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1. "A good businessman never makes a contract unless he's sure he can carry it through, yet every fool on earth is perfectly willing to sign a marriage contract without considering whether he can live up to it or not."
Author: Dalton Trumbo
2. "I (John Stone) have never had any great desire to abolish poverty or save fallen women; I am, and always have been, deeply suspicious of those who wish to do these things. They normally cause more harm than good and, in my experience, their desire for power, to control others, is very much greater than that of any businessman. p 455 Stone's Fall"
Author: Iain Pears
3. "I'm not a good Samaritan, I'm a businessman... The goal is to read and react. If we sign an artist that has potential for a shelf life way out in the distance, then we'll stay. But if not, then we won't."
Author: L.A. Reid
4. "Kennedy said that if we had nuclear war we'd kill 300 million people in the first hour. McNamara, who is a good businessman and likes to save, says it would be only 200 million."
Author: Norman Thomas
5. "I don't think I'm a very good businessman. I act too much with my heart."
Author: Pele

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Quotes About Good Businessman
Quotes About Good Businessman

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