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1. "For the next approximately three years, I have got Nathan to take care of. I know that once he graduates from high school, he will be off doing whatever it is he is going to be doing - probably playing ice hockey."
Author: Barbara Mandrell
2. "I'm always working out; I did ice hockey in high school, but I'm not a dance person. I mean, this was horrible, but I had a dance double in my high-school musical."
Author: Eliza Coupe
3. "No, I grew up admiring people who played ice hockey."
Author: Liev Schreiber
4. "I started ice-skating when I was about 12 or 13 and I was selected in the Australian team for ice hockey. I met my wife at St Moritz Ice Skating about 1955."
Author: Lindsay Fox
5. "I'm extremely well recognized in Korea just because of what I do on the ice, and there is a lack of that in Canada because hockey is our sport and it will be for eternity."
Author: Patrick Chan
6. "I played ice hockey obsessively for 14 years of my life."
Author: Paul Wesley
7. "And you're December-freaking-Howard, and you happen to be the only girl I'm interested in. I'm not Riley! When I make a choice, that's it. I don't back down. I didn't get where I am in hockey or school by backing down, and I choose you."
Author: Rebecca Yarros
8. "It was a fun ride. I've enjoyed my time on the ice and I've enjoyed more and more people getting interested in the game of hockey."
Author: Ron Francis
9. "What did grown men see in the rattle of sticks, the slashing of steel over ice and hockey sweaters worn way beyond funk?"
Author: Steve Vernon
10. "I also developed an interest in sports, and played in informal games at a nearby school yard where the neighborhood children met to play touch football, baseball, basketball and occasionally, ice hockey."
Author: Steven Chu
11. "Ice hockey is the closest thing to religion permitted by the Soviet Union."
Author: Tom Clancy
12. "Suppose neutral angels were able to talk, Yahweh and Lucifer – God and Satan, to use their popular titles – into settling out of court. What would be the terms of the compromise? Specifically, how would they divide the assets of their early kingdom?Would God be satisfied the loaves and fishes and itty-bitty thimbles of Communion wine, while Satan to have the red-eye gravy, eighteen-ounce New York Stakes, and buckets of chilled champagne? Would God really accept twice-a-month lovemaking for procreative purposes and give Satan the all night, no-holds-barred, nasty "can't-get-enough-of-you" hot-as-hell-fucks?Think about it. Would Satan get New Orleans, Bangkok, and the French Riviera and God get Salt Lake City? Satan get ice hockey, God get horseshoes? God get bingo, Satan get stud poker? Satan get LSD; God, Prozac? God get Neil Simon; Satan Oscar Wilde?"
Author: Tom Robbins
13. "You are really nuts, you know it? One a these days they're gonna come over and just lock you up! You aren't playing with a full deck, Eunice. I think somebody blew your pilot light out. There's more. You know what? You got splinters in the windmill of your mind. You're playin hockey with a warped puck! I think you dine sprung a leak in your dingey...."
Author: Vicki Lawrence

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