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1. "The temptation is to make an idol of our own experience, to assume our pain is more singular than it is. Experience means nothing if it does not mean beyond itself: we mean nothing unless and until our hard-won meanings are internalized and catalyzed within the lives of others. There is something I am meant to see, something for which my own situation and suffering are the lens, but the cost of such seeing—I am just beginning to realize—may very well be any final clarity or perspective on my own life, my own faith. That would not be a bad fate, to burn up like the booster engine that falls away from the throttling rocket, lighting a little dark as I go."
Author: Christian Wiman
2. "The word ‘justification' has itself had a chequered career over the course of many centuries of debate. As the major historian of the doctrine has noted, the word has long since ceased to mean, in ecclesial debates, what it meant for Paul himself – which is confusing, since the debates have gone on referring to Paul as though he was in fact talking about what they want to talk about. It is as though the greengrocer treated you to a long discussion of how onions are grown, and how best to cook with them, when what you had asked was how much he would charge for three of them."
Author: N. T. Wright
3. "Life throws enough at you. Let's not make unnecessary enemies…Our limits are not permanent barriers or walls; they are reference points, markers that are meant to be moved or exceeded according to our goals.They are not an enemy to be destroyed, but a temporary gauge to be referenced and adjusted."
Author: Steve Maraboli

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Quotes About If Its Not Meant To Be
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Nothing encumbered movement more than fear, which was often the most difficult burden to surrender."
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