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1. "Not all superstitions are dark and cruel. I once received a communication from the god Osiris. He was living at that time in a suburb of Boston."
Author: Bertrand Russell
2. "It would figure the best looking guy on this ward is gay...and he has a sexier than sin boyfriend...I swear to God I'm going to turn into a man. It's the only way"."
Author: Crystal Rose
3. "I like being involved in the lighter side of journalism because it serves a purpose, and it's fun. And I can keep my opinions off camera if I want."
Author: Eleanor Mondale
4. "Shouldn't it be atheists, believing they are not being watched, who commit virtually all the crimes and fill up all the prisons, while people who believe in an omnipresent god lead spotless lives out of either respect or fear? But this is far from the world we see."
Author: Guy P. Harrison
5. "Good parents use the mistakes they did in the past when they were young to advice the children God gave to them to prevent them from repeating those mistakes again. However, bad parents always want to be seen as right and appear "angelic and saintly" as if they never had horrible youth days."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
6. "Happiness ceases to be a normal condition of being alive, and becomes a goal."
Author: Jean Liedloff
7. "Since being quite young, I've had a very strong sense of independence and survival. As a child, I was on my own two feet emotionally."
Author: Lena Headey
8. "It's about sharing. You just give what you have to give wherever you go, and you let God handle the rest."
Author: Lindsay Wagner
9. "I'll bet he misses it.""Almost as much as I miss him being on the road."She frowned. "You don't really mean that.""Mostly not.""Good. But I do sort of get it," she said slowly. "The siblings-driving-you-crazy thing. My sisters . .. well, they're perfect. As far as my parents are concerned.""Yeah?""Yeah. They're married.""And that's perfect, huh? What about you? You're successful, right? Your column is pretty big.""Oh, it's huge," she said, her tone overdramatic, earning a chuckle from Cole. "I'm kind of a bigdeal. But I don't have a husband, so . . . my parents think maybe I'm not such a big deal.""So, you're the black sheep.""Baaaaa.""Nice.""Thanks."
Author: Maisey Yates
10. "We don't mind being ripped apart, but don't rip the songs apart. They're like our kids."
Author: Maurice Gibb
11. "Whatever God gave you, you have to work that to your best ability - especially out here in Hollywood, the land of beautiful people."
Author: Michael Clarke Duncan
12. "I like being the girl nobody can have."
Author: Miley Cyrus
13. "You can be strong and true to yourself without being rude or loud."
Author: Paula Radcliffe
14. "Music originated from God and was created solely for his worship, his glory, and his pleasure."
Author: Pedro Okoro
15. "I'd never planned on being a model."
Author: Rebecca Romijn
16. "I take comfort in knowing that it was the shepherds to whom the angels appeared when they announced Christ's birth. Invariably throughout the course of history, God has appeared to people on the fringes. It's nice to find theological justification for your quirks."
Author: Rich Mullins

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