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1. "Hagen Koch: 'There was no other transport. People on bikes could evade checkpoints, they could have secret meetings"
Author: Anna Funder
2. "In Copenhagen, there's a long-term commitment to creating a well-functioning pedestrian city where all forms of movement - pedestrian, bicycles, cars, public transportation - are accommodated with equal priority."
Author: Bjarke Ingels
3. "If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with appetite for the new and with respect for the old - somebody who takes good care of things and of people."
Author: Connie Nielsen
4. "If I could choose one place to be right now - fuck Copenhagen and Cuba. I'd be at right beside you, wherever you are, smiling."
Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
5. "Finally, I had held up examples of Goldhagen's inflammatory language and suggested that he had missed the essence of what Primo Levi once called the 'grey zone' of human affairs, described by the historian Christopher Browning as that foggy universe of mixed motives, conflicting emotions, personal priorities, reluctant choices, opportunism and accomodation, all wedded, when convenient, to self-deception and denial. I thought that by marshalling his research into an overly narrow narrative, painted without nuance in black and white, the author had missed the human complexity and the ordinariness of racism."
Author: Erna Paris
6. "NAMBLA's infiltrated First Recon,' Person continues after bringing the vehicle to a stop. 'There's a guy in Third Platoon, hes going to be collecting photographs of all the children and sending them back to NAMBLA HQ. Back at Pendleton he volunteers at the daycare center. He goes around collecting all the turds from the five-year-olds and puts them into Copenhagen tins. Out there everyone thinks he's dipping, but it's not tobacco. It's dookie from five-year-olds."
Author: Evan Wright
7. "Ich bin der Zwischenraum zwischen dem, was ich bin, und dem, was ich nicht bin, zwischen dem, was ich träume, und dem, was das Leben aus mir gemacht hat, der abstrakte und leibliche Mittelwert zwischen Dingen, die nichts sind, da ich ebenfalls nichts bin. Welche Unruhe, wenn ich fühle, welch Unbehagen, wenn ich denke, welche Nutzlosigkeit, wenn ich will!"
Author: Fernando Pessoa
8. "Ik dacht aan de hoeveelheid mensen, aan de aantallen, niet eens in termen van overbevolking, of vervuiling, en of er straks voor iedereen nog wel genoeg te eten zou zijn, maar de hoeveelheid op zich. Of drie miljoen of zes miljard een bepaald doel diende. Wanneer dit punt eenmaal was bereikt, begonnen zich de eerste gevoelens van onbehagen aan te dienen. Er zijn niet noodzakelijk te veel mensen, dacht ik, maar er zijn er wel veel. Ik dacht aan de leerlingen in mijn klaslokaal. Allemaal moesten ze iets: ze moesten het leven in, ze moesten het leven door. Terwijl één uur al heel lang kan zijn. Er moest werk worden gevonden en er moesten echtparen worden gevormd. Er zouden kinderen komen, en ook die kinderen zouden op school geschiedenisles krijgen, zij het niet meer van mij. Vanaf een bepaalde hoogte zag je alleen nog de aanwezigheid van mensen, niet langer de mensen zelf. Hier kreeg ik het benauwd."
Author: Herman Koch
9. "Der Bürger nun schätzt nichts höher als das Ich (ein nur rudimentär entwickeltes Ich allerdings). Auf Kosten der Intensität also erreicht er Erhaltung und Sicherheit, statt Gottbesessenheit erntet er Gewissensruhe, statt Lust Behagen, statt Freiheit Bequemlichkeit, statt tödlicher Glut eine angenehme Temperatur. Der Bürger ist deshalb seinem Wesen nach ein Geschöpf von schwachem Lebensantrieb, ängstlich, jede Preisgabe seiner selbst fürchtend, leicht zu regieren. Er hat darum an Stelle der Macht die Majorität gesetzt, an Stelle der Gewalt das Gesetz, an Stelle der Verantwortung das Abstimmungsverfahren."
Author: Hermann Hesse
10. "It is warm work; and this day may be the last to any of us at a moment. But mark you! I would not be elsewhere for thousands. - at the Battle of Copenhagen."
Author: Horatio Nelson
11. "Both [Quine and Feyerabend] want to revise a version of positivism. Quine started with the Vienna Circle, and Feyerabend with the Copenhagen school of quantum mechanics. Both the Circle and the school have been called children of Ernst Mach; if so, the philosophies of Feyerabend and Quine must be his grandchildren."
Author: Ian Hacking
12. "I am Emir Dynamite!" he shouted, swaying on top of the tall camelback. "If within two days we don't get any decent food, I'll incite the tribes to revolt! I swear! I will appoint myself the Prophet's representative and declare holy war, jihad. On Denmark, for example. Why did the Danes torment their Prince Hamlet? Considering the current political situation, a casus beli like this would satisfy even the League of Nations. No, seriously, I'll buy a million worth of rifles from the British--they love to sell firearms to the tribes--and onward to Denmark. Germany will let us through--in lieu of war reparations. Imagine the tribes invading Copenhagen! I'll lead the charge on a white camel."
Author: Ilya Ilf
13. "We startled some strange, long-necked shaggy creatures that had been grazing in the field, and I swear one of them spit at Feniul. Hagen slipped off of Leontes'neck and started to follow the creatures into the little copse of trees they had taken shelter in, fascinated, but I called him back."They spit."I said. "They probably bite as well.""They are ill tempered things,"Amacarin agreed."But I saw someone riding one yesterday. It did not look like a smooth-gaited beast, though."Now there was even more longing in Hagen's face."Luka started laughing. "I shall buy you one when you finish your apprenticeship." He told my brother. "It can be your mastery gift. A hairy, spitting cow horse."
Author: Jessica Day George
14. "It all started with the most basic level of Uta Hagen, right at the beginning. I'm like, 'Really? I came to grad school; I'm going to do the 'Respect for Acting'?' And I realized the importance of that, because it was really to just get you to get rid of everything. Get rid of everything you've learned and just start from the bottom up."
Author: Kunal Nayyar
15. "Michael: Barzini will set me up through somebody close... that, supposedly, I won't suspect.Hagen: Somebody like me.Michael: You're Irish, they won't trust you.Hagen: I'm German-American.Michael: To them that's Irish."
Author: Mario Puzo
16. "Jack Woltz: Now you listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch, let me lay it on the line for you and your boss, whoever he is! Johnny Fontane will never get that movie! I don't care how many dago guinea wop greaseball goombahs come out of the woodwork!Tom Hagen: I'm German-Irish.Jack Woltz: Well, let me tell you something, my kraut-mick friend, I'm gonna make so much trouble for you, you won t know what hit you!Tom Hagen: Mr. Woltz, I'm a lawyer. I have not threatened you."
Author: Mario Puzo
17. "Im Grunde sind diese Gedanken ganz ohne Bedeutung. Die Dingen geschehen eben und ich suche, wie Millionen Menschen vor mir, in ihnen einen Sinn, weil meine Eitelkeit nicht gestatten will, zuzugeben, daß der ganze Sinn eines Geschehnisses in ihm selbst liegt. Kein Käfer, den ich achtlos zertrete, wird in diesem, für ihn traurigen Ereignis einen geheimnisvollen Zusammenhang von universeller Bedeutung sehen, Er war in dem Augenblick unter meinem Fuß, als ich niedertrat; Wohlbehagen im Licht, ein kurzer schriller Schmerz und Nichts. Nur wir sind dazu verurteilt, einer Bedeutung nachzujagen, die es nicht geben kann."
Author: Marlen Haushofer
18. "She was standing in the airport of Copenhagen, staring at a doorway, trying to figure out if it was (a) a bathroom and (b) what kind of bathroom it was. The door merely said H.Was she an H? Was H "hers"? It could just as easily be "his". Or "Helicopter Room: Not a Bathroom at All"
Author: Maureen Johnson
19. "So the old Copenhagen interpretation needs to be generalized, needs to be replaced by something that can be used for the whole universe, and can be used also in cases where there is plenty of individuality and history."
Author: Murray Gell Mann
20. "Incited. That was it, the guidingprinciple of her life in Copenhagen. She was incited to make an impression, a voluptous impression. She was incited to inflame attention and admiration. She was dressed for it, subtly schooled for it. And after a little while she gave herself up wholly to the fascinating business of being seen, gaped at, desired."
Author: Nella Larsen
21. "You have to see my show to believe that I'm the only unique Nina Hagen on this planet."
Author: Nina Hagen
22. "Day one, the van broke down. It was so cold the accelerator cable froze, so when Tony [Iommi] put his foot down it snapped in half. Which meant we were stranded in the middle of f**king nowhere, halfway to Copenhagen. There was a blizzard outside, but Tony said it was my job – as the band's ‘public representative' – to go and find some help. So out I walked into this field, snow blowing into my face, two icicles of snot hanging out of my nose, until finally I saw the lights of a farmhouse up ahead. Then I fell into a trench. After finally pulling myself out of the f**king thing, I waded through the snow until I reached the front door, then knocked loudly.‘Halløj?' said the big, red-faced Eskimo bloke who opened the door.‘Oh, thank f**k,' I said.[...]‘Halløj?'I didn't know any Danish, so I pointed towards the road, and said, ‘Van. El kaputski. Ya?'"
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
23. "We're competing against other great cities: Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. That's why it's important that we all join together on the final path to Copenhagen. Having the support of President Obama is key."
Author: Richard M. Daley
24. "I'm not too proud of the movies I made as a grownup except for 'That Hagen Girl', which nobody remembers but which gave me a chance to act."
Author: Shirley Temple
25. "All three of them stood for a moment gazing at the stars.''And all these are worlds,'' said Hagen.''Or else,'' said Clements with a yawn, ''a frightful mess. I suspect it is really a fluorescent corpse, and we are inside it."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
26. "You must come to Copenhagen to work with us. We like people who can actually perform thought experiments!"
Author: You

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