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1. "Fitness is a curve. You can be Lance Armstrong, or you can be really out of shape at the opposite end. People enter the curve wherever they are and then they can move up the curve, by better nutrition and better exercise."
Author: Gordon Strachan
2. "In terms of fitness and battling through cancer, exercise helps you stay strong physically and mentally."
Author: Grete Waitz
3. "Find fitness with fun dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise."
Author: Paula Abdul
4. "If only the physical aspects of hatha yoga are used, it is called ghatastha yoga (ghata means "physical effort"). Modern expressions like "fitness yoga" and "power yoga" that flourish within gym classes are within the same category, even if they do not derive from the original exercises' rhythm and succession. In many instances "power yoga" has a positive effect on physical health; but if there is no aim to ease the mind, to gain self-insight and control of your thoughts, and to experience the divine within you and within the universe, the deeper meaning of yoga and - possibly life - is lost."
Author: Stig Åvall Severinsen

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Quotes About Fitness And Exercise
Quotes About Fitness And Exercise
Quotes About Fitness And Exercise

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My immune system has always been overly welcoming of germs. It's far too polite, the biological equivalent of a southern hostess inviting y'all nice microbes to stay awhile and have some artichoke dip."
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