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1. "Can I give you a word of advice?" Lucy asked."I suppose so.""You have a great French accent. If a guy asks you to wear a French maid's costume, kick him in the shin.""Especially if it's one of my brothers" Solange agreed."
Author: Alyxandra Harvey
2. "Can we get out of here?""Your chariot awaits.""In the form of a blue Ford ute?" I curved my brow."But of course," he said in an over-the-top French accent."Sacre blur, bad accent alert!""Wow," he said, "Le rude?""Le sorry?""Le hurt." Toby clutched his heart."What can I do to soothe your shattered ego?"Toby drummed his chin thoughtfully, pacing around me. He stopped just near enough to whisper in my ear."Le kiss?"
Author: C.J. Duggan
3. "You are not a perfect woman.You have an evil temper, you're as blind as a mole, you're a deplorable poet, and frankly, your French accent could use some work." Supporting himself on his elbows, Leo took her face in his hands. "But when I put those things together with the rest of you, it makes you into the most perfectly imperfect woman I've ever known."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
4. "French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused."
Author: Stephanie Perkins
5. "Say 'Synchronize watches', Motti." Con batted her eyelids. "You know I love it when you say 'Synchronize watches'." Motti glowered at Con, put on a bad falsetto French accent: "Would everyone kindly confirm their watch is telling the same time as their neighbour's watch, yes?"
Author: Stephen Cole
6. "Strange bent over these things, with a concentration to rival Minervois's own, questioning, criticizing and proposing. Strange and the two engravers spoke French to each other. To Strange's surprize Childermass understood perfectly and even addressed one or twoquestions to Minervois in his own language. Unfortunately, Childermass's French was so strongly accented by his native Yorkshire that Minervois did not understand and asked Strange if Childermass was Dutch."
Author: Susanna Clarke

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Quotes About French Accent
Quotes About French Accent

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