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1. "She stood looking carefully at the labeled portraits Ursala had put up: Little Crow, Chief of the Santees, Geronimo, last of the Apaches, and Ursala's favorite, Big Foot, dying in the snow at Wounded Knee."Isn't that where the massacre was?" asked Ellen."Yes. I'm going to go there when I'm grown up. To Wounded Knee.""That seems sensible," said Ellen."
Author: Eva Ibbotson
2. "Geronimo [is] example of our practice of destroying those who oppose us and then honoring them."
Author: Howard Fast
3. "We have talked about Suzy and about her last days, but it's as if our lives stopped then and there. If I say anything to him about feeling lonesome, he goes outside and does some little chore. I can't tell if he is secretly blaming me, or himself, or just too full of pain to talk. That was the one thing we could always do together. I wish for the old days. I wish for the struggling days and the days of Geronimo, and the days of birthing Charlie with no one but Jack to help me. How happy and in love we were then. I want to be in love again, but all I feel is darkness and shadows. Everything is changed and different"
Author: Nancy E. Turner
4. "Thanks to the Japanese and Geronimo, John Wayne became a millionaire."
Author: Pat Morita
5. "The Doctor (Matt Smith): Legs! I've still got legs! Good. Arms. Hands. Oo! Fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears. Yes. Eyes two. Nose. I've had worse. Chin. Blimey. Hair. I'm a girl. No no. I'm not a girl. And still not ginger. There's something else. Something important! I'm- I'm- crashing! Ha ha! Geronimo!-Doctor Who"
Author: Russell T Davies
6. "I won the vote but shunned the soft parade[...]I won every battle and lost the war"(Geronimo)"
Author: Shannon McNally
7. "Geronimo!"
Author: Steven Moffat
8. "If I could go back I might change Geronimo a bit. If I do, it will be made a longer version."
Author: Walter Hill

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