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1. "It was with some surprise that I saw that the person waiting for me at the airport's exit was Adrian. A grin spread over my face, and I picked up the pace. I threw my arms around him, astonishing both of us. "I have never been happier to see you in my life," I said. He squeezed me tightly and then let me go, regarding me admiringly. "The dreams never do justice to real life, little dhampir. You look amazing.""And you look . . ." I studied him. He was dressed as nicely as always. His dark brown hair had that crafted messiness he liked, but his face—ah, well. As I'd noted before, Simon had gotten a few good punches on him. One of Adrian's eyes was swollen and ringed with bruises. Nonetheless, thinking about him and everything he'd done . . . Well, none of the flaws mattered. " . . . Gorgeous." "Liar," he said."Couldn't Lissa have healed that black eye away?" "It's a badge of honor. Makes me seem manly."
Author: Richelle Mead

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Yet again, the more you strive for some kind of perfection or mastery—inmorals, in art or in spirituality—the more you see that you are playing ararified and lofty form of the old ego-game, and that your attainment ofany height is apparent to yourself and to others only by contrast withsomeone else's depth or failure."
Author: Alan Wilson Watts

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