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1. "That was a really shitty move Liam! How would you like it if I turned into an animal when we were arguing?"
Author: Abby Niles
2. "Credo che non abbiamo la stessa concezione della parola "sentimento". Per me, voler fracassare la testa a qualcuno è un sentimento. Per lei, piangere sulla rubrica "La posta del cuore" di una rivista femminile è un sentimento."
Author: Amélie Nothomb
3. "Oi sweetheart, is your mummy a thief?''No she's not.' she said, sucking her thumb to signal a temper tantrum.'Well, then, m'dear,' said the thief, 'who stole those diamonds and put them in your eyes?"
Author: Biyi Bandele Thomas
4. "Your first crush is allowed to be on a doofus.""Mine won't be. I'll choose a handsome gypsy boy who'll break my heart, or a soft girl with a diamond in her belly button."
Author: Brigid Lowry
5. "Niente ci fa credere più della paura, della certezza di essere minacciati. Quando ci sentiamo vittime, tutte le nostre azioni e le nostre credenze vengono legittimate, per quanto discutibili siano. I nostri oppositori, o semplicemente i nostri vicini, smettono di essere al nostro livello e diventano nemici. Smettiamo di essere aggressori per diventare difensori. L'invidia, l'avidità o il risentimento che ci muovono vengono santificati, perchè diciamo a noi stessi di agire in nostra difesa. Il male, la minaccia, è sempre nell'altro. Il primo passo per credere con passione è la paura. La paura di perdere la nostra identità, la nostra condizione o le nostre fedi. La paura è la polvere da sparo e l'odio è la miccia. Il dogma, in ultima istanza, è solo un fiammifero acceso."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
6. "Odi et amo. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior."
Author: Catullus
7. "Who is the best marshal they have?'The sheriff thought on it for a minute. He said, 'I would have to weigh that proposition. There is near about two hundred of them. I reckon William Waters is the best tracker. He is a half-breed Comanche and it is something to see, watching him cut for sign. The meanest one is Rooster Cogburn. He is a pitiless man, double-tough, and fear don't enter into his thinking. He loves to pull a cork. Now L.T. Quinn, he brings his prisoners in alive. He may let one get by now and then but he believes even the worst of men is entitled to a fair shake. Also the court does not pay any fees for dead men. Quinn is a good peace officer and a lay preacher to boot. He will not plant evidence or abuse a prisoner. He is straight as a string. Yes, I will say Quinn is about the best they have.'I said, 'Where can I find this Rooster?"
Author: Charles Portis
8. "Le stagioni si agognano l'un l'altra, come uomini e donne, in modo da essere guarite dai loro eccessi. La primavera, se si protrae per più di una settimana oltre il suo tempo naturale, comincia a patire l'assenza dell'estate che ponga fine ai giorni della promessa perpetua. L'estate dal suo canto comincia ben presto a invocare qualcosa che plachi la sua calura e il più ubere degli autunni alla lunga si stanca della sua generosità e reclama una rapida, aspra gelata che lo sterilizzi. Persino l'inverno, la più dura delle stagioni, la più implacabile, sogna all'apparire di febbraio la fiamma che presto lo scioglierà. Ogni cosa si stanca con il tempo e comincia a cercare un suo contrario che la salvi da se stessa. Così agosto cedette il posto a settembre e pochi se ne lamentarono."
Author: Clive Barker
9. "If you put Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson and James Woods in a room together, there wouldn't be room for anyone else."
Author: Dana Delany
10. "And I know someone who'sperfect for her. He works in my lab. He's smart. He's funny. His name is Bert."Bert?Is she fucking kidding me? What kind of sick son of a bitch names his kid Bert in this day andage? That's just cruel."He'll show Kate a good time. I plan on setting them up this weekend."And I plan on handcuffing myself to Kate's ankle and eating the key. Let's see what kind of goodtime Bert can show Kate when she's dragging me around behind her like a Siamese twin."
Author: Emma Chase
11. "William Shakespeare: 'Close up this din of hateful decay, decomposition of your witches' plot! You thieve my brains, consider me your toy, my doting doctor tells me I am not!' Lilith: No! Words of power! William Shakespeare: 'Foul Carrionite specters, cease your show, between the points... ' [he looks to The Doctor for help] The Doctor: 761390! William Shakespeare: '761390! Banished like a tinker's cuss, I say to thee... ' [he again looks to The Doctor] The Doctor: Uh... [he looks to Martha] Martha Jones: Expelliarmus! The Doctor: Expelliarmus! William Shakespeare: 'Expelliarmus!' The Doctor: Good old JK!"
Author: Gareth Roberts
12. "Yes, you make yourself useful, angel boy. Meanwhile, I'll be in the bathroom." William's jet-black hair was dripping wet and plastered to his face. There was a fluffy white towel wrapped around his waist, displaying muscles that rivaled Paris's own, and a tattooed treasure map that led to his man junk. Looking at his, you could see the makings of a temper so savage anyone who miraculously survived an encounter with him would end up needing therapy. And diapers. "I've got to finish deep conditioning my hair."Or maybe not so savage."
Author: Gena Showalter
13. "William: What do you think of the fact that your home has been invaded by women?Maddox: I couldn't be more pleased, as long as none of them does something to hurt Ashlyn. And I take full credit for starting the trend."
Author: Gena Showalter
14. "Pressure makes diamonds"
Author: George S. Patton Jr.
15. "La distanza è una mera invenzione dell'uomo che teme i grandi cambiamenti."
Author: Gianluca Frangella
16. "Tidak Jem, kukira hanya ada satu jenis manusia. Manusia.(Jem) Pikirku juga begitu, saat aku seusiamu. Kalau hanya ada satu jenis manusia, mengapa mereka tidak bisa rukun? Kalau mereka semua sama, mengapa mereka merepotkan diri untuk saling membenci?"
Author: Harper Lee
17. "White people were dangerous and snakes were dangerous and now the two were working together, each doing what the other told it to. She was sure she had seen a snake in a weeded ditch with the head of a white man. Right after she came out of the house on the way to Big Joe's, which she had immediately forgotten, she saw it, long and black and diamond-patterned in the ditch with a white man's head. It had blue eyes. The bluest eyes any white man ever had. She was sure she had seen it. She thought she had seen it. Maybe it was only a dream or a memory of another time. Whatever it was, she still saw it every time she closed her eyes, coiled there on the back of her eyelids, blue-eyed and dangerous."
Author: Harry Crews
18. "Kai žmogus ieško, tada lengvai atsitinka, kad jo akys mato tik ta dalyka, kurio ieško, ir jis nieko kito neistengia pastebeti ar suvokti, nes visa laika galvoja tik apie ieškoma daikta - jis turi tiksla, apsestas savo tikslo. Ieškoti- tai tureti tiksla. Bet rasti - vadinasi, buti laisvam, atviram pojuciams, netureti jokio tikslo."
Author: Hermann Hesse
19. "Por alguna misteriosa razón los humanos nos refugiamos en aquello que más peligro nos significa, como los niños que temen la oscuridad pero juegan a hacer equilibrios en el barandal del balcón. ¿No es horrible darse cuenta de que aquello que más se teme es en el fondo lo que más se desea?"
Author: Ignacio Solares
20. "A forest," William said, his expression distant. "Where the ground is dry soil and stone. Where tall trees grow and centuries of autumn carpet their roots. Where the wind smells of game and wildflowers.""Why, that was lovely, Lord Bill. Do you ever write poetry? Something for your blueblood lady?""No.""She doesn't like poetry?""Leave it."Hehe. "Oh, so you have a lady. How interes--"
Author: Ilona Andrews
21. "But consider your daughters. Only think what an establishment it would be for one of them. Sir William and Lady Lucas are determined to go, merely on that account, for in general, you know, they visit no newcomers. Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him if you do not."
Author: Jane Austen
22. "As reflexões deviam ser reservadas para as horas solitárias; sempre que podia, entregava-se a elas com alívio; e não se passava um dia sem uma de suas caminhadas, nas quais podia se entregar ao prazer das lembranças desagradáveis."
Author: Jane Austen
23. "For good or for bad, we define ourselves in many ways by the gadgets we use and the clothes we wear. We don't want to surround ourselves with cheap products. Nobody really aspires to that. We also don't want to pay for a diamond-encrusted ereader. We don't need bling; we just need to feel like the design speaks to us."
Author: Jason Merkoski
24. "Civility is perhaps a quaint notion but civility in Parliament is something we should always strive to uphold."
Author: Jay Weatherill
25. "Patricia: Do you know William Faulkner?Michel: No. Who's he? Have you slept with him?"
Author: Jean Luc Godard
26. "And this is Liam," Erin said with leass enthusiasm."I'm twelve. But I'm mature for my age. In case you felt like dating a younger man.""Mature?" Erin snorted. "You still play with Legos.""Just practicing for my future in engineering." His voice cracked in an unintended squeak. "Mam says one day girls are gonna fall for my intelligence." Liam wiggled those brows toward me. "Better get me while I'm still available."
Author: Jenny B. Jones
27. "A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool."
Author: Joseph Roux
28. "McIntyre hesitated, and for a moment the tall, gray-haired man looked almost boyish. "After all this time...don't you think you could call me William?"Amy and Dan exchanged glances. As fond as they were of him, they couldn't imagine calling their lawyer by his first name.He saw the hesitation on their faces. "Will?"Amy cleared her throat. Dan fiddled with the new GPS."How about 'Mac'?""Mac," Dan said, trying out the name.Mr. McIntyre looked wistful. "I always wanted to be a Mac."
Author: Jude Watson
29. "Todos nós vamos ter cancêr ou uma doença cardíaca. há, basicamente, dois tipos de seres humanos, pessoas que refreiam suas emoções e pessoas que as liberam, rugindo. introvertidos e extrovertidos, se você preferir. os introvertidos, como é bem sabido, tendem a internalizar suas emoções, seu ódio e autodesprezo, e esta internalização, como é igualmente sabido, produz cancêr. os extrovertidos, por outro lado, liberam a energia, se enfurecem com o mundo, desviam seu autodesprezo para os outros, e este esforço excessivo, por um processo lógico, causa ataques do coração."
Author: Julian Barnes
30. "Do you know how diamonds are made?" She gazed steadily at him, the light turning her green eyes transparent.He didn't wait for her to answer. "They're made of a single element - carbon. But, over millions of years, the carbon had to undergo incredible pressure-something like a minimum of four hundred pounds per square inch-and cook to at least seven hundred degrees. The amazing thing is that if there's not enough pressure or heat, instead of a diamond, plain old graphite is made. Imagine that-instead of the world's most indestructible and beautiful thing, you get just graphite. Something to make pencils with. Sure, pencils are nice and useful. But they aren't diamonds."
Author: Karen White
31. "Nicole's door opened, and she stomped down the hall. "I have something to say," she said, giving him the Slitty Eyes of Death. "You're totally unfair, and if I run away, you shouldn't be surprised." "Don't make me put a computer chip in your ear," Liam answered. "It's not funny! I hate you." "Well, I love you, even if you did ruin my life by turning into a teenager," he said, rubbing his eyes. "Did you study for your test?" "Yes." "Good." He looked at his daughter—so much like Emma, way too pretty. Why weren't there convent schools anymore? Or chastity belts? "Want some supper? I saved your plate." She rolled her eyes with all the melodrama a teenager could muster. "Fine. I may as well become a fat pig since I can't ever go on a date." "That's my girl," he said and, grinning, got up to heat up her dinner."
Author: Kristan Higgins
32. "What Hamlet suffers from is a lack of zombies. Let us say Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show up—Ho-HO! Now you've got something that stirs the, um, something that stirs things that are stirrable. BOOM! A pack of ravenous flesh-eaters breaks open their heads and sucks out their eyeballs. No need for iambic pentameter because they are grunting, groaning annihilators of humanity with no time for meter. You're not asleep in the back of English class anymore, are you? This is what I'm talking about. Zombies. Learn it, live it, love it."
Author: Libba Bray
33. "Blue Juneberry, tough diamond willow."
Author: Louise Erdrich
34. "Forse non ci sono giorni della nostra adolescenza vissuti con altrettanta pienezza di quelli che abbiamo creduto di trascorrere senza averli vissuti, quelli passati in compagnia del libro prediletto. Tutto ciò che li riempiva agli occhi degli altri e che noi evitavamo come un ostacolo volgare a un piacere divino: il gioco che un amico veniva a proporci proprio nel punto più interessante, l'ape fastidiosa o il raggio di sole che ci costringevano ad alzare gli occhi dalla pagina o a cambiare posto, la merenda che ci avevano fatto portar dietro e che lasciavamo sul banco lì accanto senza toccarla, mentre il sole sopra di noi diminuiva di intensità nel cielo blu, la cena per la quale si era dovuti rientrare e durante la quale non abbiamo pensato ad altro che a quando saremmo tornati di sopra a finire il capitolo interrotto[...]"
Author: Marcel Proust
35. "I grew up in a gym in Miami, the one where Muhammad Ali trained. I had 142 amateur fights and lost three."
Author: Mickey Rourke
36. "Agora, o pintor dissertava longamente acerca da composição: o que há de mais bonito nos sonhos, dizia, é o encontro improvável de seres e de coisas que não poderiam encontrar-se na vida corrente; num sonhos, um barco pode entrar por uma janela num quarto de dormir, uma mulher que já não está viva há vinte anos pode aparecer deitada numa cama e, contudo, ei-la a subir para o barco que se transforma acto contínuo em caixão e o caixão põe-se a flutuar por entre as margens floridas de um rio."
Author: Milan Kundera
37. "She leaves my side and heads deeper intothe apartment singing, "—if the spirit tries to hide, its temple far away… acopper for those they ask, a diamond for those who stay."
Author: Nathan Reese Maher
38. "Ja nigdy nie rozmawiam podczas utworu - przynajmniej podczas dobrego utworu. Kiedy slyszy sie zla muzyke, zagluszenie jej rozmowa staje sie niemal obowiazkiem."
Author: Oscar Wilde
39. "Only that Swiss in the heart want still a king or at least a strong Upper House of Parliament. Swiss long themselves for less democracy and more dictatorship."
Author: Peter Bichsel
40. "Diamond being the toughest thing on the face of earth is still the most prettiest object; pretty is not always being honeyed."
Author: Priyansh Shah
41. "'Raining Diamonds' talks about knowing there's something better out there. You don't have to just settle."
Author: Ricki Lee Coulter
42. "I walked slowly on, without envying my companions on horseback: for I could sit down upon an inviting spot, climb to the edge of a precipice, or trace a torrent by its sound. I descended at length into the Rheinthal, or Valley of the Rhine; the mountains of Tyrol, which yielded neither in height or in cragginess to those of Appenzel, rising before me. And here I found a remarkable difference: for although the ascending and descending was a work of some labor; yet the variety of the scenes had given me spirits, and I was not sensible of the least fatigue. But in the plain, notwithstanding the scenery was still beautiful and picturesque, I saw at once the whole way stretching before me, and had no room for fresh expectations: I was not therefore displeased when I arrived at Oberried, after a walk of about twelve miles, my coat flung upon my shoulder like a peripatetic by profession.-William Coxe"
Author: Robin Jarvis
43. "I think Serena Williams is the best tennis player of this generation, if not the best ever. It is amazing for her to be playing as well as she is at the age of 31."
Author: Samantha Stosur
44. "Anything nice that's said about me is diametrically opposed to who I am."
Author: Steve Carell
45. "Emerald slopes became so tall they touched the clouds, and showers painted diamond waterfalls that sluiced down cliff sides."
Author: Victoria Kahler
46. "Es preciso que el dedo de la muerte se pose en el tumulto de la vida de vez en cuando para que no nos haga pedazos? ¿Estamos conformados de tal manera que diariamente necesitamos minúsculas dosis de muerte para ejercer el oficio de vivir?"
Author: Virginia Woolf
47. "Now as to magic. It is surely absurd to hold me "weak" or otherwise because I choose to persist in a study which I decided deliberately four or five years ago to make, next to my poetry, the most important pursuit of my life…If I had not made magic my constant study I could not have written a single word of my Blake book [The Works of William Blake, with Edwin Ellis, 1893], nor would The Countess Kathleen [stage play, 1892] have ever come to exist. The mystical life is the center of all that I do and all that I think and all that I write."
Author: W.B. Yeats
48. "Every poet has his dream reader: mine keeps a look out for curious prosodic fauna like bacchics and choriambs."
Author: W.H. Auden
49. "History overflows time. Love overflows the allowance of the world. All the vessels overflow, and no end or limit stays put. Every shakable thing has got to be shaken. In a sense, nothing that was ever lost in Port William ever has been replaced. In another sense, nothing is ever lost, and we are compacted together forever, even by our failures, our regrets, and our longings."
Author: Wendell Berry
50. "O,speak to me no more;these words like daggers enter my ears.(a fancy way of saying SHUT UP!)" — William Shakespeare "hamlet"
Author: William Shakespeare

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