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1. "I had ridiculous amounts of energy. Mom's like, you're driving me crazy - do you want to try gymnastics? From the moment I started it, I loved it and it kind of was like storybook from there."
Author: Alicia Sacramone
2. "Gymnastics is my whole life, and I dream of going to the Olympics and being a world champ."
Author: Aly Raisman
3. "When I first turned elite in gymnastics, when I was 14, that's when I really became more inspired than ever. I just always kept that in the back of my mind, and always thought about making the 2012 team."
Author: Aly Raisman
4. "I learned Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics and I have a trainer."
Author: Ashley Scott
5. "The Olympics shows the community what gymnastics is all about."
Author: Bela Karolyi
6. "I know gymnastics. It's always been a subjective appreciation."
Author: Bela Karolyi
7. "In gymnastics, smaller will always be better in many ways. The stress in the head, that will be the same for all. But the stress on the body and the concussions it must endure, that will always be easier for the little ones."
Author: Bela Karolyi
8. "[on BBC's Sherlock] It's a rare challenge, both for the audience and an actor, to take part in something with this level of intelligence and wit. You have to really enjoy it. It's a form of mental and physical gymnastics."
Author: Benedict Cumberbatch
9. "My daughter is exceptionally chatty. I'm not a braggy mother but she is gifted - with the personality of a Russian gymnastics coach."
Author: Caroline Rhea
10. "I began dancing when I was 7 years old. I was told that I had the perfect ballet dancer's body and had these crazy high arches in my feet that resulted in an amazing point. Ballet was very disciplined and, frankly, a little boring, so I eventually transitioned to gymnastics. I loved that, although I never reached a competitive level."
Author: Catherine Mary Stewart
11. "There's so much denial in gymnastics. It's a beautiful sport but the other part is numbing. You become machinelike. They'll refute this, but I've been around it. I know."
Author: Cathy Rigby
12. "I was a world champion on the trampoline at an international level, and gymnastics competitor."
Author: Dan Millman
13. "I struggled with self-esteem issues as a young girl, and it was not until my gymnastics career was completed in 2000 that I realized my accomplishments would not have been possible without my type of body, and I finally started to appreciate and celebrate myself."
Author: Dominique Dawes
14. "God put us here to go through this kind of mental gymnastics, and He certainly put us here to enjoy our sexual lives. He put us here to ask, to try and find out the best way possible to live with our neighbors. Of course, you can go through a life not asking, and that's the tragedy: so many lives lived in moral blindness."
Author: Dorothy Day
15. "I'm a writer, so whatever gymnastics jump through my head, I write about it."
Author: Earl King
16. "I took lessons for about everything you could imagine - gymnastics to karate to flute and piano. My mom always definitely kept me in some kind of class or program, but for guitar, I kinda gave up on then kinda just taught myself. Same thing with piano. I've never been good with following lessons."
Author: Elle Varner
17. "I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine."
Author: Gwendoline Christie
18. "With 'Django Unchained,' when you're dealing with slavery, it's like a gymnastics routine with the highest amount of difficulty. Quentin Tarantino is not going to do a movie that's just going to lay there and be safe. There's going to be twists and flips."
Author: Jamie Foxx
19. "Oh, I used to lie all the time as a kid." I didn't think of it as lying, though. I thought of it as playing make-believe. I told Kitty she was adopted and her real family was in a traveling circus. It's why she took up gymnastics."
Author: Jenny Han
20. "I don't recall you playing much tennis. As for the gymnastics…"His sexy growl of a laugh seemed to snag Elliot in the guts. "Yeah, you do have some beautiful moves as I recall. They didn't require a lot of footwork."
Author: Josh Lanyon
21. "I was a gymnast when I was younger. My parents put me in gymnastics, and I was actually only good at the floor. I was terrible at everything else, especially beam. Unfortunately, you can't be a gymnast unless you're good at all of the apparatuses, so I became a competitive cheerleader. I was just the main tumbler for my squad."
Author: Josie Loren
22. "My entire adolescence was geared toward one thing: gymnastics."
Author: Kerri Strug
23. "I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits."
Author: Kristin Kreuk
24. "Without the lessons I learned in gymnastics, I would be crushed."
Author: Liang Chow
25. "I was a very focused kid. I always had this crazy lifestyle... billions of jobs, two hours of gymnastics every day, handball, anything with a ball, really. I must have had ADHD or something. I was very energetic, and very small. I didn't start growing until the last year of high school."
Author: Mads Mikkelsen
26. "Unless it was an elaborate double-bluff on Wayne's part and it was so obvious as to be not obvious at all … Christ, it was too early in the morning for this sort of mental gymnastics."
Author: Marian Keyes
27. "I have had a few turning points, the first day I entered a gymnastics school at age 6."
Author: Nadia Comaneci
28. "Of course, most people remember that I received the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics competition."
Author: Nadia Comaneci
29. "I think I started toddler gymnastics when I was around 3 or 4, and I began taking it seriously when I was 6."
Author: Nolan Gerard Funk
30. "Anyway I will go same road because I, I was born in gymnastics. This is my, how to say, my life and my duty."
Author: Olga Korbut
31. "But let me do I will show the world what gymnastics looks like. Well may be this is a future gymnastics."
Author: Olga Korbut
32. "Because up to sixteen years old you feel gymnastics more. You can show your emotion, grace, like woman gymnastics, not kid's gymnastics. I feel I have good shape, and I can do it elements everything, but, it's not competition for me."
Author: Olga Korbut
33. "Finally I almost dropped gymnastics because I couldn't live without create, and you know, and then, all public in the world start to say, we don't want to see gymnastics without OLGA."
Author: Olga Korbut
34. "How many people in the world is, each of them is individual. And I like to eat bread, somebody don't like that. You know this is the same in gymnastics."
Author: Olga Korbut
35. "I think this is all my life. Because if I was split gymnastics and something else like far, fun or to go with friends. No, this, you're supposed to one go, one straight road and to do every day. And touch the wall, of the goal."
Author: Olga Korbut
36. "I would say this is not negative this is h, a hard part in gymnastics. You can't eat, whatever you want to eat. And what kind of meal you're supposed to have, you can't."
Author: Olga Korbut
37. "She gave him a happy look as he followed her out on the water-soaked wooden walk. "This could be fun," she said, then turned, took a running step, and did a couple of back flips—like a middle-school kid at recess. He stopped where he was, lust and love and fear rising up in a surge of emotion he did not, for all his years, have any idea how to deal with. "What?" she asked, a little breathless from her gymnastics. She brushed her wavy hair out of her face and gave him a serious look. "Is there something wrong?" He could hardly tell her that he was afraid because he didn't know what he'd do if something happened to her. That his sudden, unexpected reaction had brought Brother Wolf to the fore. She threw his balance off; his control—which had become almost effortless over the years—was erratic at best."
Author: Patricia Briggs
38. "I was an extreme tomboy. I did competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. I cut my hair like Winona Ryder, with that little pixie cut."
Author: Serinda Swan
39. "Gymnastics uses every single part of your body, every little tiny muscle that you never even knew."
Author: Shannon Miller
40. "When I go in to compete, whether it's gymnastics or anything else, I do my own thing. I compete with myself."
Author: Shannon Miller
41. "I want to bring more gymnastics on television."
Author: Shannon Miller
42. "In gymnastics, the longest routine you do is a minute and a half, and that's pretty tough to get through."
Author: Shannon Miller
43. "After 13 years of hard landings in gymnastics, one ski run had delivered the biggest injury of my career."
Author: Shawn Johnson
44. "I'm doing four hours of gymnastics training a day, six days a week and then an extra two to three hours in a fitness center as well."
Author: Shawn Johnson
45. "A comeback in gymnastics is almost impossible in itself."
Author: Shawn Johnson
46. "It might have been easier to retire, to say my knee couldn't handle it and let that be that. At the same time, the prospect of not being able to compete in gymnastics anymore was heartbreaking."
Author: Shawn Johnson
47. "People only see gymnastics on TV and in the Olympics at such an extreme. So it can be intimidating."
Author: Shawn Johnson
48. "Thanks for the reminder that i have to hit the gym today. I have'nt worked out in days. Unless one counted mattress gymnastics!!!"
Author: Sylvia Day
49. "When one tries to increase his knowledge by doing mental gymnastics over books without waiting upon God and looking to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, his soul is plainly in full swing. This will deplete his spiritual life. Because the fall of man was occasioned by seeking knowledge, God uses the foolishness of the cross to "destroy the wisdom of the wise."
Author: Watchman Nee
50. "I do like all different kinds of sports and stuff. I've taken up gymnastics and slacklining - you know, tightroping, basically."
Author: Wilson Bethel

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