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1. "Well. I'm probably not loving myself like I should, but I'm really trying."
Author: Chaka Khan
2. "Your soul is a precious gift from an imaginative loving Source that endlessly breathes life."
Author: Dashama Konah Gordon
3. "Did you know, young lady," said Watkin to her, "that the Book of Revelation was written on Patmos? It was indeed. By Saint John the Divine, as you know. To me it shows very clear signs of having been written while waiting for a ferry. Oh, yes, I think so. It starts off, doesn't it, with that kind of dreaminess you get when you're killing time, getting bored, you know, just making things up, and then gradually grows to a sort of climax of hallucinatory despair."
Author: Douglas Adams
4. "No anguish I have had to bear on your account has been too heavy a price to pay for the new life into which I have entered in loving you."
Author: George Eliot
5. "There comes that phase in life when, tired of losing, you decide to stop losing, then continue losing. Then you decide to really stop losing, and continue losing. The losing goes on and on so long you begin to watch with curiosity, wondering how low you can go."
Author: George Saunders
6. "I despair of ever getting it through anybody's head I am not interested in bookshops, I am interested in what's written in the books. I don't browse in bookshops, I browse in libraries, where you can take a book home and read it, and if you like it you go to a bookshop and buy it."
Author: Helene Hanff
7. "Sorry, you're on the ride now, and there's no getting off in the middle."
Author: J.R. Ward
8. "I'm tired of making people sad and I'm tired of disappointing them and I'm tired of seeing them break. I have seen this too many times. He will be the last."
Author: James Frey
9. "..there's not a truth ever, just a whole bunch of stories, all going on at once, in our heads, in our hearts, all getting in the way of each other. It's all a beautiful calamitous mess."
Author: Jandy Nelson
10. "I enjoy acting. It's not that I begin to think I'm getting better. I now fully know that I've made no improvement whatsoever since I was 20. I can live with it."
Author: John Rhys Davies
11. "I work out. I'm getting toned, too. The Wii Fit really works your body. When I get off, I'm dying."
Author: Keke Palmer
12. "Shit...I don't know anything about babies. I mean, I literally know nothing. I'll be a terrible father. oh my God, I asked you to pick up that heavy box the other night. Pregnant women can't pick up heavy stuff, right? Shit! No more getting your hair done, all those toxic chemicals and shit."
Author: Kimberly Lauren
13. "Bhutan does seem a bit unreal at times. Hardly anybody in the U.S. knows where it is. I have friends who still think the entire country is a figment of my imagination. When I was getting ready to move there, and I told people I was going to work in Bhutan, they'd inevitably ask, "Where's Butane?"It is near Africa," I'd answer, to throw them off the trail. "It's where all the disposable lighters come from."They'd nod in understanding."
Author: Linda Leaming
14. "I'm going to go back and find out where the money is. The money is not getting down there."
Author: Lynn Westmoreland
15. "I was playing the villain 'Falseface' on Batman, and I got wind that they were going to pay a young starlet $25,000 to be in the same episode. Well, I wasn't getting anywhere near that amount of money, so I refused to let them put my name in the credits."
Author: Malachi Throne
16. "Wh-what doyou think you are doing?""I am getting some sleep, Governess. And so help me, if you keep me from it, yourlovely backside will be a latticework of switch marks."Summer held her breath as Wade yawned, shifted, and settled into a more comfortableposition.Surely he was not thinking she would remain with him like this for the rest of the night!"Captain Wade, I must insist--!""Blood"
Author: Marsha Canham
17. "They could not help loving anything that made them laugh. The Lisbon earthquake was "embarrassing to the physicists and humiliating to theologians" (Barbier). It robbed Voltaire of his optimism. In the huge waves which engulfed the town, in the chasms which opened underneath it, in volcanic flames which raged for days in the outskirts, some 50,000 people perished. But to the courtiers of Louis XV it was an enormous joke. M. de Baschi, Madame de Pompadour's brother-in-law, was French Ambassador there at the time. He saw the Spanish Ambassador killed by the arms of Spain, which toppled onto his head from the portico of his embassy; Baschi then dashed into the house and rescued his colleague's little boy whom he took, with his own family, to the country. When he got back to Versailles he kept the whole Court in roars of laughter for a week with his account of it all. "Have you heard Baschi on the earthquake?"
Author: Nancy Mitford
18. "Dating and getting attention from boys was something that came later to me."
Author: Rachelle Lefevre
Author: Rumi
20. "Acid wasn't getting a whole lot of bad press at the time, and as I saw the whole bad-press thing happen, I became aware that the government had done a whole lie on all the other benign drugs as well. It became clear to me that the government wanted no real drug education."
Author: Tommy Rettig

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