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1. "You may be safe, but I am free.' Take advantage of the freedom that comes with your youth. Inhale life, exhale fire, and embrace the late, sleepless nights, because that's when the magic happens- when everyone else is asleep and you're awake thinking about the world as it is, and the world as it would be. Make the most of those moments," I said forcefully. "And in the coming years people will tell you that you're too young to change the world. I'm here to tell you, that's fucking bullshit."
Author: Adam Braun
2. "You'd be the first enemy that ever got shaved by Spetsnaz, and not in the way we mean 'shaving'." As in, cut throat."Hoo-fucking-ray."
Author: Aleksandr Voinov
3. "Do you know how perfect you are?" Gabriel twisted his hand in Rase's hair and Rase's eyes slipped half-shut as he moaned involuntarily. "Like that. I don't even know you. I'm fucking nobody. And then you get down on your fucking knees and make me into the goddamn universe. Not because you can afford it, but because you can't help it. Oh, Christ, Rase, that is so fucking hot. You made me want it, too." He wrenched at Rase's hair, then let go, shoving Rase's head to the side as he backed away."
Author: Anah Crow
4. "Be careful with whom you chose to surround yourself when performing some of life's most delicate behaviors. A man is at his most vulnerable state when sleeping, shitting, and fucking … in no particular order. It is generally considered good advice to exercise extreme caution when your pants are around your ankles and the white skin of your ass is exposed."
Author: Artemas Khan
5. "R.I.P to everyone who fucked me over, played me, tried me or lied to me, because you're are all dead to me."
Author: Auliq Ice
6. "How many others will come, Ivy? How many more will appear to kiss my wife goodbye?"Crap-shit! No Midnight? She rolled her eyes. "No one else. I promise."Carson turned his blue gaze on her, cold and menacing. "Do you have any idea how it felt to see his hands on you—innocent or not? I wanted to fucking kill him." He ran both his hands through his hair. "I still do."
Author: Beth Mikell
7. "Fuck you fucks and the fucks you fucked in on!"
Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
8. "Damn, Marcus, how much have you been working out? You have the ass of a god.He turned to face her, and naturally her gaze fell to his jewels. She shook her head and sighed. You warriors are so fucking hung and I really do need a man."
Author: Caris Roane
9. "I'm fucking the grave, I thought, I'm bringing the dead back to life..."
Author: Charles Bukowski
10. "Hey, love? Guess what today is?"Smack Kade in the fucking face day?"… "Oh, you're bloody brilliant, love. No that only happens on Sundays."
Author: Christine Zolendz
11. "Maura: i am isaac, don't be stupid. he's a guy.maura: no he's not. he's a profile. i made him yeah, right.maura: i no no no no no no no no no no no no what?no please no what no no please no fuck no NO.maura: isaac doesn't exist. he's never existed."
Author: David Levithan
12. "My brother-"Fuck your brother." I squeezed the trigger."
Author: Gena Showalter
13. "Hmm…can't speak, huh baby? Just think how good it will feel when I bury my cock deep inside that warm pussy, when I fuck you so hard you will feel me for days. Going to make you drown in pleasure, fuck you so good, so fucking good."
Author: Harper Sloan
14. "We play a show, and there's a hundred people, and people will say "You must miss playing to a thousand people." But I don't. I might miss playing. That's what I would miss, but I don't miss it, because I am playing. I feel completely fortunate to have this outlet for something I don't really feel like I have a choice in, to make music. I've got to make it. And the fact that people care enough to want to come see me make it, or buy a recording, or want to call me up to talk about it? Fuck, man, I think that is gravy."
Author: Ian Mackaye
15. "She's nothing to do with my shit, but fuck it, none of us are saints and scapegoats are always handy."
Author: Irvine Welsh
16. "God damn it you asshole! Wake up or I'll fucking shoot you!"
Author: Isaac Marion
17. "You're joking, right?""No. I've been living here for a while—like a couple of years with my roommate. You know, the fucktard who put poor Raphael outside.""Hey!" the guy yelled from inside their apartment. "I have a name. It's Señor Fucktard!"
Author: J. Lynn
18. "Fiona, it's me, Shrek. I rescued you from your tower to prove I'll fight for us. I'll fight for us every single time. You'll never even have to wonder if I'll be there, because I'll show the fuck up before that thought can even cross your mind. I want you, Ronin, and I'll risk everything for you. I will never walk out on you."
Author: J.A. Huss
19. "They won'y hurt me, right?""Right," he said."You're probably then times more dangerous than fireflies are"Dangerous. The word made his heart spike.Something told him that was what this girl was---a danger to his fucking sanity."
Author: J.M. Darhower
20. "You're crying," he whispered. "You're fucking crying."
Author: J.M. Darhower
21. "Funny how ye tell people a story to make a point and ye fail, ye fail, a total disaster. Not only do ye no make yer point it winds up the exact fucking opposite man, the exact fucking opposite. That isnay a misunderstanding it's a total whatever."
Author: James Kelman
22. "Oh, God,' he whispers, reaching his hand behind my neck and bringing my lips to his. ‘Let's let the whole fucking world explode this time.'And we do."
Author: Jandy Nelson
23. "I can do pain. That's the easy part of life. It's everything else, happiness, laughter, love, that's fucking complicated."
Author: Jessica Sorensen
24. "And from the time I was a kid, I've had this internal monologue roaring through my head, which doesn't stop - unless I'm asleep. I'm sure every person has this; it's just that my monologue is particularly loud. And particularly troublesome. I'm constantly asking myself questions. And the problem with that is that your brain is like a computer: If you ask a question, it's programmed to respond, whether there's an answer or not. I'm constantly weighing everything in my mind and trying to predict how my actions will influence events. Or maybe manipulate events are the more appropriate words. It's like playing a game of chess with your own life. And I hate fucking chess!"
Author: Jordan Belfort
25. "It doesn't even—" one word "hurt " was supposed to come out of my mouth. Instead, a string of obscenities to make a lifelong sailor proud shoot out. "What thefuck are you doing? Shit! You don't pour it on like that, you fucking jackhole! Fuck!" I'm seething in pain, the sting agonizing. Ashton isn't paying any heed, turning my hand this way and that to examine it closer. "Looks clean.""Yeah, because you just bleached the shit out of it!""Relax. It'll stop stinging soon. Distract yourself by staring at me while we wait for this to settle down. That's how you got yourself into this mess to begin with . . ."
Author: K.A. Tucker
26. "He took the fucking piano, Sunshine. He didn't take everything. Look at your left hand. It's probably clenched in a fist right now, isn't it?"I don't need to look. It is. He knows it."Now open it up and let it go."And I do."
Author: Katja Millay
27. "Lately, she found herself thinking about Brent a lot, and for the first time, feeling angry. Because she had been twelve years old and all she'd wanted was a safe place, and now she was twenty-five and she wanted the same thing, and life shouldn't be so fucking hard, you shouldn't have to give so fucking much."
Author: Kelly Braffet
28. "I've ignored a lot of bad shit in my life, but I don't want to ignore this one good thing anymore. It's too painful." He stares at me deeply, my chest rising with something pure and warm. "I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine. From now until forever. That's the fucking truth."
Author: Krista Ritchie
29. "You'd give up your brothers for a woman?" Brick asked incredulously and Shy's eyes moved to him."Abso-fucking-lutely.""Seriously?" Boz asked."Not any woman," Shy nodded my way then invited "now ask again."
Author: Kristen Ashley
30. "Get this into your head Ava, I'm not gonna do anything to fuck this up between us but I'm also not gonna let you do anything to fuck it up either."
Author: Kristen Ashley
31. "You're the fuckin' shit, Tabby.""I know," I told him airily on another smile. "My man tells me that all the time."His eyes dropped to my mouth and his lips ordered, "Kiss me, baby."
Author: Kristen Ashley
32. "Okay, my man, in a minute you are gonna hear a bunch of shit that's gonna knock your socks off. So, two seconds to prepare, Ivey is my best friend, outside you my only real one, as you know. What you don't know, she is not my lover. She's my friend. And I'm gay. You tell anyone, I'll shoot you and you know I'm not fucking with you about that. Deal with it. We gotta move on, like, now."
Author: Kristen Ashley
33. "Cause you piss me off. You make me laugh. You make me think. You're absolutely fine with me bein' nothin' but me. You're fuckin' gorgeous. You're a great lay. And you like my dog."
Author: Kristen Ashley
34. "He lifted his hands to his face and rubbed, muttering under them, "Fuck me." I rolled to my side, got up on an elbow and requested to know, "If I try to leave and go find Darius, are you going to pin me to the bed again?" He removed his hands from his face and locked eyes with me. "Fuck yes."
Author: Kristen Ashley
35. "Too friendly, too eager to be on message, man is obsolete, dooming ourselves to extinction, restore the balance of nature and babble babble, he overdid it so much that he sounded preposterous, and in an outfit like Bearlift, with its full quota of preposterous green-hued furfuckers, that took some effort."
Author: Margaret Atwood
36. "I'm the wife of a king, and the mother of kings. And I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. So fuck off, Jack.- Queen Christina (The Royal Treatment)"
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
37. "I still love you in my own fucked-up way."
Author: Matthew Quick
38. "There will be no 'one day,'" I yell. "Because holidays are over, Griggs, and you and I are never going to cross paths again. Not in the next ten days. Not ever! Have a fantastic life.[...]"Be careful what you wish for," he says with quiet menace, "because I'm about this close to telling you to get the fuck out of my life."I stare at him."What do you want from me?" he asks.What I want from every person in my life, I want to tell him.More."
Author: Melina Marchetta
39. "The essence of her drives me fucking insane because there's nothing as sweet as the taste of your woman on your tongue. In this moment she is mine."
Author: Mia Asher
40. "Oh,great.It's like we're being bussed in from the fucking projects," Aphrodite and "I'm hoping for urban renewal," Aphrodite grumbled."
Author: P.C. Cast
41. "He was a man who loved selflessly and honestly, and she was taking him to a monster who would slice him open and fuck the incision."
Author: Pam Godwin
42. "That will get you fucked in a hurry, Love."
Author: R.K. Lilley
43. "I tell these stories because I have lied about my life to people who have been kind to me and I am tired of lying. I tell it because I don't want people to think that I have fucked up my life over and over just because I was in a bad mood."
Author: Robert Goolrick
44. "There were icons of the Magdalen on the walls and paintings in the Western manner, all kitsch, trash. Mary M., Lucas thought, half hypnotized by the chanting in the room beside him; Mary Moe, Jane Doe, the girl from Migdal in Galilee turned hooker in the big city. The original whore with the heart of gold. Used to be a nice Jewish girl, and the next thing you know, she's fucking the buckos of the Tenth Legion Fratensis, fucking the pilgrims who'd made their sacrifice at the Temple and were ready to party, the odd priest and Levite on the sly."Maybe she was smart and funny. Certainly always on the lookout for the right guy to take her out of the life. Like a lot of whores, she tended towards religion. So along comes Jesus Christ, Mr. Right with a Vengeance, Mr. All Right Now! Fixes on her his hot, crazy eyes and she's all, Anything, I'll do anything. I'll wash your feet with my hair. You don't even have to fuck me."
Author: Robert Stone
45. "Tomorrow she'd look up tattoo removal. They were doing big things with lasers now. When Cal was just a little more stable, she'd break up with him, gently, and then she'd begin her project of helping everybody she could help, and after that she'd head out on a great long journey to absolutely nowhere and write a gorgeous poem cycle steeped in heavenly lavender-scented closure and also utter despair, a poem cycle you could also actually ride for its aerobic benefits, and she'd pedal that fucker straight across the face of the earth until at some point she'd coast right off the edge, whereupon she'd giggle and say, "Oh, shit."
Author: Sam Lipsyte
46. "Back the fuck off fluffy!"
Author: Seth Tucker
47. "Don't give me that pseudo quasi psychobabble bullshit, Ash. I'm tired, I had my ass kicked, I'm still worried about Cassandra, Erik, and Chris, and I really feel like shit. Just once in eternity, answer one fucking question. (Wulf)I will not tamper with free will or fate, Wulf. Not for you, not for anything. There is no power on this earth or beyond that could make me do such a thing. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
48. "Anybody who prefers working to being pretty and fucking a lot probably hasn't done enough of either."
Author: Sienna McQuillen
49. "Well golly fucking gosh how terribly delightful for her. Now get out."
Author: Tabitha McGowan
50. "I thought I was having a fucking stroke," I say as they free me from my coated elastic prison, making them laugh even harder."
Author: Trish Doller

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