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1. "I like to look at the glass half full."
Author: Abdallah II Of Jordan
2. "One day, someone showed me a glass of water that was half full. And he said, "Is it half full or half empty?" So I drank the water. No more problem."
Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
3. "I see the glass half full and thank God for what I have."
Author: Ana Monnar
4. "Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you're pouring, or drinking."
Author: Bill Cosby
5. "I'm supposed to figure out if the glass is half full or half empty," I told her.Without a moment's hesitation, in a split second, my grandmother shrugged and said: "It depends on if you're drinking or pouring."
Author: Bill Cosby
6. "If we talk about the glass being half empty or half full, I want to know what does the glass look like from underneath the table?"
Author: Brad Thor
7. "We did some soul-searching. Was the cable industry obsolete? Was it an opportune time to get out? Our conclusion was that if you rebuilt your system with this new fiber-optic coaxial hybrid - which we now call broadband - the glass was half full, not half empty. We could compete."
Author: Brian Roberts
8. "I tend to think the good outweighs the bad. Then again, I try to be a glass-half-full person. Although I stand by my theory that if you measure your happiness by the amount of liquid in your glass, you are either a cliche or an alcoholic."
Author: Caprice Crane
9. "Seeing the glass as half empty is more positive than seeing it as half full. Through such a lens the only choice is to pour more. That is righteous pessimism."
Author: Criss Jami
10. "I like to see the glass as half full, hopefully of jack daniels."
Author: Darynda Jones
11. "Some people's glasses are half full. I'm the one drinking them. Some people have forgotten that Pluto is still a planet. I still remember my childhood. Some people are vegans. I have common sense.Some people call me Maurice. Some people call me the Gangsta of Love. Some people just want to live...but me, I'm the one still alive."
Author: Dave Matthes
12. "To me, the glass is always half full, never half empty."
Author: Eddie Money
13. "He was a glass half full kind of person and she was...what? The glass is going to break before you can even pour kind of person. Yikes."
Author: Erin McCarthy
14. "Cognitive therapists focus on getting patients to see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Being positive has become rather a fetish. A more radical tactic would be to abolish the need for evaluation and just accept the glass as it is, whether it be cracked or brimming."
Author: Gwyneth Lewis
15. "Genes, I have learned, do not make a family. Families are the people that stick around through good and bad times. Sadness is a part of life. Choosing to be happy and see the glass half full is a struggle we all must make."
Author: Jaycee Dugard
16. "...she was a level-headed woman who saw the glass as neither half empty nor half full, but rather a glass with something in it and room to pour in more..."
Author: Joanne Fluke
17. "We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on."
Author: Jon Bon Jovi
18. "Your glass seems like it will always be half full even it falls down and shatters to pieces"
Author: K. Jared Hosein
19. "People who argue whether the glass is half empty or half full are probably not thirsty."
Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
20. "And you? Did you find the doorknob?"Hadrian picked up a jug and downed several swallows, drinking so quickly some of the water dripped down his chin. He poured some in his palm and rinsed his face, running his fingers through his hair."I didn't even get close enough to see a door.""Well, look on the bright side"—Hadrian smiled—"at least you weren't captured and condemned to death this time.""That's the bright side?""What can I say? I'm a glass-half-full kinda guy."
Author: Michael J. Sullivan
21. "You always think everything is so easy," Royce replied, wiping his eyes."I'm just a glass-half-full kinda guy. How's your glass looking these days?""I have no idea. I'm still trying to get over the sheer size of it."
Author: Michael J. Sullivan
22. "He wouldn't call a glass of water half full or half empty; he'd assume it was poisoned and run away."
Author: Michael Reisman
23. "I've always been blessed with confidence. I am a glass-half-full person. My first movie, 'Private Benjamin,' got turned down by every studio until the very last one, but I just kept thinking, 'Why are you people not seeing that this is a hit movie? What is wrong with you?'"
Author: Nancy Meyers
24. "It's not a case of the glass being half full or half empty; more that we tipped a whole half-pint into an empty pint pot. I had to see how much was there, though, and now I know."
Author: Nick Hornby
25. "I came from Bill Blass, where it was a well-oiled machine and if I said I needed a fabric, it was done. Now, I have to budget everything. I have to take on the role not just as a designer but a business. But I'm a glass half-full kind of guy."
Author: Prabal Gurung
26. "You're just Little Miss Optimist, aren't you? Do you come with accessories, like a glass half full and lemons to make into lemonade, too?"
Author: Rachel Caine
27. "[My mum] was always like that: grateful for life itself. Her glass was not only half full, it was gold plated with a permanent refill."
Author: Sarah Winman
28. "Perception can be one-sided or variant: "Glass half empty or half full." There usually is more than one way of perceiving. Thoroughly check your inner dialogue."
Author: T.F. Hodge
29. "What, the glass is half-full instead of half-empty? Bullshit. What they don't tell you is that regardless of how full the glass is, it's filled with acid, and you'll burn your face off."
Author: T.J. Klune
30. "There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who, when presented with a glass that is exactly half full, say: this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: What's up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass! Who's been pinching my beer? And at the other end of the bar the world is full of the other type of person, who has a broken glass, or a glass that has been carelessly knocked over (usually by one of the people calling for a larger glass) or who had no glass at all, because he was at the back of the crowd and had failed to catch the barman's eye."
Author: Terry Pratchett
31. "The optimist says, "The glass is half full."The pessimist says, "The glass is half empty."The rationalist says, "This glass is twice as big as it needs to be."That makes it clear as glass."
Author: Thomas Cathcart
32. "Whether your glass is half full or half empty there's still room for more wine."
Author: Trish Jackson

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