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1. "I look at Jerusalem as being a beacon for the three monotheistic religions."
Author: Abdallah II Of Jordan
2. "Truth has very few friends and those few are suicides."
Author: Antonio Porchia
3. "Kenya, being a third world country, from a young age your eyes are open to the real world. I'd like to think growing up there taught me to stand on my own two feet, make my own decisions about what I wanted to be."
Author: Chris Froome
4. "I can function without you. But I don't like being away from you. It feels like you take my home with you when you go."
Author: Christina Lauren
5. "Your dreams can change the environment which was not conducive for it at first! However it is a good initiative for the dreams that would change one society to be nursed in another environment, before being transplanted to strive in its original environment for the change process to begin!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
6. "My father was weaned on books. I'm halfway between being weaned on books and weaned on television. And if you're weaned on television, you're not as good a writer as if you were weaned on books."
Author: James Burrows
7. "Coffee and me are best friends. The only difference between Coffee and my other best friends is I drink coffee, and I ate all my other friends."
Author: Jarod Kintz
8. "Jesus wiped his tears on the back of his hand, blew his nose, who knows where, and yes, there is no point spending the whole day here, the desert is what it is, it surrounds us, in some ways protects us, but when it comes to giving, it gives us nothing, it simply looks on, and when the sun suddenly clouds over, so that we find ourselves thinking, The sky mirrors our sorrow, we are being foolish, because the sky is quite impartial and neither rejoices in our happiness nor is cast down by our grief."
Author: José Saramago
9. "There is probably some great acting that goes on in movies from people who have never been on a stage, but if you are in for the long haul, you'd be missing an enormous part of what being an actor is if you're not part of theater."
Author: Justin Kirk
10. "And why is our music called world music? I think people are being polite. What they want to say is that it's third world music. Like they use to call us under developed countries, now it has changed to developing countries, it's much more polite."
Author: Miriam Makeba
11. "I didn't want to be ordinary," I mumbled.My mother looked up. "What ordinary, Charley?""You know. Someone you forget."From the other room came the squeals of children. Miss Thelma turned her chin to the sound. She smiled,"That's what keeps me from being forgotten."
Author: Mitch Albom
12. "There was a time I stopped talking, just like you. My reasons were a little bit different, but... I think the feelings of being ashamed of myself and hating myself... are the same. Here it says "to like yourself." What does that mean? Good things---how are you supposed to find them? I only know things that I hate about myself. Because that's all I know: I hate myself. Even if your force yourself to find good things... it feels so empty. It doesn't work that way. People like your teacher just don't get it.I think... when you hear someone say they like you for the first time... then you can begin to like yourself. I think when someone accepts you for the first time... you feel like you can forgive yourself a little. You can begin to face your fears.~Yuki"
Author: Natsuki Takaya
13. "If I do find out the Secret,I won't be able to tell it to you-you know that right?And that doesn't mean I don't trust you.It's just because I can't.Sometimes even best friends have to keep secrets from each other."-Cass"
Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
14. "I haven't visited Evening's building since 1987. From what I could see, it hadn't changed a bit -- the place stank of elegance and the sort of timelessness that only money can buy. Stasis is one of the benefits of being very, very rich. Nothing ever changes unless you let it."
Author: Seanan McGuire
15. "If you think," he began, "that being sober and working steadily broke my bullshit meter, now you know better. I knew you were nailing Cross again from the moment you started back up."Biting into my taco, I shot him a skeptical look."Eva honey, don't you think that if there were another man in New York who could bang it out all night like Cross, I would've found him by now?"
Author: Sylvia Day
16. "Here's to you. Here's to me. Friends for life we'll always be. If we should ever disagree, fuck you. Here's to me."
Author: T.K. Leigh
17. "She wants to be friends. But what does that mean? Were we ever really friends? Friends don't stay up talking on the phone Every Single Night about Stupid Lit le Things and Most Important Things until it's light outside. Friends don't tell each other their most secret secrets. Friends don't hook up. Friends don't ache for each other. They just don't."
Author: Ted Michael
18. "I'm not different for the sake of being different, only for the desperate sake of being myself. I can't join your gang: you'd think I was a phony and I'd know it."
Author: Vivian Stanshall

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