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1. "If I miss coaching that much, I could go to some little school where they didn't recruit, where all the kids wanted to go. I believe I could find somewhere to coach."
Author: Bear Bryant
2. "I thought how there was a kind of power in being needed. In having a purpose. I could feel it hardening up my bones and thickening my blood."
Author: Carol Rifka Brunt
3. "...In Paris she found Magnus, who was living in a garret apartment and paiting, an occupation for which he had no aptitude whatsoever. He let her sleep on a mattress by the window, and in the night, when she woke up screaming for Will, he came and put his arms around her, smelling of turpentine."The first one is always the hardest," he said."The first?""The first one you love who dies," he said. "It gets easier, after."
Author: Cassandra Clare
4. "Only Gracie knew what it was like to wake up at night and feel how cold sheets can get on the empty side of a bed."
Author: Cathie Pelletier
5. "Nonetheless, the research budgets of the Department of Defense are under enormous stress-and they are extremely important because they support more than 40 percent of all federal funding for engineering schools across the country. So the threat was and is real."
Author: Charles Vest
6. "And that was how Jenny discovered the answer to her question. How could she remain Gareth's lover without becoming his mistress?She couldn't.The only question was whether this affair would end in three months or three days."
Author: Courtney Milan
7. "Before Disney, I did other shows so I was aware of the business. They're all the same in that they're a professional environment. The only difference between a Disney show and other network shows are in the age of the actors you're working with and the age of the intended audience."
Author: David Henrie
8. "Riches and the things that are necessary in life are not evil in themselves. And all of us face cares and troubles in this life. The sin comes in the time and energy we spend in pursuing these things, at the expense of neglecting Christ."
Author: David Wilkerson
9. "You know, it's hard work to write a book. I can't tell you how many times I really get going on an idea, then my quill breaks. Or I spill ink all over my writing tunic."
Author: Ellen DeGeneres
10. "The Gospel writers are not really interested primarily in the facts of the birth but in the significance, the meaning for them of that birth just as the people who love us are not really interested primarily in the facts of our births but in what it meant to them when we were born and how for them the world was never the same again, how their whole lives were changed with new significance."
Author: Frederick Buechner
11. "She knew what all smart women knew: Laughter made you live better and longer."
Author: Gail Parent
12. "My home policy: I wage war; my foreign policy: I wage war. All the time I wage war."
Author: Georges Clemenceau
13. "They [parents] can resist the impulse to "prove" their love by showering children with things they do not need and give them precisous time and attention instead."
Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
14. "Although we have do not have adequate access to all parts of Darfur we do fortunately have humanitarian personnel, including staff from my own office, in each of the three provincial capitals of Darfur."
Author: Jan Egeland
15. "I believe the love shared between two people shouldn't be secretly shared with a third. Not even if I am vacationing on the moon, and that third person is my clone."
Author: Jarod Kintz
16. "When people show loyalty to you, you take care of those who are with you. It's how it goes with everything. If you have a small circle of friends, and one of those friends doesn't stay loyal to you, they don't stay your friend for very long."
Author: John Cena
17. "Don't give in to all the cliques and popularity. It means nothing. I know super popular guys, and guess what? They're just normal people, too."
Author: Leo Howard
18. "The end goal of all of this striving is to live joyfully, and that there are often more direct ways of achieving this than conforming to rigid standards set by social custom."
Author: Martha Beck
19. "But he hadn't dealt with my mother, who was five parts artist and one part nuts, which made her all pistachios."
Author: Mary Hughes
20. "I look back at my elementary or high school pictures and I always had gel in my hair and a gold chain that I would wear outside my shirt. That's how I was born and raised as an Italian male, and I always considered myself a Guido, anyway."
Author: Pauly D
21. "Like attracts like. It'll surprise you as long as you live. Choose a love and work to make it true, and somehow something will happen, something you couldn't plan, will come along to move like to like, to set you loose, to set you on the way to your next brick wall."
Author: Richard Bach
22. "I just can't seem to write songs about peace and love. Yeah right, how do you get that?"
Author: Siobhan Fahey
23. "...he says he can't see why I didn't "just" tell the truth. but the truth is denser than he can imagine, yet it's more delicate than my body; it's more complicated than any love that ever passed between the two of us."
Author: Tayari Jones
24. "Remember this, I beseech you, all you boys who are getting into the upper forms. Now is the time in all your lives, probably, when you may have more wide influence for good or evil on the society you live in than you ever can have again."
Author: Thomas Hughes
25. "The exercise of power is determined by thousands of interactions between the world of the powerful and that of the powerless, all the more so because these worlds are never divided by a sharp line: everyone has a small part of himself in both."
Author: Vaclav Havel

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