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1. "Something tells me there's more than one shaman in Vegas who performs weddings. I think we're better off intercepting them at the fight.""But they could be getting married right now!" Ivy protested, falling into a double-time step to keep up with his pace."Lucky we're in Vegas, then. They have quickie divorces to go with their quickie weddings."
Author: Linda Morris
2. "Oh, this is a mess.""But it's what you want.""Yes. It is.""Then who cares what they think?""Well, sadly, I do."That earned her another chuckle. "Yeah, I get that. My mom would be on me about getting marriedagain. For real this time, and not in Vegas like a godless heathen. Yeah, she would have said that."Kelsey laughed. "She and my mom could have been friends.""Oh, Lord, no. They would have encouraged each other too much."
Author: Maisey Yates

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Quotes About Getting Married In Vegas
Quotes About Getting Married In Vegas

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