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1. "Earth should suspect a man who has no tears of compassion and eject into the outer space until he learns humility. Outer space and death might be of the same origin, where one chances upon egolessness just before lifelessness. Earth only asks for egolessness."
Author: Adam Kovacevic
2. "MARTHA: E adevarat, mama, câ acolo,pe plaja, nisipul îti arde talpile?MAMA: N-am fost niciodata acolo, stii bine. Dar mi s-a spus ca soarele mistuie totul.MARTHA: Am citit într-o carte ca mistuie si sufletele. Ca face trupurile sa straluceasca, dar ca le goleste pe dinauntru.MAMA: Oare asta te face sa visezi, Martha?MARTHA: Da. M-am saturat sa-mi tot port sufletul cu mine. Ard de nerabdare sa ajung acolo unde soarele ucide toate întrebarile."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "A vjerovali su još i u nešto što se zvalo Raj;no unatoc toga pili su goleme kolicine alkohola."
Author: Aldous Huxley
4. "..mengoleksi itu seperti dahaga, dan memiliki satu buku lagi tidak memuaskan dahaga untuk memiliki buku lainnya."
Author: Allison Hoover Bartlett
5. "But a Congolese life is like the useless Congolese bill, which you can pile by the fistful or the bucketful into a merchant's hand, and still not purchase a single banana. It's dawning on me that I live among men and women who've simply always understood their whole existence is worth less than a banana to most white people. I see it in their eyes when they glance up at me."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
6. "When you are born," the golem said softly, "your courage is new and clean. You are brave enough for anything: crawling off of staircases, saying your first words without fearing that someone will think you are foolish, putting strange things in your mouth. But as you get older, your courage attracts gunk, and crusty things, and dirt, and fear, and knowing how bad things can get and what pain feels like. By the time you're half-grown, your courage barely moves at all, it's so grunged up with living. So every once in awhile, you have to scrub it up and get the works going, or else you'll never be brave again."
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
7. "Casový golem povstal a byl, ignoroval linearitu kolem sebe, pouze byl.Byl narušením, strašlivým proniknutím do sledu okamžiku, sraženinou v diachronii, která s nemyslící arogancí své existence nevenovala tomuto zprznení ontologie sebemenší pozornost.The time golem stood and was, ignored the linearity around it, only was. It was a violence, a terrible intrusion in the succession of moments, a clot in diachrony, and with the dumb arrogance of its existence it paid the outrage ofontology no mind."
Author: China Miéville
8. "Daniel Goleman has proven that two-thirds of the success in business is based upon our Emotional Intelligence as opposed to our IQ or our level of experience. As we look for the next crop of future CEOs, maybe it's time for America's corporations to start interviewing grads from the psychology master's programs rather than the M.B.A. programs."
Author: Chip Conley
9. "Senti, abbiamo delle specie di regole qui". Indicò il cartello sul bancone. NIENTE CAMICIA O NIENTE SCARPE, NIENTE SERVIZIO.Molly abbassò lo sguardo su di sé. «Oh dio, me le sono scordate».«É tutto a posto».«Ho lasciato le scarpe in macchina. Faccio un salto e me le metto».«Sarebbe stupendo,Molly.Grazie».«Nessun problema».«So che sul cartello non c'è scritto, ma già che ci sei, potresti metterti anche un paio di pantaloni? Sarebbe sottinteso».«Certo» disse Molly con disinvoltura davanti al bancone. Uscì dal negozio e sentì che l'aria si era proprio rinfrescata. E già, i suoi jeans e le mutandine erano sul sedile del passeggero, accanto alle scarpe da tennis."
Author: Christopher Moore
10. "Se le regole che hai seguito ti hanno portato fino a questo punto, a che servono quelle regole?"
Author: Cormac McCarthy
11. "I enjoyed retirement the right way... linguine con vongole, red wine and plenty of truffle cheese."
Author: Craig Kilborn
12. "I look over at him. He stares straight ahead."So," I say. "Golem, huh?""I prefer the term 'Mineral-American."
Author: D.D. Barant
13. "According to Thomas, the city [of Bath] had once been a veritable hotbed of manifestations, with every sorcerer, bunyip, golem, goblin, pict, pixie, demon, thylacine, gorgon, moron, cult, scum, mummy, rummy, groke, sphinx, minx, muse, flagellant, diva, reaver, weaver, reaper, scabbarder, scabmettler, dwarf, midget, little person, leprechaun, marshwiggle, totem, soothsayer, truthsayer, hatter, hattifattener, imp, panwere, mothman, shaman, flukeman, warlock, morlock, poltergeist, zeitgeist, elemental, banshee, manshee, lycanthrope, lichenthrope, sprite, wight, aufwader, harpy, silkie, kelpie, klepto, specter, mutant, cyborg, balrog, troll, ogre, cat in shoes, dog in a hat, psychic and psychotic seemingly having decided that this was the hot spot to visit."
Author: Daniel O'Malley
14. "To many people I have no doubt that it appears merely silly. I once found it expressed in a rather amusing way in a Russian Book called Dal Zoviet, which means the lure of far horizons. The author is Galinischev Kutuzoff [Golenischev-Kutuzov], and he tells of a man in Northern Mongolia who goes out of his yurt every morning to breathe the free air of the steppes and enjoy the immensity and the solitude. But one day he feels an uncomfortable sense of oppression, almost as if he could not breathe. He looks about to find the reason. And there, across the undulating grasslands, is a line of telegraph poles. And after the place never the same to him again."
Author: Daniele Varè
15. "Scores of Congolese die each day unnecessarily due to the lack of access to healthcare and modern medicine."
Author: Dikembe Mutombo
16. "Let it go -- thesmashed word brokenopen vow orthe oath cracked lengthwise -- let it go itwas sworn togolet them go -- thetruthful liars andthe false fair friendsand the boths andneithers -- you must let them go theywere bornto golet all go -- thebig small middlingtall bigger reallythe biggest and allthings -- let all godearso comes love"
Author: E.E. Cummings
17. "Non so perché ma quando pensavo a lei i miei pensieri non avevano mai il punto. Solo virgole. Erano una valanga di immagini e parole senza punteggiatura."
Author: Fabio Volo
18. "Pegue um cálice gótico bem boêmio, todo trabalhado na filigrana e submerja em mim, beba com goles gulosos a minha tristeza até a última gota."
Author: Filipe Russo
19. "Qualsiasi persona normale di tanto in tanto prova la tentazione di sputarsi nelle mani, issare la bandiera nera e cominciare a tagliare le gole."
Author: H.L. Mencken
20. "The tide of her exhilaration drained from her, leaving her exhausted and heartsick. She would have bound the entire city, made them all into her golems, to satisfy her own need to be useful."
Author: Helene Wecker
21. "Now that the book is out in the world, I'm amazed all over again at what my friend did for me in prompting me to ditch realism for a more magical approach. In some ways, the Golem and the Jinni are the ultimate immigrants. They aren't just new to New York or America; they're new to people. Like those around them, they wrestle with issues of religion versus doubt and duty versus self-determination—but as inescapable aspects of their own otherworldly natures. For seven years I've lived with their questions, arguments, and adventures, and it's been one of the greatest gifts of my life."
Author: Helene Wecker
22. "Non basta che le tue azioni, o meglio le tue intenzioni siano intrinsecamente buone; devi fare in modo che appaiano tali. S'è bello l'interno, devi provvedere a far bello anche l'esterno. Altrimenti la malignità e l'invidia offuscheranno le tue virtù in modo tale che neanche un uomo intelligente e buono [...] riuscirà a scorgerne l'interna bellezza. Sia questa, miei giovani lettori, la vostra massima costante: nessuno è mai tanto buono da poter trascurare le regole della prudenza; e la virtù stessa non può apparire bella quando non s'adorni esteriormente di correttezza e di decoro."
Author: Henry Fielding
23. "Za sto sluzat knigite ako ne ne vrajkaat kon zivotot, ako ne uspevaat vo toa da ne nateraat da ja izgasneme zedta so pogolema alcnost."
Author: Henry Miller
24. "I need to add that my work on multiple intelligences received a huge boost in 1995 when Daniel Goleman published his book on emotional intelligence. I am often confused with Dan. Initially, though Dan and I are longtime friends, this confusion irritated me."
Author: Howard Gardner
25. "What is enlightenment? In the Korean tradition of Tao, it is known a Mu-Ah (Mu means "No" or "Nothing" and Ah means "Me"). It is no-me-ness, or egoless-ness. It means realizing the true, unchanging nature of the person you happen to be."
Author: Ilchi Lee
26. "The Rabbi thought he saw an expression of perplexity in the golem's eyes. It seemed to the Rabbi that his eyes were asking, 'Who am I? Why am I here? What is the secret of my being? Rabbi Leib often saw the same bewilderment in the eyes of newborn children and even in the eyes of animals."
Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
27. "Tutte le "realtà" e le "fantasie" possono prendere forma solo attraverso la scrittura, nella quale esteriorità e interiorità, mondo e io, esperienza e fantasia appaiono composte della stessa materia verbale; le visioni polimorfe degli occhi e dell'anima si trovano contenute in righe uniformi di caratteri minuscoli o maiuscoli, di punti, di virgole, di parentesi; pagine di segni allineati fitti fitti come granelli di sabbia rappresentano lo spettacolo variopinto del mondo in una superficie sempre uguale e sempre diversa, come le dune spinte dal vento del deserto."
Author: Italo Calvino
28. "For me, Charles Xavier is a monk. He's like a selfless, egoless almost sexless force for the betterment of humanity and mortality."
Author: James McAvoy
29. "Il primo minuto della giornata lavorativa ci ricorda tutti gli altri minuti di cui è fatto il giorno, e non è mai bene pensare ai minuti come entità singole."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
30. "Il problema dell'accumulo", aveva scritto Adrian. Scommetti dei soldi su un cavallo, quello vince e la vincita passa sul cavallo della corsa successiva, e così via. Le vincite si accumulano. E le perdite? Non all'ippodromo, dove si perde solo la puntata iniziale. Ma nella vita? Forse in questo caso le regole sono diverse. Scommetti su una relazione, non funziona; vai alla successiva, e non funziona neanche quella; forse non perdi solo la somma di due sottrazioni, bensì un multiplo di quanto avevi puntato. L'impressione è questa, comunque. La vita non è solo fatta di somme e sottrazioni. C'è anche l'accumulo, la moltiplicazione delle perdite, dei fallimenti."
Author: Julian Barnes
31. "Stagolee was, undoubtedly and without question, the baddest nigger that ever lived. Stagolee was so bad that the flies wouldn't even fly around his head in the summertime, and snow wouldn't fall on his house in the winter. He was bad, jim."
Author: Julius Lester
32. "«Hope non puoi affrontare la vita rispettando tutte le regole e facendo tutto quello che ci si aspetta da te senza pensare a te stessa. È così che ci si sveglia a ottant'anni e ci si rende conto di essersi lasciati sfuggire tutte le occasioni della vita.»"
Author: Kristin Harmel
33. "The streets of Prague were a fantasia scarcely touched by the twenty-first century—or the twentieth or nineteenth, for that matter. It was a city of alchemists and dreamers, its medieval cobbles once trod by golems, mystics, invading armies. Tall houses glowed goldenrod and carmine and eggshell blue, embellished with Rococo plasterwork and capped in roofs of uniform red. Baroque cupolas were the soft green of antique copper, and Gothic steeples stood ready to impale fallen angels. The wind carried the memory of magic, revolution, violins, and the cobbled lanes meandered like creeks. Thugs wore Motzart wigs and pushed chamber music on street corners, and marionettes hung in windows, making the whole city seem like a theater with unseen puppeteers crouched behind velvet."
Author: Laini Taylor
34. "He remembered a story Madrigal had told him once: the human tale of the golem. It was a thing shaped of clay in the form of a man, brought to life by carving the symbol aleph into its brow. Aleph was the first symbol of an ancestral human alphabet, and the first letter of the Hebrew word truth; it was the beginning. Watching Karou rise to her feet, radiant in a fall of lapis hai, in a woven dress the colour of tangerines, with a loop of silver beads at her throat and a look of joy and relief and... love... on her beautiful face, Akiva knew that she was his aleph, his truth and beginning. His soul."
Author: Laini Taylor
35. "At one time,' Golenishchev continued, either not observing or not willing to observe that both Anna and Vronsky wanted to speak, 'at one time a freethinker was a man who had been brought up in the conception of religion, law, and morality, who reached freethought only after conflict and difficulty. But now a new type of born freethinkers has appeared, who grow up without so much as hearing that there used to be laws of morality, or religion, that authorities existed. They grow up in ideas of negation in everything -- in other words, utter savages."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
36. "I can't quite remember the exact moment when I became obsessed with writing a play about the seemingly endless war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but I knew that I wanted to somehow tell the stories of the Congolese women caught in the cross-fire."
Author: Lynn Nottage
37. "Pogledaj sve ovo",pokazuje rukom prema nebu."Vidiš li koliko je golemo?A ipak je uredeno,planirano?Bog je svoja pravila i zakone primijenio na sve,pa zašto bi ti bio iznimka?"
Author: Mahbod Seraji
38. "…penso che i numeri primi siano come la vita. Sono molto logici ma non si riesce mai a scoprirne le regole, anche se si passa tutto il tempo pensarci su."
Author: Mark Haddon
39. "I numeri primi sono ciò che rimane una volta eliminati tutti gli schemi: penso che i numeri primi siano come la vita. Sono molto logici ma non si riesce mai a scoprirne le regole, anche se si passa tutto il tempo a pensarci su"
Author: Mark Haddon
40. "It was the pleasure that a liar takes in his lie as it enters the world wearing the accent and raiment of the truth, sounding so right and plausible that--if he is any kind of liar at all--he begins, himself, to believe it. It was the pleasure that a maker of golems takes as the force of his words, the rhythm and accuracy of his alphabetical spells, blow life into the cold clay nostrils, and the great stony hand unclenches and reaches for his own."
Author: Michael Chabon
41. "Every universe, our own included, begins in conversation. Every golem in the history of the world, from Rabbi Hanina's delectable goat to the river-clay Frankenstein of Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, was summoned into existence through language, through murmuring, recital, and kabbalistic chitchat -- was, literally, talked into life."
Author: Michael Chabon
42. "Sve dok nisam došao do carobne rijeci.Amber.(...)Rijec bijaše nabijena strahovitom cežnjom i golemom nostalgijom. Imala je, zamotan u sebi, osjecaj zaboravljene ljepote, grandioznih dostignuca i moci užasne i gotovo konacne. Nekako, ta je rijec pripadala mom rjecniku. I nekako, ja bijah dio nje, a ona dio mene. Bijaše to ime mjesta, znao sam, mjesta koje sam nekoc poznavao. Ali nije izazivala nikakve slike, samo osjecaje."
Author: Roger Zelazny
43. "Menkiausia smulkmena, kritusi i smegenu dirvožemi, gali išaugti i siaubinga monstra. Golemas iš nežinios molio. Nulipdytas iš netikrumo ir baimes. Milžinas, atsisukantis prieš savo kureja."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
44. "Est-ce que nous nous sommes embrassés, hier soir ?- Oui.- Eh bien, ça n'avait rien de mémorable, je ne m'en rappelle absolument pas.Alex éclate de rire.- Je rigole. Non, on ne s'est pas embrassés. Quand on le fera, tu t'en rappelleras. Toujours."
Author: Simone Elkeles
45. "Nici nu se obosise sa o dezbrace, doar sa-i dezgoleasca acea parte a corpului ei pe care o folosea, de parca era o papusa gonflabila furata dintr-un galantar, patrunsa pâna se rupea si apoi aruncata."
Author: Stefana Cristina Czeller
46. "Dignified refusal can only take you so far. Ask the Congolese."
Author: Teju Cole
47. "Not to know one's true identity is to be a mad, disensouled thing — a golem. And, indeed, this image, sick-eningly Orwellian, applies to the mass of human beings now living in the high-tech industrial democracies. Their authenticity lies in their ability to obey and follow mass style changes that are conveyed through the media. Immersed in junk food, trash media, and cryp-tofascist politics, they are condemned to toxic lives of low awareness. Sedated by the prescripted daily television fix, they are a living dead, lost to all but the act of consuming."
Author: Terence McKenna
48. "One of the matters that must be addressed is that Rwanda and Uganda have to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We're also supporting processes to ensure that the political dialogue among the Congolese themselves takes place so that the people there can decide their future."
Author: Thabo Mbeki
49. "Faima va dura poate doua mii de ani. ?i ce înseamna doua mii de ani?(întreba domnul Ramsay, ironic, cu ochii ?inta la gardul viu). Într-adevar, ce inseamna, contemplate de pe cre?tetul unui munte, întinsele pustieta?i ale secolelor? Pâna ?i piatra pe care o rostogole?ti cu vârful ghetei va dura mai mult decât Shakespeare. Iar mica lui lumini?a va arde, fara prea multa stralucire, un an sau doi, dupa care va fi absorbita de o lumina mai puternica, ?i aceasta, la rândul ei, de o alta ?i mai vie."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "Ce era asta? Ce însemna asta? Oare lucrurile puteau sa-?i întinda mâna, a?a, ?i sa te zgâl?âie; lama de cu?it putea sa taie? pumnul sa in?face? Nu exista o siguran?a? Nicio posibilitate sa înve?i pe de rost caile vie?ii? Nicio îndrumare, niciun adapost, totul era miracol, saltul din vârful unui pisc în spa?iu? E posibil ca asta sa fie via?a, chiar pentru oamenii mai în vârsta? Surprinzatoare, nea?teptata, necunoscuta?" O clipa avu impresia ca daca s-ar ridica amândoi, aici, acum, pe paji?te, ?i ar cere o explica?ie, de ce e via?a atât de scurta, de ce e atât de inexplicabila, daca ?i-ar formula întrebarile vehement, a?a cum ar fi îndrepta?ite sa o faca doua fiin?e umane bine o?elite, fa?a de care nimic nu trebuie ascuns, atunci frumuse?ea s-ar desfa?ura; vidul s-ar umple; arabescurile acelea de?arte s-ar împreuna într-o forma; daca ei doi ar striga destul de tare, doamna Ramsay s-ar întoarce. "Doamna Ramsay! striga cu glas tare. Doamna Ramsay!" Lacrimile i se rostogoleau pe obraji."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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