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1. "I actually think of being funny as an odd turn of mind, like a mild disability, some weird way of looking at the world that you can't get rid of."
Author: Calvin Trillin
2. "When death brings at last the desired forgetfulness, it abolishes life and being together, and sets the seal on the knowledge that "being" is merely a continual "has been," a thing that lives by denying and destroying and contradicting itself."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
3. "Humans have the choice of being reborn, While they have no conscious memory when the're reborn, they tend to reconnect with the souls that meant the most to them, again and again. And then those that reach enlightenment are able to at least reunite with their loved ones, with full knowledge of who they are."
Author: Joey W. Hill
4. "I'm so gullible. I'm so damn gullible. And I am so sick of me being gullible."
Author: Lana Turner
5. "I couldn't stand being identified by my sexuality, I retaliated by insisting that people regard me for my intellectual worth. My intellect became a form of damage control."
Author: Leora Tanenbaum
6. "She breathed. "This is lovely."It was for Adam, not Gansey, but she saw Gansey glance over his shoulder at her."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
7. "Hey you." She smiled and traced a finger on his cheek. "Where have you been?""Right here, always," Jack murmured, kissing her all over her face, her neck. But there was little time for tenderness"
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
8. "I grew up in the Deep South, where sexism, racism, and homophobia were and still are alive and well. I have early, early memories of words and actions of this type being very painful."
Author: Pauley Perrette
9. "Your enjoyment of the chosen options will be diminished by your regret over what you had to give up. In fact, the sum total of the regret over all the "lost" options may end up being greater than your joy over your chosen options, leaving you less satisfied than you would have been if you had had less choice to begin with."
Author: Sheena Iyengar
10. "And yet I understood the alienation of being around others who couldn't really see you or chose not to. I'd felt the self-loathing that came with being a fraud, protraying an image of what you wished you could be but weren't. I'd lived with the fear that people you loved might turn away from you if they ever got to know the true person hidden inside."
Author: Sylvia Day

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Quotes About Freshman Year Being Over
Quotes About Freshman Year Being Over
Quotes About Freshman Year Being Over

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