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1. "Having a Great Ambition is also a Meditation. When our efforts are focussed sincerely, even during sleep, our brains will work on it, in the form of Dreams."
Author: Dinesh Kumar Radhakrishnan
2. "They're on Lee and Indy Sex Watch.""Come again?""They want to know when we've done it."Silence. I went on."If we don't do it soon, they might force us to at gunpoint.""Christ.""I know. No pressure though. I told them we're taking is slow.""You have to report in?""I kind of feel obliged.""How's that?"I didn't want to tell him I'd recruited them both for Lee Maneuvres in the past, so I said, "Never mind.""If something doesn't happen soon, it's gonna be bad. I can't keep focussed, all I can think of is what's on your Victoria's Secret credit statement."You need to keep focused," I told him, "bad guys are after me.""Tell me about it."
Author: Kristen Ashley
3. "Something went greatly wrong in our collective history and the starting point of it was the industrial revolution. Our school systems are focussed on a single objective: to produce model citizens for society in order to feed this machine and prevent its breakdown. That's why our school systems have no interest in developing models that actually require and stimulate useful values in people, such as courage or imagination or inventiveness. None of these are taught in our schools, on the contrary the system focuses on memorizing. Memorizing is a way of overloading the mind with mental baggage it doesn't really need. Besides being horribly dull and stiffening the effect of 20 years of abundant memorization training is modern man: an unimaginative creature stuffed with useless knowledge and unable to clean his mind of this information dirt: our school systems are purposely constructed to deliver mental automatons that are unable to think creatively."
Author: Martinus Hendrikus Benders
4. "No one who keeps his mind focussed entirely upon himself, can grow large, strong and beautiful in character"
Author: Muhammad
5. "A modern health and social care system has to be completely focussed on the needs of its users."
Author: Patricia Hewitt
6. "My main efforts focussed on trying to identify the rate controlling steps during the cell cycle. Crucial for this analysis were wee mutants that were advanced prematurely through the cell cycle and so divided at a reduced cell size."
Author: Paul Nurse
7. "What the other teams do is something that I can never control, so I just keep focussed on my direction."
Author: Sete Gibernau

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