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1. "You're suspended sixty feet up in the air, you've been up there for three hours, and all the shot requires is that you have to sort of react to getting punched in the head."
Author: Alfred Molina
2. "This is just my luck. Every time I try to go out and have a good time, someone ends up getting punched!"
Author: E.M. Abel
3. "He had firsthand knowledge of getting punched in the face, and it was an experience he didn't want to repeat."
Author: Josh Lanyon
4. "Do you love him?"There were only a few people in the world who could ask me such insanely personal questions without getting punched. Dimitri was one of them."
Author: Richelle Mead
5. "At home, I watch fights and documentaries - that's it. If it's not about the birth and death of stars, 'Frozen Planet,' or someone getting punched in the face, I'm probably not watching it."
Author: Ronda Rousey
6. "If you jotted down all of my ill-thought out comments, you could write a book entitled, Guide to Getting Punched in the Throat for Boneheads-Mad Hatter in "Death of the Mad Hatter" (Coming Soon!)"
Author: Sarah J. Pepper

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Quotes About Getting Punched
Quotes About Getting Punched

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