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1. "A feeling of violation swayed inside me, making me feel as if Id been shoved off a high platform without warning. I was falling, and I feared the sensation far more than hitting bottom. There was no end; just a constantsense of gravity having its way with me."
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
2. "Slut. I'm a dirty-The sound of a hand hitting flesh was simultaneous with the shocking sting on her bottom. "Ow!""You don't think those nasty thoughts about my sumisita, Kimberly."
Author: Cherise Sinclair
3. "Yeah," Nicole said, her straw noisily hitting thebottom of her Gut Buster. "Well, I would haveappreciated it if you guys had wrecked a little lessstuff. Because my house smelled like smoke formonths. And construction on the Tarantinos' newgarage starts at eight on the dot every morning, andit's still going on, and you know how I get if I don'thave my full ten hours of beauty sleep.""So that's what happened to your face," Cody said."I was wondering."
Author: Meg Cabot
4. "Wasn't hitting bottom the thing you had to do to knock some sense into yourself? Wasn't hitting bottom the thing that showed you which way was up?"
Author: Rainbow Rowell
5. "This is what they call "hitting rock bottom," and they call it that because it rocks."
Author: Rob Sheffield

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Quotes About Hitting Bottom
Quotes About Hitting Bottom
Quotes About Hitting Bottom

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