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1. "Es ist nicht so, dass ich unbedingt glücklich sein wollte, das nicht gerade. Ich wollte...mich retten, ja: mich retten. Aber ich habe erst spät begriffen, auf welche Seite man sich schlagen muss: auf die Seite der Sehnsüchte. Man erwartet eigentlich, dass es andere Dinge sind, durch die Menschen gerettet werden können: Pflichterfüllung, Ehrlichkeit, gut sein, gerecht sein. Nein. Es sind die Sehnsüchte, die einen erretten. Sie sind das einzig Wahre. Bist du auf ihrer Seite, wirst du dich retten. Aber als ich das begriff, war es schon zu spät. Wenn du dem Leben Zeit lässt, nimmt es eine eigenartige, unvermeidliche Wendung; und du stellst fest, dass du dich an dem Punkt nicht nach etwas sehnen kannst, ohne dir selbst weh zu tun. An dem Punkt scheitert alles, du kannst dem nicht entgehen, je mehr du um dich schlägst, desto mehr verfängst du dich im dem Netz, je heftiger du aufbegehrst, desto mehr verletzt du dich. Es gibt kein Entrinnen."
Author: Alessandro Baricco
2. "Maybe I'm naive, but I subscribe to the idea that nobody is actually making strategic decisions about their career. Trying to do that would be like playing three-card monte on Canal Street."
Author: Benjamin Walker
3. "The decisions of our past are the architects of our present."
Author: Dan Brown
4. "Conservatives who believe that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the plain meaning of its language and the original intent of the Framers have long been troubled by the court's decisions expanding the commerce clause to authorize Congress to regulate the most local of matters within a state's borders."
Author: David Limbaugh
5. "What's done is already done- the question now is, what are you going to do now?What is, already is-the question now is, what will you make it be to be now?You are the power to drive the decisions you can make - Give thought, make the decision and move it forward."
Author: Eveth Colley
6. "Medical decisions have been politicized. What doctor wants a state legislator in his consulting room?"
Author: Garry Trudeau
7. "All gut strings. That's just the first kind of guitar I played, it was a nylon string guitar. And to me, it's the purest form of guitar making, and I just enjoy doing it."
Author: Guy Clark
8. "Maybe those sorts of yes-or-no life-and-death decisions are easier to make because they are so black and white. I can cope with them because it's easier. Human emotions, well. . .they're just a fathomless collection of grays and I don't do so well on the midtones."
Author: Jasper Fforde
9. "One third of managers are victims of "Information Fatigue Syndrome." 49 percent said they are unable to handle the vast amounts of information received. 33 percent of managers were suffering ill health as a direct result of information overload. 62 percent admitted their business and social relationships suffer. 66 percent reported tension with colleagues and diminished job satisfaction. 43 percent think that important decisions are delayed and their abilities to make decisions are affected as a result of having too much information. (Reuters's "Dying for Business" report)"
Author: Jeff Davidson
10. "A farmer friend of mine told me recently about a busload of middle school children who came to his farm for a tour. The first two boys off the bus asked, "Where is the salsa tree?" They thought they could go pick salsa, like apples and peaches. Oh my. What do they put on SAT tests to measure this? Does anybody care? How little can a person know about food and still make educated decisions about it? Is this knowledge going to change before they enter the voting booth? Now that's a scary thought."
Author: Joel Salatin
11. " long as you are motivated by the approval of others, you cannot know with confidence whether the decisions you are making in your life are what's right for you... pg 102"
Author: John Kuypers
12. "I'm a fun father, but not a good father. The hard decisions always went to my wife."
Author: John Lithgow
13. "Tonight I'll dust myself off, tonight I'll suck my gut in, I'll face the night and I'll pretend I got something to believe in."
Author: Jon Bon Jovi
14. "They hadn't forgotten but accommodated... So nothing was done. No decisions were made... They waited like fools, they sat on their hands like fools, and spoke, like fools... They waited to die, and we cannot blame them, because we would do the same, we do do the same."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
15. "Was die Menschen täglich ihre Entscheidungen nennen, ist nichts weiter als ein gut einstudiertes Spiel."
Author: Juli Zeh
16. "Every decision in life; whether good or bad, teaches us a lesson for the next decisions that we will someday meet again."
Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
17. "I've always made my decisions based on two factors: intellectual analysis and my gut. And when they meet, that's a go from me. That's when I see the goal."
Author: Michael Ovitz
18. "Things usually make sense in time, and even bad decisions have their own kind of correctness."
Author: Miranda July
19. "But there are no real accidents, only decisions that feel like accidents, one after another, that take you down a certain road and take on a momentum that can't be reversed."
Author: Nichole Bernier
20. "The minute those two little particles inside a woman's womb have joined together, billions of decisions have been made. A thing like that has to come from entropy."
Author: Rex Stout
21. "War is not violence and killing, pure and simple; war is controlled violence, for a purpose. The purpose of war is to support your government's decisions by force. The purpose is never to kill the enemy just to be killing him . . . but to make him do what you want him to do. Not killing . . . but controlled and purposeful violence.Robert A. Heinlein - Starship Troopers"
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
22. "As is now generally admitted, a Soviet bomb would not have been achieved for several years more but for the success of Soviet espionage in obtaining secret information from Western scientists associated with the Manhattan Project. That is to say, political ideas in the minds of certain capable physicists and others took the form of believing that to provide Stalin with the bomb was acontribution to world progress. They were wrong. And their decisions show, once again, that minds of high quality in other respects are not immune to political or ideological delirium....In the Soviet case, those involved thought they knew better than mere politicians like Churchill. They didn't."
Author: Robert Conquest
23. "Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come."
Author: Robert H. Schuller
24. "Life hands us a lot of hard choices, and other people can help us more than we might realize. We often think we should make important decisions using just our own internal resources. What are the pros and cons? What does my gut tell me? But often we have friends and family who know us in ways we don't know ourselves."
Author: Sheena Iyengar
25. "Your destiny is shaped by choice, never by chance. Beware the decisions you make, no matter how small, for they will be your salvation...or your death."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
26. "Women deserve better than propaganda and lies to get into panties. Propaganda and lies to get into office, to get out of court, to get out of paying child support. Get the fuck out of our decisions and give us back our voice. Women deserve better; women deserve choice."
Author: Sonya Renee Taylor
27. "Eisenhower has been much criticized for his failure publicly to endorse the Court's decision. But he felt that doing so would set an undesirable precedent. If a president endorsed decisions he agreed with, might he feel compelled to oppose decisions he did not agree with? And what would that do to the rule of law? "The Supreme Court has spoken and I am sworn to uphold ... the constitutional processes.... I will obey."3"
Author: William J. Bennett

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