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1. "Shamkhal and Majeed exchanged a glance of excitement and Majeed leapt up, his face glowing with triumph, to repeat what Ibrahim had said to another noble, and then he sped to the other side of the room to make sure the words traveled from man to man."
Author: Anita Amirrezvani
2. "Nothing on earth nor in the sky is hidden from GodQuran-Ibrahim(38)"
Author: Anonymous
3. "Monsieur Ibrahim: To find out if a country is rich or poor, look at the bins. If there are bins and no rubbish, it's rich. If there's rubbish by the bins, it's neither rich nor poor... it's touristy. And if there's rubbish but no bins, then it's poor."
Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
4. "-Ça ne fait rien, disait monsieur Ibrahim. Ton amour pour elle, il est à toi. Il t'appartient. Même si elle le refuse, elle ne peut rien y changer. Elle n'en profite pas, c'est tout. Ce que tu donnes, Momo, c'est à toi pour toujours; ce que tu gardes, c'est perdu à jamais!"
Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
5. "Your love for her belongs to you. It's yours. Even if she refuses it, she cannot change it. She isn't benefiting from it, thats all. What you give, Momo, is yours forever. What you keep is lost for all time!"-Monsieur Ibrahim"
Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
6. "Belajarlah dalam kesabaran Ayubberjalanlah bersama keberanian Ibrahimbacalah semesta melalui kecerdasan Sulaimantaklukkan angkuh dunia dengan ketangguhan Musahimpunlah semua kebijaksanaan Yakubkatakanlah kebenaran semerdu suara Daudkasihilah sesama sepenuh cinta Isalalu masukilah kebeningan dirimubersama ketakwaan Muhammad"
Author: Fahd Djibran
7. "Ibrahim shook his head. "Women. You are enigmas.""No, we're just always waiting for men to say the proper thing. Now and then you do. And upon such occasion, we rejoice."
Author: Leanna Renee Hieber
8. "When Ms. Adams took attendance and called out the name of an absent classmate, Noah's hand shot up. I watched him cautiously. After she finished roll call, Noah stood, completely unself-conscious as heads followed his progress to the front of the room."Um—" Ms. Adams checked her clipboard. "Ibrahim Hassin?"Noah nodded. I died."
Author: Michelle Hodkin
9. "Wahai saudara yang budiman, raja (pemimpin) dalam alam ada tiga perkara, pangkat raja ada tiga macam. Yang memegang lahir dalam negeri lahir saja, yang perintah atas rakyat hukum adat kebiasaan dunia, itulah raja dalam alam yang memegang lahir saja. Wajib kita ikut seperti yang diperintahkannya, jika bersatu dengan agama. Perihal tidak bersatu dengan syara' (agama), janganlah kita turut seperti apa yang dikatakannya. Kedua, bagi raja yang memerintah hukum batin, yang memerintah jalan agama, itulah ahlus syari'ah, tempat yang memegang jalan agama. Wajib kita ikuti apa yang disuruhnya, siapa yang tidak patuh akan mendapat bala."(dikutip dari tulisan Teuku Ibrahim Alfian, dalam "Mengenal Masyarakat Aceh yang Sedang Membangun")"
Author: Teuku Kutakarang Syaikh
10. "Ibrahim tells his story without a grain of complaint, and this was true for all of the band members. This is very much part of the Cuban spirit and soul."
Author: Wim Wenders

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