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1. "I was a foodie and I continue to be a foodie."
Author: Alicia Silverstone
2. "I am a big foodie, so much so that I eat in every half an hour. This is the secret of my glowing skin."
Author: Deepika Padukone
3. "I'm a complete foodie, but I'm a terrible cook. If a guy can get me in the kitchen and we actually have fun cooking, that's amazing."
Author: Emily Ratajkowski
4. "Delhi is definitely a foodie's paradise."
Author: Esha Gupta
5. "Psycholinguists argue about whether language reflects our perception of reality or helps create them. I am in the latter camp. Take the names we give the animals we eat. The Patagonian toothfish is a prehistoric-looking creature with teeth like needles and bulging yellowish eyes that lives in deep waters off the coast of South America. It did not catch on with sophisticated foodies until an enterprising Los Angeles importer renamed it the considerably more palatable "Chilean sea bass."
Author: Hal Herzog
6. "Lots of the cooking classes open to non-professionals are too low-level for experienced foodies, or don't offer enough hands-on training."
Author: Homaro Cantu
7. "I'm a big foodie, I do a lot of yoga - I love yoga - I love running... I just enjoy being really active, and traveling."
Author: Jane Chen
8. "I'm such a foodie. If I see a pork chop, I'm eating it."
Author: Josh Henderson
9. "...he was fascinated by the mid-western/middle American phenomenon of recombinant cuisine. Rice Krispie Treats being a prototypical example in that they were made by repurposing other foods that had already been prepared (to wit, breakfast cereal and marshmallows). And of course, any recipe that called for a can of cream of mushroom soup fell into the same category. The unifying principle behind all recombinant cuisine seemed to be indifference, if not outright hostility, to the use of anything that a coastal foodie would define as an ingredient."
Author: Neal Stephenson
10. "I'm a real foodie."
Author: Pippa Middleton
11. "I am a foodie, but I prefer to be at home and enjoy home-cooked food."
Author: Ronit Roy
12. "I am a foodie. I'm not afraid to say it."
Author: Shay Mitchell
13. "I hate 'foodie' because it's cute, like pretty much all diminutives associated with eating. 'Veggies,' 'sammies,' 'parm.' I eat food, and I cook it: it's for eating, preferably with friends, and I don't make a fetish out of it."
Author: Steve Albini

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