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1. "Greed is not a defect in the gold that is desired but in the man who loves it perversely by falling from justice which he ought to esteem as incomparably superior to gold; nor is lust a defect in bodies which are beautiful and pleasing: it is a sin in the soul of the one who loves corporal pleasures perversely, that is, by abandoning that temperance which joins us in spiritual and unblemishable union with realities far more beautiful and pleasing; nor is boastfulness a blemish in words of praise: it is a failing in the soul of one who is so perversely in love with other peoples' applause that he despises the voice of his own conscience; nor is pride a vice in the one who delegates power, still less a flaw in the power itself: it is a passion in the soul of the one who loves his own power so perversely as to condemn the authority of one who is still more powerful."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
2. "When I said I absolve you, that wasn't meant as a suicide suggestion. For the moment, we're still bonded.""Only partially.""Great, then I can partially kick your ass."
Author: Cecily White
3. "She could have rambled with all the fervor of a woman who had loved one entity for longer than most races live, and with the inviolable, unquestioned certainty found in dementia. There were references dated and sealed with meticulous care which she would have enthusiastically opened with the mirth of one proclaiming a lifetime of honors and awards. But that singular event was freshly disturbed; its pores still drifted on the faint zephyr of remembrance."
Author: Darrell Drake
4. "Just let your skin breathe."
Author: Felicity Huffman
5. "I'm vile and perverted. I'm obsessed and deranged.I've existed for years but very little has changed.I'm the tool of the government and industry too.For I'm destined to rule and regulate you.You may think I'm pernicious, but you can't look away.I'll make you think I'm delicious with the stuff that I say.I'm the best you can get... have you guessed me yet?I'm the slime oozing out of your TV set...."
Author: Frank Zappa
6. "You're only as good as your dumbest competitor."
Author: Gordon Bethune
7. "Although she was giddy with exhaustion, sleep was a lover who refused to be touched...."
Author: Janet Fitch
8. "My siren had sung to me for way too long, capturing my heart, tempting me with her body, driving me slowly insane. Now, I expected her to pay up."
Author: Katie McGarry
9. "No. No, you're not like him," she spat. "You're your very own brand of fucked up, Lucien."
Author: Kitty French
10. "There is a truth in Schopenhauer's view that philosophy is an organism, and that a book on philosophy, with a beginning and end, is a sort of contradiction. ... In philosophy matters are not simple enough for us to say ‘Let's get a rough idea', for we do not know the country except by knowing the connections between the roads."
Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
11. "Damn, Ripper," Cox said, snorting. "You're so pussywhipped you need your old lady defendin' you?""Cox, don't speak," Kamie said. "It makes you less hot."
Author: Madeline Sheehan
12. "We have to get the... the thing I got... to the Angel. And then he'll tell Door about her family, and he'll tell me how to get home." Lamia looked at Hunter with delight. "And he can give you brains," she said, cheerfully, "and me a heart."
Author: Neil Gaiman
13. "Not all paths lead to God, but God can lead any path to himself. This God will dine with anyone."
Author: Ricky Maye
14. "I do not deal well with hysterical women."
Author: Samantha Young
15. "There exists a sac of skin that distends when I'm tired, beneath my eye. Irreversible tissue damage. Something stretched too far, which has come back changed. I've thought of having it surgically corrected. Michael swears it's unnoticeable, the tiny pouch of loose skin. Yet not long ago, seeing me stare critically into a mirror one morning after a late night, he offered to pay to have it removed with lasers.I declined. I didn't tell him that I need it, in some perverse way. A reminder that you can never, for any reason or length of time, no matter how much you love or believe you love, change someone.That believing you can might end you."
Author: Suzanne Finnamore
16. "If we are taken over by craving, no matter who or what is before us, all we can see is how it might satisfy our needs. This kind of thirst contracts our body and mind into a profound trance. We move through the world with a kind of tunnel vision that prevents us from enjoying what is in front of us. The color of an autumn leaves or a passage of poetry merely amplifies the feeling that there is a gaping hole in our life. The smile of a child only reminds us that we are painfully childless. We turn away from simple pleasures because our craving compels us to seek more intense stimulation or numbing relief."
Author: Tara Brach
17. "The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head."
Author: Terry Pratchett
18. "It is hard to tell your mother to change her life."
Author: Tony Yayo
19. "Love your children more than money because you can laugh happily with them, but not with money."
Author: Vikrant Parsai

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Quotes About Holding Hands With Your Boyfriend
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