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1. "The honesty of her plain skin was striking without foundation."
Author: Abby Slovin
2. "Live, share and learn the art of true deep listening. The main keys are honesty and humility.Cultivate good filters in the mind. Conquer and tame the ego. If words and actions pass from your lips, sights and tapping words in the keyboard, don't forget to ask first, "Is it true, necessary and kind?"
Author: Angelica Hopes
3. "Exactly," Lightsong said, "I've actually considered expanding the theory. I am now proposing to believe that God-or the universe, or time, or whatever you think controls all of this-is all really just a drunk monkey."She leaned over, squeezing her arms together, seriously threatening to pop her bosom out the front of her dress. "And, you think my title was chosen by happenstance? Goddess of honesty and imterpersonal relations. Seems to fit, wouldn't you say?"He hesitated. Then he smiled. "My dear, did you just try to prove the existence of God with your cleavage?"She smiled. "You'd be surprised what a good wriggle of the chest can accomplish.""Hum, I'd never considered the theological power of your breasts, my dear. If there were a Church devoted to them, perhaps you'd make a theist out of me after all."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
4. "Well, I guess in all honesty I would have to say that I never knew nor did I ever hear of anybody that money didnt change."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
5. "The humble sinner will sometimes be interpreted as one of the filthiest in the eyes of man yet immersed in the eyes of God, and this is due to the volition of honesty regarding his own corruption."
Author: Criss Jami
6. "Not trust. There is none.Not honesty. Honesty is a farce.And definitely not love. Love was the greatest ruse of all. Designed to trap and enslave and ultimately destroy."
Author: Elisabeth Naughton
7. "Teach honesty by all means - you do know what it is, don't you?"
Author: Idries Shah
8. "Write with honesty and don't worry about the feelings of others, because no matter what you say, they'll hate you anyway."
Author: Isabel Allende
9. "The lasting sweetness of the wealth obtained is directly proportional to the honesty of its source. Dishonest wealth does not last."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
10. "Heroism is all about discovering our purpose of life, exercising the Power of ONE and affirming the Power of Intent which we are all blessed with. The Seriousness of intent and Honesty of Purpose can help each individual awaken the hero within."
Author: Jeroninio Almeida
11. "Perhaps they should feel this safe sand blow away so that their heads are uncovered for a time, so that they will have to taste not only the solid honesty of my red borscht, but the new flavor of the changing world."
Author: M.F.K. Fisher
12. "Look, over the years, my unique sense of humor and perverse grasp of honesty may have led to some hurt feelings and long-held grudges. But overall, I'm a pretty likable person."
Author: Molly Harper
13. "Because everybody lies. It's part of living in society. Don't get me wrong-I think it's necessary. The last thing anyone wants is to live in a society where total honesty prevails. Can you imagine the conversations? You're short and fat, one person might say, and the other might answer, I know. But you smell bad. It just wouldn't work. So people lie by omission all the time. People will tell you most of the story...and I've learned that the part they neglect to tell you is often the most important part. People hide the truth because they're afraid." -Jo"
Author: Nicholas Sparks
14. "I was raised Jewish, my wife was raised Catholic. Though we respect each other's heritage, and while many of our friends are deeply religious, we have chosen to focus on our similarities, not our differences. We teach our children compassion, charity, honesty and the benefits of hard work."
Author: Steven Levitan
15. "And so it's inescapable and people who proclaim scrupulous honesty can only proclaim that if they don't examine closely the things they believe."
Author: Todd Rundgren

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