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1. "Sabe, sargento, a loucura, quando dá a um grande número de pessoas, chama-se sociedade contemporânea. Quando dá a uma pessoa só, interna-se essa pessoa."
Author: Afonso Cruz
2. "Everything in Italy that is particularly elegant and grand borders upon insanity and absurdity or at least is reminiscent of childhood."
Author: Alexander Herzen
3. "Your grand daughter may not be looking for trouble, but trouble is looking for her."
Author: Alice Hoffman
4. "He has given ample evidence of qualities hardly any other living statesman has demonstrated to the same degree: the courage to look facts in the face and to seek flexible solutions, respect for others, give-and-take in dialog situations, absence of hypocrisy, a complete absence of grandeur in the conduct of his personal life. He has never been driven by blind self-assertion to make absurd decisions."
Author: Alice Miller
5. "Prayer of the day in gratitude to God's grand wisdom Jan. 24, 2014skinmusclesveinsosseous layersmarrowall this passeslife mass to ash to dust,thus, we must alwaystrust-rest in earth'sfaithful arms,hold to the night sky's Polarisand all this withinknowingGod is Justalways————————http://awordfromapoetsdesk.wordpress...."
Author: Annette Clark
6. "Grandpa, that's something I never am....Lonesome in my spirits"
Author: Annie Barrows
7. "Je me tromperai enfin sur certains détails plus importants. Mais ça, il faudra me le pardonner. Mon ami ne donnait jamais d'explications. Il me croyait peut-être semblable à lui. Mais moi, malheureusement, je ne sais pas voir les moutons à travers les caisses. Je suis peut-être un peu comme les grandes personnes. J'ai dû vieillir."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
8. "É possível também que já então meu tema de vida fosse a irrazoável esperança, e que eu já tivesse iniciado a minha grande obstinação: eu daria tudo que era meu por nada, mas queria que tudo me fosse dado por nada."
Author: Clarice Lispector
9. "In my house, we speak Spanglish to the dogs, to the grandchildren, to the kids."
Author: Cristina Saralegui
10. "Even the grandest lives come down to a few people and places. Loved ones, your daily work, your neighborhood. I don't mean that in a belittling way. I've been realizing how complete our lives can be with just the few people and activities you most love."
Author: Daphne Kalotay
11. "My dad and grandpa were in the army and as a country singer you're constantly playing at military bases all across the country and meeting soldiers and their families and hearing their stories."
Author: Dierks Bentley
12. "Oh, what's the use of your fairmindedness if you never decide for yourself? Anyone gets hold of you and makes you do what they want. And you see through them and laugh at them - and do it. It's not enough to see clearly; I'm muddle-headed and stupid, and not worth a quarter of you, but I have tried to do what seemed right at the time. And you - your brain and your insight are splendid. But when you see what's right you're too idle to do it. You told me once that we shall be judged by our intentions, not by our accomplishments. I thought it a grand remark. But we must intend to accomplish - not sit intending on a chair."
Author: E.M. Forster
13. "Not in achievement, but in endurance, of the human soul, does it show its divine grandeur and its alliance with the infinite."
Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
14. "Por el quincuagésimo cumpleaños de mi padre me puse a pensar por un momento en la vida. En como nos dejamos mear en la sopa. Como les dejamos pasar absolutamente todo a los más grandísimos mierdas, porque nada "vale la pena ni el esfuerzo"."
Author: Etgar Keret
15. "... Chi vuole respirare a grandi zaffatela musa del nostro tempo la precarietàpuò passare di qui senza affrettarsiè il colpo secco quello che fa orrorenon già l'evanescenza il dolce afflato del nulla..."
Author: Eugenio Montale
16. "She's still beautiful. Not in an obvious Vanessa LeGrande or Byrn Shraeder kind of way. In a quiet way that's always been devastating to me."
Author: Gayle Forman
17. "God, this is weird." "Oh, I'm sorry—do you have a ghost talking to you about his intentions with your granddaughter?"
Author: Heather Davis
18. "We've seen computers play chess and beat grand masters. We've seen computers drive a car across a desert. But interestingly, playing chess is easy, but having a conversation about nothing is really difficult for a computer."
Author: Hod Lipson
19. "Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself."
Author: Jane Wagner
20. "[Stephanie Plum]Jeez. No True Love"[Grandma Mazur] There's always been true love, but in my day, you either talked yourself into thinking you had it, or you talked yourself into thinking you didn't need it."
Author: Janet Evanovich
21. "Grandpa said I was speeding, but he drives as fast as a parked car, so anything that moves as fast as a statue is supersonic."
Author: Jarod Kintz
22. "I did a shoot for 'Sports Illustrated,' and my grandpa called me and asked when my issue of 'Playboy' was coming out. It was hilarious as well as embarrassing."
Author: Jasmine Tookes
23. "My grandfather's short employ at the Ford Motor Company marked the only time any Stephanides has ever worked in the automotive industry. Instead of cars, we could become manufacturers of hamburger platters and Greek salads, industrialists of spanakopita and grilled cheese sandwiches, technocrats of rice pudding and banana cream pie. Our assembly line was the grill; our heavy machinery, the soda fountain."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
24. "When Debbie was fourteen, she felt "impressed by the Lord" to marry Ray Blackmore, the community leader. Debbie asked her father to share her divine impression with Prophet LeRoy Johnson, who would periodically travel to Bountiful from Short Creek to perform various religious duties. Because Debbie was lithe and beautiful, Uncle Roy approved of the match. A year later the prophet returned to Canada and married her to the ailing fifty-seven-year-old Blackmore. As his sixth wife, Debbie became a stepmother to Blackmore's thirty-one kids, most of whom were older than she was. And because he happened to be the father of Debbie's own stepmother, Mem, she unwittingly became a stepmother to her stepmother, and thus a step grandmother to herself."
Author: Jon Krakauer
25. "... um fazedor de versos que deixou a sua parte de loucura no mundo, é essa a grande diferença que há entre os poetas e os doidos, o destino da loucura que os tomou."
Author: José Saramago
26. "There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. Those who are lucky enough to find it ease like water over a stone, onto its fluid contours, and are home. Some find it in the place of their birth; others may leave a seaside town, parched, and find themselves refreshed in the desert. There are those born in rolling countryside who are really only at ease in the intense and busy loneliness of the city. For some, the search is for the imprint of another; a child or a mother, a grandfather or a brother, a lover, a husband, a wife, or a foe. We may go through our lives happy or unhappy, successful or unfulfilled, loved or unloved, without ever standing cold with the shock of recognition, without ever feeling the agony as the twisted iron in our soul unlocks itself and we slip at last into place."
Author: Josephine Hart
27. "Even my great grand-mother did impressions."
Author: Julia Louis Dreyfus
28. "I love you," she murmured. The words ... it was as though an entire sun had exploded in his chest.He'd been ridiculous. His thrashing thoughts, his grand confusion and torment and helplessness -- it was only love, had always been love, he supposed. It was no precipice he stood at, or rather precipices have little meaning when one finally acknowledges that one has wings. Connor stepped off."I love you, too."Such grave, inadequate words for what it was he felt."
Author: Julie Anne Long
29. "Dinosaurs drank this water, did you know that? Water moves forever in a circle; someday, little ones, your grandchildren may even drink your tears."
Author: Kim Edwards
30. "Villa Grande has in many ways symbolized an important, but less than pleasant, part of our history."
Author: Kjell Magne Bondevik
31. "Queremos buscar en las cosas, que por eso nos son preciosas, el reflejo que sobre ellas lanza nuestra alma, y es grande nuestra decepción al ver que en la Naturaleza no tienen aquel encanto que en nuestro pensamiento les prestaba la proximidad de ciertas ideas; y muchas veces convertimos todas las fuerzas del alma en destreza y en esplendor, destinados a accionar, sobre unos seres que sentimos perfectamente que están fuera de nosotros y no alcanzaremos nunca."
Author: Marcel Proust
32. "A few hours later, Françoise was able for the last time, and without causing pain, to comb that beautiful hair, which was only slightly graying and had thus far seemed much younger than my grandmother herself. But this was now reversed: the hair was the only feature to set the crown of age on a face grown young again, free of the wrinkles, the shrinkage, the puffiness, the tensions, the sagging flesh which pain had brought to it for so long. As in the distant days when her parents had chosen a husband for her, her features were delicately traced by purity and submission, her cheeks glowed with a chaste expectation, a dream of happiness, an innocent gaiety even, which the years had gradually destroyed. As it ebbed from her, life had borne away its disillusions. A smile seemed to hover on my grandmother's lips. On that funeral couch, death, like a sculptor of the Middle Ages, had laid her to rest with the face of a young girl."
Author: Marcel Proust
33. "Raul e Marcela - dizia-se - não eram dois esposos, eram dois amantes. Com efeito, para a sociedade, existe uma grande diferença entre «marido e mulher» e amante e amante. (...) O amor dos amantes é pelo contrário, livre; livre de todas as peias, de toda a hipocrisia. Não tem de guardar reservas: pode beijar as bocas, os seios, os corpos todos... É a liberdade na paixão, e como é liberdade, grangeou o ódio da «gente honesta»..."
Author: Mário De Sá Carneiro
34. "Those hours given over to basking in the glow of an imaginedfuture, of being carried away in streams of promise by a love ora passion so strong that one felt altered forever and convincedthat even the smallest particle of the surrounding world wascharged with purpose of impossible grandeur; ah, yes, andone would look up into the trees and be thrilled by the wind-loosened river of pale, gold foliage cascading down and by thehigh, melodious singing of countless birds; those moments, somany and so long ago, still come back, but briefly, like firefliesin the perfumed heat of summer night."
Author: Mark Strand
35. "Religion can make it worse. Are you supposing that if people were encouraged to believe in a transcendent reality, and to be encouraged by grand rituals and music and preaching, to love their neighbors, then they would put jealousy and frustration aside?"
Author: Mary Douglas
36. "I'll do about 13 shows in Branson next year, and I'll be performing at the Grand Palace."
Author: Mel Tillis
37. "Tutti pensano che i bambini non sanno niente. Viene da chiedersi se i grandi sono stati mai bambini."
Author: Muriel Barbery
38. "La historia tiene la realidad atroz de una pesadilla; la grandeza del hombre consiste en hacer obras hermosas y durables con la sustancia real de esa pesadilla."
Author: Octavio Paz
39. "A ladder's a flag pole with delusions of grandeur."
Author: Peter Clines
40. "There it was: the tactless severity of vital male youth, not a single doubt about his coherence, blind with self-confidence and the virtue of knowing what matters most. The ruthless sense of necessity. The annihilating impulse in the face of an obstacle. Those grand grandstand days when you shrink from nothing and you're only right. Everything is a target; you're on the attack; and you, and you alone, are right."
Author: Philip Roth
41. "A high heart ought to bear calamities and not flee them, since in bearing them appears the grandeur of the mind and in fleeing them the cowardice of the heart."
Author: Pietro Aretino
42. "We each carry our own designated end within us, our very own death ripening at its own rate inside of us. There are insignificant people who are harboring unawares the grandeur of large deaths. We carry it in us like a darkening fruit. It opens and spills out. That is death."
Author: Rebecca Goldstein
43. "Indeed, the idea that doubt can be heroic, if it is locked into a structure as grand as that of the paintings of Cezanne's old age, is one of the keys to our century. A touchstone of modernity itself."
Author: Robert Hughes
44. "My own grandmother went to great lengths to make sure I knew simple things like how and when to open the door for a lady. And the best thing my mama taught me was to pray."
Author: Ronnie Dunn
45. "Once upon a bye, before your grandfather's grandfather was born, on the edge of an unexplored wilderness called the Endless Forest, there lived a boy named Tim"
Author: Stephen King
46. "Is it a coincidence that stories from the private life became more popular just as the grand hope for public redemption through revolution was beginning to sour? I witnessed a similar shift in taste in my own time. In the 1960s, while a hopeful vision of a just society arose again, countless poems and plays concerning politics and public life were written, read, and performed. But after the hope diminished and public life seemed less and less trustworthy, this subject was less in style."
Author: Susan Griffin
47. "The sight of all the food stacked in those kitchens made me dizzy. It's not that we hadn't enough to eat at home, it's just that my grandmother always cooked economy joints and economy meat loafs and had the habit of saying, the minute you lifted the first forkful to your mouth, "I hope you enjoy that, it cost forty-one cents a pound," which always made me feel I was somehow eating pennies instead of Sunday roast."
Author: Sylvia Plath
48. "When the kite was finished, it refused to fly and kept slamming into the ground as if it wanted to destroy itself, and finally it threw itself in the march. Sophia put it outside Grandmother's door and went away."
Author: Tove Jansson
49. "I wish you would stop being so negative.I'm not being negative; I'm just facing the truth. The truth is you have a lot to learn about how God wants us to live, and unless you allow Him to fill your heart with joy and love, I'm afraid you'll be living less of a life than my crippled granddaughter."
Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
50. "My grandmother died in childbirth, and my great-aunt lived with us. She had bound feet. She never knew how to read or write."
Author: Wendi Deng Murdoch

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