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1. "What is the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, exactly?" Tess asked, pursing her lips. Erin knew it was her attempt at making light of a heavy situation."You know, just the right amount of jelly where it doesn't squish out when you bite into it. Not so much peanut butter that you get all goopy-mouthed. Making the perfect PBJ is an art form. And it has to be fresh white bread, and the best grape jelly and creamy peanut butter on the market. No exceptions."Tess bobbed her head. "Ah, yes. The dreaded goopy mouth."
Author: Jenny Lyn
2. "Yeah well, you're a slut in your fantasies."She takes a huge bite of her sandwich and says, with grape jelly oozing out the side of her mouth, "I guess that makes me a fantastic slut."
Author: Julie Prestsater

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Quotes About Grape Jelly

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