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1. "Quietly, Macey went through her options. Even though the masked men were asking for cell phones, the gunmen were making so much noise that she was sure someone had already called 911. The obvious exits were blocked, and the elevators had no doubt been disabled. The men moved with confidence and order, but they weren't trying to be quiet. There was nothing covert at all about this operation.Unlike the boy beside her."
Author: Ally Carter
2. "Macey was just starting to argue when Abby asked, "What can you tell me about the gunmen?""They're amateurs," Hale said at the exact same time Macey told her teacher, "They're pros."
Author: Ally Carter
3. "Frontiersmen good and bad, gunmen as well as inspired prophets of the future, have been my camp companions. Thus, I know the country of which I am about to write as few men now living have known it."
Author: Buffalo Bill

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Quotes About Gunmen

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Isabelle looked at him thoughtfully. "Did you seriously jump thirty feet out of a Malachi Configuration? Did he, Alec?""He did," Alec confirmed. "I've never seen anything like it.""I've never seen anything like this." Jace lifted a ten-inch dagger from the floor. One of Isabelle's pink brassiers was spread on the wickedly sharp tip. Isabelle snached it off, scowling."
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