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1. "This was a consequence of increasing prosperity, which, curiously enough, just seemed to bring out greed and selfishness."
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
2. "Motives for greed and selfishness are often attributed to toil and source of riches."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
3. "Greed and selfishness do seem to be central motivators of mankind."
Author: Raymond Khoury
4. "As time goes on we get closer to that American Dream of there being a pie cut up and shared. Usually greed and selfishness prevent that and there is always one bad apple in every barrel."
Author: Rick Danko
5. "... Mother Nature is punishing us, ..., for our greed and selfishness. We torture her at all hours by iron and wood, fire and stone. We dig her up and dump her in the sea. We sink mine shafts into her and drag out her entrails - and all for a jewel to wear on a pretty finer. Who can blame her if she occasionally quivers with anger?" - Pliny, Pg. 176"
Author: Robert Harris
6. "The sands of time blew into a storm of images... Images in sequence to tell the truth! Glorious legends of revolutionaries, bound only by a desire to be true to themselves... And to hope! Parables of colliding worlds, of forbidden love... of enemies healing the wounds of circumstance! Projected myth of persecution through greed and selfishness... And the will to survive! The Will to survive! And to survive in the face of those who claim credit for your very existence! We survive not as pawns, but as agents of hope... Sometimes misunderstood, but always true to our story. The story of man."
Author: Scott Morse

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Quotes About Greed And Selfishness
Quotes About Greed And Selfishness
Quotes About Greed And Selfishness

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