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1. "When one gets to Clement or Hippolytus, we are clearly a long way from what we find in Paul and the Gospels, where the influence of the Passover is still strongly present and the meal is seen as a family meal, taken in the home, a memorial meal to remember Jesus' death until his return...Here then is a cautionary reminder — the less Jewish the approach one takes to the Lord's Supper, the more likely one is to be wrong about one's assessment of what is the case about the elements."
Author: Ben Witherington III
2. "Phaedra: I wanted to see your face when you came.Hippolytus: Why?Phaedra: I'd like to see you lose yourself.Hippolytus: It's not a pleasant sight.Phaedra: Why, what do you look like?Hippolytus: Every other stupid fucker."
Author: Sarah Kane
3. "Hippolytus: Do you believe in God?Priest: (Looks at him.)Hippolytus: I know what I am. And always will be. But you. You sin knowing you'll confess. Then you're forgiven. And then you start all over again.How do you dare mock a God so powerful? Unless you don't really believe.Priest: This is your confession, not mine.Hippolytus: Then why are you on your knees? God certainly is merciful. If I were him I'd despise you. I'd wipe you off the face of the earth for your dishonesty.Priest: You're not God.Hippolytus: No. A prince. God on earth. But not God. Fortunate for all concerned. I'd not allow you to sin knowing you'd confess and get away with it.Priest: Heaven would be empty.Hippolytus: A kingdom of honest men, honestly sinning. And death for those who try to cover their arse."
Author: Sarah Kane

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Quotes About Hippolytus
Quotes About Hippolytus
Quotes About Hippolytus

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