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1. "Those who have little interest in spirituality shouldn't think that human inner values don't apply to you. The inner peace of an alert and calm mind are the source of real happiness and good health. Our human intelligence tells us which of our emotions are positive and helpful and which are damaging and to be restrained or avoided. - 12/7/2012 on his Facebook page"
Author: Dalai Lama XIV
2. "Normally Halloween was like Christmas for me. I would anticipate it for weeks, decorating myself and the house, as well as strolling around the neighborhood, admiring everyone else's decorations. Nothing lifts my spirit like a scarecrow in the front yard."
Author: Damien Echols
3. "Apparently, this really was Kill Charley Davidson Week. Or at least Horribly Maim Her.... It would probably never get government recognition, though, destined to be underappreciated like Halloween or Thesaurus Day."
Author: Darynda Jones
4. "We're high on the adrenaline of feeling, even though we know it's fleeting and evanescence. And we're getting worse -- checking texts and emails and Facebook every five minutes, always searching for that next hit of feeling, that next morsel of approval."
Author: Deborah Meyler
5. "I was offered a choice of a flat salary up front or a percentage of the film's future earnings. I took the up front money. Nobody could have figured what Halloween would ultimately become."
Author: Donald Pleasence
6. "Comb his Facebook page. See if he has a Twitter account. Follow up on every Google lead. I want to know what makes him tick, what makes him the man he is."
Author: Faith Sullivan
7. "Individual web pages as they first appeared in the early 1990s had the flavour of person-hood. MySpace preserved some of that flavour, though a process of regularized formatting had begun. Facebook went further, organizing people into multiple-choice identities while Wikipedia seeks to erase point of view entirely. If a church or government were doing these things, it would feel authoritarian, but when technologists are the culprits, we seem hip, fresh, and inventive. People accept ideas presented in technological form that would be abhorrent in any other forms"
Author: Jaron Lanier
8. "From the day Facebook launched in 2004, the profile was the most critical page on the site."
Author: Joe Green
9. "Altruism is one of the most fundamentally social impulses, and doing things for others without expecting anything in return is core to what makes us human. This is why, from the day Facebook Platform launched in 2007, Causes has been honored to be one of the most popular applications, with over 140 million users."
Author: Joe Green
10. "I just had to block someone on Facebook who was impersonating my wife."
Author: Jordan Knight
11. "I'm such a grandma. I don't tweet; I don't have a Facebook page."
Author: Kathryn Hahn
12. "What was it about Halloween that gave every girl license to dress as slutty as possible?"
Author: Kim Askew
13. "If I see what you're up to on Facebook but I don't see your updates on Flickr, I'll still care about Facebook."
Author: Max Levchin
14. "If we compare the two, Facebook is currently a superior place to market a product like Slide. Twitter is more like a general distribution agent. It's like broadcast radio."
Author: Max Levchin
15. "Mungkin dia anak alay," kata Leila. "Anak alay kalau bikin Facebook namanya suka dihias-hias. Mungkin aja namanya Edyta Chayyankdiiaaclaaluu Muachmuach."Aku mengernyitkan alis dan menatap Facebook Leila. Namanya: Miss Leila MostBeautifulStewardessInTheWorld"
Author: Moemoe Rizal
16. "We're so very focused on ourselves and on self-promotion. It goes on all day with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram."
Author: Nancy Jo Sales

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Quotes About Halloween On Facebook
Quotes About Halloween On Facebook
Quotes About Halloween On Facebook

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