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1. "You talk to a person of flippancy at his or her level! If you do not, he or she will surely tell all."
Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
2. "It does seem simple, doesn't it?' she said, with a final bitter attempt at flippancy, 'when you want to kill a take hold of it...then you wring its's only the chicken who does not find it quite so simple. Now you hold a knife at my throat, and a hostage for my obedience...You find it simple...I don't"
Author: Emmuska Orczy
3. "Flippancy, the most hopeless form of intellectual vice."
Author: George Gissing
4. "Having second thoughts?" Puck's voice was soft and dangerous, a far cry from his normal flippancy. "I thought we put this behind us for now.""Never," I said, matching his stare. "I can't ever take it back, Goodfellow. I'm still going to kill you. I swore to her I would." Lighting flickered overhead, and thunder rumbled in the distance as we faced each other with narrowed eyes. "One day," I said softly. "One day you'll look up, and I'll be there. That's the only ending for us. Don't ever forget."
Author: Julie Kagawa
5. "Behind his careful political flippancy and cynicism one might also detect a certain careless sincerity, which would probably in the long run save him from moderate success, and turn him into one of the brilliant failures of his day."
Author: Saki
6. "(Shoddiness is) the nature of human life. It takes an exertion to be indifferent to these things, but it's an exertion worth making. Also, it allows you luxuries like scorn and flippancy."
Author: Thomas M. Disch

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