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1. "So, Francine seems sweet." -Kade"I wouldn't know, Mr. Grayson.  I haven't tasted him yet.  However, if I do get the pleasure of that, I will let you know how sweet it is." -Lainey"
Author: Christine Zolendz
2. "We're not robbing him," Skulduggery said." But I'm afraid I have some bad news.""Is it Deacon?" Francine asked, her eyes wide."It is.""Is he sick?""It's a little worse than that."She gasped. "He's dying?""He was briefly dying," said Skulduggery. "Now he's dead."
Author: Derek Landy
3. "Any pub will do?""McPherson's, I think. One with music that will alter my life forever, give me eternal happiness, and make me see God. You know. One like that.""So you need the magical sound of Ireland and some information about an Abbeyglen native. Francine"—Beckett's eyes danced in the streaming sunlight—"I'm about to solve your every problem." Beckett stood up and gave my hair a light tug. "Prepare to worship and adore me."
Author: Jenny B. Jones
4. "Quello che avrebbe visto negli occhi celestiali di Francine, lo sapeva, sarebbe stato il più meschino di tutti i sentimenti positivi, che è il rispetto."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
5. "This Sir Alisdair fellow." Her cheeks blushed crimson. "I'm just saying, he's likely older than Francine. And less attractive." "I don't care! I don't care if he's ancient and warty and leprous and hunchbacked. He would still be learned, intelligent. Respected and respectful. He would still be a better man than you. You know it, and you're envious. You're being cruel to me to soothe your pride." She looked him up and down with a contemptuous glare. "And you're going to catch flies in your mouth, if you don't shut it." For once, Colin found himself without words. The best he could do was take her advice and hoist his dropped jaw."
Author: Tessa Dare

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