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1. "Grief is depression in proportion to circumstance; depression is grief out of proportion to circumstance."
Author: Andrew Solomon
2. "Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity. The sedentary nature of much of modern life probably plays a significant role in the epidemic incidence of depression today. Many studies show that depressed patients who stick to a regimen of aerobic exercise improve as much as those treated with medication."
Author: Andrew Weil
3. "Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
4. "The world was already a miserable place in the spring of that cursed year. The New Depression was at its height. Stocks fell, jobs were lost, and consumer consumption fell in a corporate death spiral as the aging technoczars were revealed to have feet of clay. Financial institutions underreacted, the government overreacted, and a society living on borrowed time paid for with borrowed dollars failed. Hard times and hunger came to the Western world, which was all the more of a shock because the generation that survived the last financial collapse had virtually died out."
Author: E.E. Knight
5. "No reason to feel depressed about being depressed. A depression can be a golden opportunity to collect the pieces and build ourselves anew. Global Souls are always on the move, nomads at heart, connected to various cities, commuters between cultures, both from here and everywhere."
Author: Elif Shafak
6. "It's a scary thing going into the workforce with a $50,000 debt and you've been trained as a classical theatre actor. There's always a depression in the theatre."
Author: Frances McDormand
7. "Nesse's research focuses on the evolutionary origins of depression. Why does depression exist at all? If it's stayed in our gene pool for so long, he argues, there must be some evolutionary benefit. Nesse believes that depression may be an adaptive mechanism meant to prevent us from falling victim to blind optimism—and squandering resources on the wrong goals.11 It's to our evolutionary advantage not to waste time and energy on goals we can't realistically achieve. And so when we have no clear way to make productive progress, our neurological systems default to a state of low energy..."
Author: Jane McGonigal
8. "Maybe heartache was more normal than the absence of it."
Author: Jennifer Handford
9. "I had loved him since the moment he'd taken the pudding from me. When my father had announced on Dez's eighteenth birthday that he supported a match between us, I'd never been happier than I was in that moment. I was young. And stupid. When Dez had disappeared the very next day, I experienced a heartache that I thought would swallow me whole and never spit me out. He'd been more than a crush. He had been my best friend, my confidant and my world."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
10. "Grief comes and goes, but depression is unremitting."
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
11. "There's a lot of heartache because you don't always win. You need loads of determination."
Author: Pat Cash
12. "I'm happy, I would say that I'm one of the happiest people I know but I've certainly had periods of profound sadness, depression and heartache and those are the kind of things that are interesting to me to write about."
Author: Richard Marx
13. "Cardiac depression is very powerful; it's very black; it's very dark. What I've learned to do is get out of my head and get into my heart. And it just sounds like an easy thing - it was difficult at first - to truly recognize moment to moment how fortunate I am."
Author: Robby Benson
14. "Superstorm Sandy inflicted havoc and heartache throughout the Northeast, hitting the Big Apple and its surrounding coastal towns hard."
Author: Russel Honore
15. "Viele seiner kriminellen Bekannten [...] verlachten Depressionen als Weiberkrankheiten, Wohlstandswehwehchen, die nur Schwule und Frauen bekamen. Er beneidete sie darum, dass sie die Wahrheit nicht kannten.Eine echte Depression war wie ein Schwamm, den man unter der Brust trägt, der sich mit rußgeschwärzten Gedanken vollsaugt und immer schwerer wird bis man sein Gewicht körperlich spürt. Zuerst beim Atmen und Schlucken, später lähmt er jede Bewegung bis es sogar unmöglich wird die Bettdecke vom Kopf zurückzuziehen."
Author: Sebastian Fitzek
16. "We are rational creatures, Professor Jove explained; hope is irrational. We thus set ourselves up for one dispiriting fall after the next. Anger and depression are not diseases or dysfunctions or anomalies; they are perfectly rational responses to the myriad avoidable disappointments that begin in a thoroughly irrational hope."
Author: Shalom Auslander
17. "Men and women whose early youth was shaped in the ordeal of the Great Depression showed the values formed in that crucible when tyranny threatened a world."
Author: Steve Buyer
18. "As we have said, robust souls are sometimes almost, but not entirely, overthrown by strokes of misfortune....Despair has steps leading upward. From total depression we rise to despondency, from despondency to affliction, from affliction to melancholy. Melancholy is a twilight state in which suffering transmutes into a somber joy....Melancholy is the enjoyment of being sad."
Author: Victor Hugo
19. "Day after day, more and more medications are prescribed for depression and addiction, assuming that these things run in our blood, when really they run in our patterns of awareness."
Author: Vironika Tugaleva

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Quotes About Heartache And Depression
Quotes About Heartache And Depression
Quotes About Heartache And Depression

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