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1. "The crisis of the fisheries is similar to our economy. This is not one fishery failing, but the whole system."
Author: Daniel Pauly
2. "In the Java Sea in Indonesia, I have seen fishers going out in the morning, six of them going out and coming back with five pounds of fish. That is the end point, a pound of fish per person per day to sell for rice. That's where fisheries go if you let it happen. That's where it stabilizes. These people cannot feed their families."
Author: Daniel Pauly
3. "Our oceans have been the victims of a giant Ponzi scheme, waged with Bernie Madoff-like callousness by the world's fisheries."
Author: Daniel Pauly
4. "And let me in this place movingly admonish you, ye ship-owners of Nantucket! Beware of enlisting in your vigilant fisheries any lad with lean brow and hollow eye; given to unseasonable meditativeness; and who offers to ship with the Phædon instead of Bowditch in his head. Beware of such an one, I say: your whales must be seen before they can be killed..."
Author: Herman Melville
5. "Aquatic invasive species are destroying the environment, damaging fisheries, and costing American taxpayers billions of dollars annually."
Author: John M. McHugh
6. "European fisheries are a disaster. The American fisheries are well-kept."
Author: Roger Daltrey

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