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1. "One of the chief tasks of any dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at all."
Author: Abba Eban
2. "A gal who is not gallant to gall a gentleman who is genteel and gentle should be champing at the bit to get hitched to a gentile gent who is not a gentility."
Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
3. "Gnosticism is undeniably pre-Christian, with both Jewish and gentile roots. The wisdom of Solomon already contained Gnostic elements and prototypes for the Jesus of the Gospels...God stops being the Lord of righteous deed and becomes the Good One...A clear pre-Christian Gnosticism can be distilled from the epistles of Paul. Paul is recklessly misunderstood by those who try to read anything Historical Jesus-ish into it. The conversion of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles is a mere forgery from various Tanakh passages... [The epistles] are from Christian mystics of the middle of the second century. Paul is thus the strongest witness against the Historical Jesus hypothesis...John's Gnostic origin is more evident than that of the synoptics. Its acceptance proves that even the Church wasn't concerned with historical facts at all."
Author: Arthur Drews
4. "Pensai che la gentilezza disinteressata delle persone, le loro parole spassionate, fossero come un abito di piume. Avvolta da quel tepore, finalmente libera dal peso che mi aveva oppresso fino a quel momento, la mia anima stava fluttuando nell'aria con grande gioia."
Author: Banana Yoshimoto
5. "We cater to the better class of gentile clientele. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone we deem to be incompatible."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
6. "When exactly did this all change, and what were the social and theological factors that led to the change? The answer seems to be in the second century and: (1) because of the consolidation of ecclesial power in the hands of monarchial bishops and others; (2) in response to the rise of heretical movements such as the Gnostics; (3) in regard to the social context of the Lord's Supper, namely, the agape, or thanksgiving, meal, due to the rise to prominence of asceticism in the church; and (4) because the increasingly Gentile majority in the church was to change how second-century Christian thinkers would reflect on the meal. Thus, issues of power and purity and even ethnicity were to change the views of the Lord's Supper and the way it would be practiced."
Author: Ben Witherington III
7. "If you ever forget you're a Jew, a Gentile will remind you."
Author: Bernard Malamud
8. "For many years, our Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters have paid a great price. Other Jews have rejected them, and the Christian church would require they walk away from their traditions to fit into the Gentile culture. We must face these past wrongs."
Author: Bill McCartney
9. "I avoided any direct reference to Jews and Blacks, who had never given me any trouble. All my trouble had come from white gentiles."
Author: Charles Bukowski
10. "Il sostegno su cui poggia quella fermezza e costanza che cerchiamo nell'amicizia è la fiducia. Niente è stabile di ciò che è infido. Inoltre conviene scegliere un amico sincero, gentile e affine, cioé che sia mosso dai nostri stessi sentimenti. Tutte cose che hanno attinenza con la fiducia. Non può essere fidata, infatti, un'indole ambigua e tortuosa né, di certo, può essere fidato o costante chi non è mosso dai medesimo sentimenti e non è affine per natura. [...] Prima di tutto che non vi sia niente di finto o simulato: è di un animo nobile, infatti, persino odiare apertamente piuttosto che celare il proprio pensiero dietro un falso aspetto."
Author: Cicero
11. "Caro bambino, mi viene da scrivere. Ma forse no, caro giovanotto. Sei morto così giovane. [...] Sinceramente preferisco pensarti bambino, prima del tradimento, dell'odio e dell'assassinio. Preferisco pensarti taciturno e gentile, in quella capanna riscaldata dal fiato della mucca e dell'asino, per niente disturbato dalla povertà del tuo giaciglio di paglia, fra ranocchini che saltano, il rumore della pioggia sul tetto abbozzato alla meglio da tuo padre e le gonne sudice di tua madre."
Author: Dacia Maraini
12. "Amor, ch'al cor gentile ratto s'apprendeprese costui de la bella personache mi fu tolta; e 'l modo ancor m'offende.Amor, che a nullo amato amar perdona,Mi prese del costui piacer sì forte,Che, come vedi, ancor non m'abbandona...""Love, which quickly arrests the gentle heart,Seized him with my beautiful formThat was taken from me, in a manner which still grieves me.Love, which pardons no beloved from loving,took me so strongly with delight in himThat, as you see, it still abandons me not..."
Author: Dante Alighieri
13. "In Acts 14:1, we are told, "At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue. There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Gentiles believed." This is what should be sought in Christian schools, not just teaching, but effective teaching. Christian content alone is insufficient. It must be presented in a certain way, and that way cannot be reduced to technique. Nevertheless, God has graciously made it possible to bring people the truth by how the truth is presented."
Author: Douglas Wilson
14. "For the judgment was accomplished not only upon all the men of the Christian church, but also upon all who are called Mohammedans, and, moreover, upon all the Gentiles in the whole world."
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
15. "My unlucky star had destined me to be born when there was much talk about morality and, at the same time, more murders than in any other period. There is, undoubtedly, some connection between these phenomena. I sometime ask myself whether the connection was a priori, since these babblers are cannibals from the start - or a connection a posteriori, since they inflate themselves with their moralizing to a height which becomes dangerous for others.However that may be, I was always happy to meet a person who owed his touch of common sense and good manners to his parents and who didn't need big principles. I do not claim more for myself, and I am a man who for an entire lifetime has been moralized at to the right and the left - by teachers and superiors, by policemen and journalists, by Jews and Gentiles, by inhabitants of the Alps, of islands, and the plains, by cut-throats and aristocrats - all of whom looked as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths."
Author: Ernst Jünger
16. "Pero me sobran motivos para ser feliz. Sobre todo cuando estoy en los brazos de mis tres misses. Son tres gentiles damas a las que se llega cuando las cosas adquieren una claridad inusitada: Miss Antropía, Miss Oginia y Miss Eria; pero no las comparto, como hago con el resto de mis mujeres."
Author: Eusebio Ruvalcaba
17. "And the widows of Ashur are loud in their wail,And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal;And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword,Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord."
Author: George Gordon Byron
18. "It was hard to listen to Goldwater and realize that a man could be half Jewish and yet sometimes appear twice as dense as the normal Gentile."
Author: I.F. Stone
19. "Jews refuse to apply Kant's categorical imperative and be limited by universal rules. We might attempt a definition of a Jew as someone unable to make an objective moral judgement. His arguments will forever vary according to whether the subject is good for Jews or bad for Jews. WMD are bad in gentile hands but good in Jewish ones. Gentile nationalism is bad, devotion to the Jewish cause is good. Equal rights for Jews and non-Jews is good in Europe but bad in Palestine."
Author: Israel Shamir
20. "It is quite impossible to write a worth-while novel about a Jew or a Gentile or a Homosexual, for people refuse, unhappily, to function in so neat and one-dimensional a fashion."
Author: James Baldwin
21. "The Law was never given to gentiles but to Jews only, so why do so many gentiles struggle today with mixing law and grace?"
Author: John Paul Warren
22. "The teaching that diminishes the urgency for reaching all the unreached peoples of the world with the only news that can save them is a teaching that opposes people. Listen to these severe words spoken by the apostle Paul about what it means to "oppose all mankind." He says that those who killed the Lord Jesus "drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they might be saved" (1 Thess. 2:14-16). This is what people do who tell us that the nations don't need to hear about Jesus in order to be saved. They oppose all mankind. Oh, how we need to let the Bible define what love does!"
Author: John Piper
23. "It is written in the Jewish law book, the Talmud, that only the Jew is human, that Gentiles are only animals."
Author: Julius Streicher
24. "The Jews are a race and not a religion. My goal was not to persecute the Jews but to enlighten Gentiles to put them on guard."
Author: Julius Streicher
25. "The love she felt for Rob now was a burning tenderness, a knowledge that he was the one who'd taught he it was POSSIBLE to love, who had melted the ice of her heart. it was strong and gentile and steady, full of admiration and the intimacy of shared likes and dislikes. it was golden and warm like a summer afternoon."
Author: L.J. Smith
26. "Di me ti diranno che la gentilezza ha sempre un doppio fine, un tornaconto, uno scopo preciso. Te lo dirà chi è davvero sfortunato perché non ha mai incontrato nessuno capace di donare senza chiedere in cambio qualcosa."
Author: Massimo Bisotti
27. "As we discussed earlier, the gospel is "folly to Gentiles" (1Co 1:23) not only because of its message (namely, a crucified Messiah crowned King of kings in his bodily resurrection as the beginning of the new creation) but because of its very form."
Author: Michael S. Horton
28. "I had been warned about Jews by my gentile friends - they did terrible things with knives to boys."
Author: Paul Engle
29. "This manic asidedness—well, that's New York and the Jews. Heady stuff. The only thing I don't like is that they all seem a bit too quick to find fault with Gentiles in their attitudes toward Jews. You have a touch of it too—finding things horrendously anti-Semitic, or even mildly so, when they really aren't. I know it's not entirely unjustified for Jews to be thin-skinned on that score—nonetheless, it's irritating. Uh-oh," she"
Author: Philip Roth
30. "Gentiles are people who eat mayonnaise for no reason."
Author: Robin Williams
31. "White, is not a race, it is a color, European, is not a race, it is a place named after the goddess Europa. Caucasian, is not a race, it is a place and mountain range. Gentile, is not a race, it is a biblical name that was given to describe Aryans as non-Jews. Aryan is the biological correct name of our race! Aryan is who we are by blood and the genetic source of our being and beginning. All the numerous names, German, French, Irish, Scotch, Polish, Italian, Norwegian and on and on are simply the many tribal names of the Aryan people."
Author: Ron McVan
32. "Mi si avvicinò, sfiorandomi la fronte con le labbra.Nessuno fu più sorpreso di me, anche se mi parve di sentire un'esclamazione trattenuta venire da Jared. Restai a bocca aperta, mentre Ian si voltava e usciva dalla stanza, quasi di corsa....mi si fece accanto, abbracciandomi. Lo sentivo respirare ritmicamente, più veloce del normale.Che cosa strana.«Vuole sapere cos'è stato a... cambiare il tuo atteggiamento. Perché a-desso ti fidi di noi?»Ci pensò per qualche istante. «Un... insieme di particolari. La tua... gentilezza nei confronti di Walter. Non ho visto mai nessuno, a parte Doc, ca-pace di tanta compassione. E poi hai salvato la vita a Kyle, quando la maggior parte di noi lo avrebbe lasciato cadere pur di salvarsi la pelle, a parte il tentativo di ucciderti. E poi sei una delusione, come bugiarda.» Fece una risata. «Mi sono intestardito a considerarli tutti indizi di un piano più complesso. Magari domattina quando mi sveglio la penserò ancora così.»"
Author: Stephenie Meyer
33. "Gentile or JewO you who turn the wheel and look to windward,Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you."
Author: T.S. Eliot
34. "O ye Gentiles, have ye remembered the Jews, mine ancient covenant people? Nay; but ye have cursed them, and have hated them, and have not sought to recover them. But behold, I will return all these things upon your own heads; for I the Lord have not forgotten my people.Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews?"
Author: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
35. "The children of believing parents, at least their next and immediate seed, even of us Gentiles now under the gospel, are included by God within the covenant of grace."
Author: Thomas Goodwin
36. "But the Jews will also be believers, so you can say that all the saints, both gentiles and Jews, will go into the millennial kingdom and populate the earth."
Author: Tim LaHaye
37. "The Lord continued His teaching on the matter of authority. He called His disciples together and instructed them about future things in glory. He said that, among the Gentiles, men seek for authority in order that they may rule over others. It is good for us to seek for the future glory, but we ought not have the thought of ruling or lording it over God's children. To do so would cause us to fall into the state of the Gentiles. To exercise authority and to rule are the desires of the Gentiles. Such a spirit must be driven from the church. Those whom the Lord uses are the ones who know the Lord's cup and the Lord's baptism."
Author: Watchman Nee
38. "EPILOGODetto da PROSPERO.Ora i miei incantesimi si sono tutti spenti,la forza che possiedo è solo mia, ed è poca.Ora sta a voi tenermi qui confinato o mandarmi a Napoli.Poiché ho riavuto il Ducato e perdonato il traditore,Non fatemi rimanere col vostro potere in quest'isola nuda,ma scioglietemi da ogni legame con mani generose.Il vostro fiato gentile colmi le mie velealtrimenti fallisce Il mio progetto che era di dar piacere.Ora mi mancano spiriti da comandare,arte per incantare,e la mia fine è la disperazione,a meno che non sia salvato dalla preghieraChe va tanto a fondo da vincere la pietà e liberare dal peccato.Come voi per ogni colpa implorate il perdono,Così la vostra indulgenza metta me in libertà."
Author: William Shakespeare
39. "Quando devi uccidere un uomo non costa nulla essere gentile."
Author: Winston Churchill

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