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1. "Most people come out of their Ph.D. experience trying to prove themselves, trying to get ahead, trying to get published. You're scared everybody else is going to do your research and get your topic."
Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon
2. "When you are treated as less than important, you are still a human. When you are treated as less than worthy, you are still a human. When you are treated less than your title, you are still a human. But when you are treated less than the very thing you are born to be, you perish."
Author: D'Andre Lampkin
3. "Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it."
Author: Doug Larson
4. "It will change your life if you accept her offer. Common pleasures will no longer hold sway over you. It's somewhat like catching religion."
Author: Erik Bundy
5. "Remember it all, every insult, every tear. Tattoo it on the inside of your mind. In life, knowledge of poisons is essential. I've told you, nobody becomes an artist unless they have to."
Author: Janet Fitch
6. "Don't you ever think of going back?" Silly question. There are threads that help you find your way back, and there are threads that intend to bring you back. Mind turns to the pull, it's hard to pull away. I'm always thinking of going back. When Lot's wife looked over her shoulder, she turned into a pillar of salt.Pillars hold things up, and salt keeps things clean, but it's a poor exchange for losing your self. People do go back, but they don't survive, because two realities are claiming them at the same time. Such things are too much. You can salt your heart, or kill your heart, or you can choose between two realities. There is much pain here. Some people think you can have your cake and eat it. The cake goes mouldy and they choke on what's left."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
7. "I was so getting tired of fighting for my life in the library."
Author: Jennifer Estep
8. "One time, when we'd been discussing martial arts, Murphy told me that eventually, no-one can teach you anything more about them. Once you reach that state of knowledge, the only way to keep learning and increasing your own skill is to teach what you know to others. That's why she teaches a children's class and a rape-defence course every spring and fall at one of her neighbourhood's community centres.It sounded kind of flaky-Zen to me at the time, but Hell's bells, she'd been right. Once upon a time, it would have taken me an hour, if not more, to attain the proper frame of mind. In the course of teaching Molly to meditate, though, I had found myself going over the basics again for the first time in years, and understanding them with a deeper and richer perspective than I'd had when I was her age. I'd been getting almost as much insight and new understanding of my knowledge from teaching Molly as she'd been learning from me."
Author: Jim Butcher
9. "Here at Carolina, our World Cup opponents marked their calendars. Obviously the other nations wanted to win every game, but a big upset over the U.S. was something we knew other teams would cherish."
Author: Lorrie Fair
10. "These words of yours, devoid of Christ, devoid of Spirit, are colder than ice itself, so that they tarnish the beauty of your eloquence. Perhaps they were dragged out of you, poor fellow, by fear of the pontiffs and tyrants, lest you should seem altogether an atheist!"
Author: Martin Luther
11. "Self pity becomes your oxygen. But you learned to breathe it without a gasp. So, nobody even notices you're hurting."
Author: Paul Monette
12. "Death takes what man would keep," said the butterfly, "and leaves what man would lose. Blow, wind, and crack your cheeks. I warm my hands before the fire of life and get four-way relief."
Author: Peter S. Beagle
13. "THE LANTERN IN THE LIFEBOAT I am nervous. I'm afraid. But I will stand here in the white hot heat of you. I will play Russian roulette with your playlists. I will tell jokes I'm not sure you'll find funny. I will hold on until there is no more reason to. And in the end, I will break the stars and resurrect the sun."
Author: Pleasefindthis
14. "I want to see an end to sovereign risk questions over Australia."
Author: Tony Abbott
15. "When your mind stops working, don't forget to turn off the sound."
Author: Vikrant Parsai

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Quotes About Getting Over Your Crush
Quotes About Getting Over Your Crush
Quotes About Getting Over Your Crush

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