilton rolled his eyes. "Here we go again."
Author: Gordon Korman
21. "Now I don't know if you realize it, but the film industry's a small world. It's like living in a tenement at one end of a back alley. Not only do you see everybody's dirty laundry, but once rumors start, you can't stop 'em."
Author: Haruki Murakami
22. "There is no schedule in the film industry. It's not like you have a 9 to 5 job every day."
Author: Jodelle Ferland
23. "I also thought of myself as the Sonny Barger of the film industry."
Author: John Milius
24. "I was called in from the producer, who was a guy who lived in Texas and an outsider in the film industry, and he said, 'I want to make a movie and I want to make it about this guy; will you join me?' And I said yes, and I was intrigued by this story of Jobs. But also, I was intrigued by the story that would mean so much by where we are right now."
Author: Joshua Michael Stern
25. "You see, I have many friends in the Hindi film industry."
Author: Kabir Bedi
26. "It was always something I knew I was capable of and from an early age my mother was involved in the film industry. She used to work at a production company. So I was exposed to a renaissance period of films in New Zealand back in the early 80's."
Author: Karl Urban
27. "I come from an everyday middle class family in India. The film industry reached us only through our television sets and cinema halls."
Author: Lavrenti Lopes
28. "After an 18-year career, I left the film industry, not wanting to become one of those child-actor cautionary tales."
Author: Lisa Jakub
29. "Film-makers in Belgium are seen as arts and crafts makers. It is a small country. There is not really a film industry there at all."
Author: Luc Dardenne
30. "It perhaps has a chance, a commercial chance, this film. It's funny, it's charming, the idea is original, it's unusual and it makes fun of the movie industry in a way that it needs to be poked fun at."
Author: Mark Rydell
31. "Terry's mother worked in the film industry for many years. She always wanted him to marry an actress."
Author: Marta Kristen
32. "There's always been a struggle with filmmakers between art and industry, and you have to find a balance."
Author: Michel Hazanavicius
33. "Film-makers should remain true to their principles and never compromise, there is a real revival in the British film industry but there is a danger that we will become colonial servants of Hollywood. We need to maintain our own integrity."
Author: Mike Leigh
34. "It's weathered many a storm, but the British film industry is, thankfully, still afloat."
Author: Peter Capaldi
35. "If I was not allowed to mention that I was in the film industry, I could go six months without getting a kiss."
Author: Peter Farrelly
36. "National film industries tend to move in cycles. In Australia right now, we're on a high, a feeling of potential, which as yet shows no sign of flagging. But the word 'industry' is misleading. A small national cinema has no industry in the Hollywood sense."
Author: Peter Weir
37. "A filmmaker chooses an actress keeping the best interest of the film in mind. If he doesn't cast you, it doesn't mean there's a personal agenda. Change is constant, and if you have agreed to be part of this industry, you will have to go with the change. The films and filmmakers, even the audience has changed."
Author: Rani Mukerji
38. "It proved to be pretty impossible to get funds for a feature film in Finland. It's still small, but the film industry was miniscule at that point in the early '80s."
Author: Renny Harlin
39. "People in the film industry always want to save for a rainy day. Many early actors died in small houses with no money, and so they are insecure. My advantage is I don't value money that much. It's an easy thing for me to let go."
Author: Salman Khan
40. "I was totally unknown in the television and film industry in Canada."
Author: Samantha Bee
41. "The film industry is a lovely family and I respect it."
Author: Sanjay Dutt
42. "I'm sure there have been missed opportunities, with films I've turned down that went on to be successful, but everyone in the industry has had that happen."
Author: Sean Pertwee
43. "I don't see a film industry in Germany. They have a great TV culture, but how many German films are really exciting?"
Author: Thomas Kretschmann
44. "In this age of consumerism film criticism all over the world - in America first but also in Europe - has become something that caters for the movie industry instead of being a counterbalance."
Author: Wim Wenders
45. "There are a thousand weird untold stories in the Australian film industry, this has been one of them."
Author: Yahoo Serious

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