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1. "Inactivity is death."
Author: Benito Mussolini
2. "Captivity isn't overcome by inactivity"
Author: Constance Chuks Friday
3. "Captivity can't be overcome with inactivity"
Author: Constance Chuks Friday
4. "My small friend, do you really understand? Or are you just looking for pity? Do you want me to say "It's not your fault, it was determined by fate"? Or do you want me to say, "You have done enough, rest, for now"?My small friend. When the day comes, that you truly understand the meaning of the word "Path", is the day we shall talk about "Inactivity"."
Author: Da Xia
5. "Hers was the perfect love that dwells on the other's happiness, and not on its own. She knew that, though for the time being he would find bliss and oblivion in her arms, he would soon repine in inactivity whilst others fought for that which he held sublime."
Author: Emmuska Orczy
6. "Passive inactivity, because you have not been given specific instructions to do this or to do that, is a serious deficiency."
Author: George C. Marshall
7. "So many older people, they just sit around all day long and they don't get any exercise. Their muscles atrophy, and they lose their strength, their energy and vitality by inactivity."
Author: Jack LaLanne
8. "At times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning."
Author: Jenny Holzer
9. "In many ways spiritual exercise is like physical exercise. If you stop exercising physically, your body may not show the results of inactivity for a while. But one day you wake up and find everything is sagging in all the wrong places."
Author: Jim George
10. "The stillness and stasis of bed are the perfect opposite of travel: inertia is what I've come to consider the default mode, existentially and electronically speaking. Bed, its utter inactivity, offers a glimpse of eternity, without the drawback of being dead."
Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz
11. "When Mr. William Faraday sat down to write his memoirs after fifty-eight years of blameless inactivity he found the work of inscribing the history of his life almost as tedious as living it had been, and so, possessing a natural invention coupled with a gift for locating the easier path, he began to prevaricate a little upon the second page, working his way up to downright lying on the sixth and subsequent folios."
Author: Margery Allingham
12. "Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy."
Author: Matt Lucas
13. "I understand why so many Americans are fed up with government. The 112th Congress was almost universally derided as the worst ever. It was the most polarized body since the end of Reconstruction, according to one study, and I grew embarrassed by its partisan bickering, inactivity, and refusal to address the vital challenges facing America."
Author: Olympia Snowe
14. "The sun was rising in the eastern horizon as Manuel Ortiz landed softly in the broken pavement driveway of an old abandoned warehouse. He looked around and thought for a moment that his senses must have been out of tune after all these years of inactivity. That was, until, he picked up a familiar scent and was then overwhelmed by a wave of other intriguing scents."
Author: Phil Wohl
15. "Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots."
Author: Sun Tzu
16. "Two chief pitfalls into which the mystic is liable to fall--dreamy inactivity and Antinomianism."
Author: William Ralph Inge

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