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1. "And if I may pursue this subject farther I would suggest that the whole matter of imaginative literature depends upon this faculty of seeing the universe, from the aeonian pebble of the wayside to the raw suburban street as something new, unheard of, marvellous, finally, miraculous. The good people--amongst whom I naturally class myself--feel that everything is miraculous; they are continually amazed at the strangeness of the proportion of all things. The bad people, or scientists as they are sometimes called, maintain that nothing is properly an object of awe or wonder since everything can be explained. They are duly punished."
Author: Arthur Machen
2. "I think a challenge for myself is to see how many times I can get above 9,000. That would be a good challenge."
Author: Ashton Eaton
3. "Ah. Well... I attended Juilliard... I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. I've seen the EXORCIST ABOUT A HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT... NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU'RE TALKING TO A DEAD GUY... NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK? You think I'm qualified?"
Author: Betelgeuse
4. "Why should I choose to divide my ethics into four rather than six? Why should I define virtue as four, or two, or one? Why as desist and resist rather than 'follow nature' or 'discharge your private business without injustice', like Plato, or anything else?'But,' you will say, 'there everything is summed up in a word. - 'Yes, but that is no good unless you explain it.' And when you come to explain it, as soon as you open up this precept which contains all the others, out they all come in the original confusion that you wanted to avoid. Thus when they are all enclosed in one they are concealed and useless, as if they were in a box, and they only come to light in their natural confusion. Nature has laid them down, without enclosing one inside another."
Author: Blaise Pascal
5. "I know what you're going to say! 'They are men, and men should be free.' A free man is dangerous to himself and everyone else. Freedom should be left to those who can put it to good use."
Author: Dave Sim
6. "I react like everyone else, even like those I most despise; but I make up for it by deploring every action I commit, good or bad."
Author: Emil Cioran
7. "Do all the work you can; that is the whole philosophy of the good way of life."
Author: Eugene Delacroix
8. "I have a mantra in my head that there will always be another meal. I can put my fork down, knowing there will be good things in my future!"
Author: Gail Simmons
9. "I feel I've done the 10,000 hours you have to do to get good at something."
Author: Graeme Simsion
10. "Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land... the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt!"
Author: Grey DeLisle
11. "It's good to be just plain happy, it's a little better to know that you're happy; but to understand that you're happy and to know why and how and still be happy, be happy in the being and the knowing, well that is beyond happiness, that is bliss."
Author: Henry Miller
12. "As good surgical doctor works on a patient in the theater with varied kinds of surgical instruments, so a true leader also needs a clean bag of leadership characters that vary from task to task. One-way leaders are obvious failures!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
13. "Tides are like politics. They come and go with a great deal of fuss and noise, but inevitably they leave the beach just as they found it. On those few occasions when major change does occur, it is rarely a good news."
Author: Jack McDevitt
14. "The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions."
Author: John Hancock
15. "Talking about Korea, it has pretty high capital ratios at banks and maintains a good credit rating."
Author: Lee Myung Bak
16. "Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners."
Author: Loretta Young
17. "I'm writing this in part to tell you that if you ever wonder what you've done in your life, and everyone does wonder sooner or later, you have been God's grace to me, a miracle, something more than a miracle. You may not remember me very well at all, and it may seem to you to be no great thing to have been the good child of an old man in a shabby little town you will no doubt leave behind. If only I had the words to tell you."
Author: Marilynne Robinson
18. "He was sunshine most always-I mean he made it seem like good weather."
Author: Mark Twain
19. "Is often a good career move for an author."
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
20. "One-newspaper towns are not good because all the surviving newspaper does is print money. They make 25 percent on their money every year, and if they go down to 22 percent, they start laying people off."
Author: Pat Oliphant
21. "Sword fighting in film is not about how good the fighter is, but how good the actor receiving the blows is."
Author: Takeshi Kitano
22. "And I liked pluralist Australia. I got a taste for pluralist Australia. I like, I like Australians and I can't believe that they're going to go to hell because they tell a good dirty joke, you know."
Author: Thomas Keneally

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Quotes About Good Business Ethics
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