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1. "I'm greedy for that satisfaction of doing something hard and knowing that, even though I was afraid I couldn't do it, that somehow I can deliver."
Author: Alan Alda
2. "My grief was a heavy, despairing sadness caused by parting from a companion of many years but, more important, it was a despair rooted in the fear that love did not exist, could not be found. And even if it were lurking somewhere, I might never know it in my lifetime. It had become hard for me to continue to believe in love's promise when everywhere I turned the enchantment of power of the terror of fear overshadowed the will to love."
Author: Bell Hooks
3. "Jews highly value having an abundance of money for the sake of caring for their families and for helping the needy."
Author: H.W. Charles
4. "Now-people" are winners; they say "now" and they do it now! That's the spirit we need, my friends. If you have the goals and the environment is clear enough, go ahead and do it now!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
5. "Dear Sir, poor sir, brave sir." he read, "You are an experiment by the Creator of the Universe. You are the only creature in the entire Universe who has free will. You are the only one who has to figure out what to do next - and why. Everybody else is a robot, a machine. Some persons seem to like you, and others seem to hate you, and you must wonder why. They are simply liking machines and hating machines. You are pooped and demoralized, " read Dwayne. "Why wouldn't you be? Of course it is exhausting, having to reason all the time in a universe which wasn't meant to be reasonable."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
6. "But you were a goody-goody, you said.' 'Even goody-goodies think about such things. In fact, I would say that's what defines us. We're always thinking about the things we don't dare do, figuring out where the lines are drawn, so we can go right up to the edge of things, then plead innocence on the ground of a technicality."
Author: Laura Lippman
7. "I can see his pain, see it in the way he runs his fingers through his hair, over and over, and I understand what it costs him to hide it all."
Author: Libba Bray
8. "There are some writers I think who love to go around and visit bookstores and just interact."
Author: Lincoln Child
9. "I said during the course of the campaign I didn't like it and I don't like the idea of having an opponent's picture on your ads and it would be nice to see candidates sign a pledge like that."
Author: Scott McCallum
10. "Wstane teraz, by pójsc ku wyspie Innisfree,Chatka z gliny i lóz na srodku wyspy stanie:W dziewieciu rzedach groch i ul, i pszczoly, iMieszkanie bede mial na pelnej pszczól polanie. I znajde spokój tam, gdzie swierszczy spiewny gwar,Spokój z poranka mgiel powoli splynie w koncu;Pólnoc tam zawsze lsni, blyszczy poludnia zar,A purpurowy zmierzch pelen jest skrzydel dzwonców. Wstane teraz, by pójsc, bo slysze fali glos,Choc plusk. gdy lize brzeg, ledwie sie wsacza w cisze;Jezdni pod stopa bruk, chodnik czy asfalt szos,Slysze go dzien i noc, na sercu dnia go slysze."
Author: W.B. Yeats

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Quotes About Having To Go Through Hard Times
Quotes About Having To Go Through Hard Times
Quotes About Having To Go Through Hard Times

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