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1. "Few people arise in the morning as hungry for God as they are for cornflakes or toast and eggs."
Author: Dallas Willard
2. "I'd rather apologize to you for not being who you want me to be than apologize to God for not being who I should be."
Author: Garrett McCoy
3. "Without love even the most radical devotion to God is of no value to Him. Let me make sure that sinks in… You can gain all the spiritual gifts in the world. You can take the most radical steps of obedience. You can share every meal with the homeless in your city. You can memorize the book of Leviticus. You can pray each morning for four hours like Martin Luther. But if what you do does not flow out of a heart of love - a heart that does those things because it genuinely desires to do them - it is ultimately worthless to God."
Author: J.D. Greear
4. "Some people say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you one seriously ticked off god gunning for your ass, you prepare for war and you hope for paradise."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
5. "Many women my age have known the experience of giving up crucial parts of themselves to please the man they love."
Author: Joyce Maynard
6. "I think I have the best house in the world. I thank God to have it. I thank God that I finished it. And I hope that I will live enough to take profit of it."
Author: Max Azria
7. "Of course you understand why he can't forgive you because you can't forgive yourself. You don't even believe God forgave you...if you did you'd shove off that shame. Jesus forgave you. Why can't you? Why can't Jack?"
Author: Sarah Sundin
8. "Write from your heart, and God will take care of the rest."
Author: Terry McMillan
9. "They are approaching now a lengthy brick improvisation, a Victorian paraphrase of what once, long ago, resulted in Gothic cathedrals—but which, in its own time, arose not from any need to climb through the fashioning of suitable confusions toward any apical God, but more in a derangement of aim, a doubt as to the God's actual locus (or, in some, as to its very existence), out of a cruel network of sensuous moments that could not be transcended and so bent the intentions of the builders not on any zenith, but back to fright, to simple escape, in whatever direction, from what the industrial smoke, street excrement, windowless warrens, shrugging leather forests of drive belts, flowing and patient shadow states of the rats and flies, were saying about the chances for mercy that year."
Author: Thomas Pynchon

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Quotes About God Giving Second Chances
Quotes About God Giving Second Chances
Quotes About God Giving Second Chances

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