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1. "Boys! Are they always this impossible? Do they always say cryptic, indecipherable things? (Noteto self: work with Liz to adapt her boy-to-English translator into a more mobile form—like maybe awatch or necklace.)"
Author: Ally Carter
2. "Eudine did not reply. She was indecipherable, so ageless and immaculate. Her eyes were the same caramel shade as her skin. Her face was a placid lake, such depths. A woman with a face like that could be a confessor, could be told anything, no matter how awful, and remain steady as granite."
Author: Ayana Mathis
3. "No. Wait. I . . . wait."Damen stopped, and turned. Laurent'sgaze was edged with indecipherableemotion, and his jaw was setat a new angle. The silence stretched outfor such a long time that the words, whenthey came, were a shock."
Author: C.S. Pacat
4. "What does a car bomb say about poverty, or the execution of a rural mayor explain about disenfranchisement?...The war had become, it it wasn't from the beginning, an indecipherable text."
Author: Daniel Alarcón
5. "No matter how clear things might become in the forest of story, there was never a clear-cut solution, as there was in math. The role of a story was, in the broadest terms, to transpose a problem into another form. Depending on the nature and the direction of the problem, a solution might be suggested in the narrative. Tengo would return to the real world with that solution in hand. It was like a piece of paper bearing the indecipherable text of a magic spell. It served no immediate practical purpose, but it contained a possibility."
Author: Haruki Murakami
6. "The role of a story was, in the broadest terms, to transpose a single problem into another form. ... It was like a piece of paper bearing the indecipherable text of a magic spell."
Author: Haruki Murakami
7. "My world foreshortened, flattening into a credit card. Seen head on, things seemed merely skewed, but from the side the view was virtually meaningless--a one-dimensional wafer. Everything about me may have been crammed in there, but it was only plastic. Indecipherable except to some machine."
Author: Haruki Murakami
8. "You don't mean to say that Hogan has turned into a woman? Why, yes, that's him all right, you can recognize him by the fact that he has two legs, two arms, and an indecipherable face. Man, woman, what difference does it make? Are they not all exactly the same, these little black insects with their rhythmic movements, the same eyes, the same thoughts?"
Author: J.M.G. Le Clézio
9. "You changed the subject.""From what?""The empty-headed girls who think you're sexy.""You know.""Know what?""That I only have eyes for you." Laila swooned inside. She tried to read his face but was met by a look that was indecipherable: the cheerful, cretinous grin at odds with the narrow, half desperate look in his eyes. A clever look, calculated to fall precisely at the midpoint between mockery and sincerity"
Author: Khaled Hosseini
10. "That's what this is about then? Some blasted grudge you harbor against my father?" She muttered something indecipherable beneath her breath in a language he suspected was not English. French, perhaps? Her words were too low for him to determine. "Has the world gone mad?""Has it ever been sane?" he asked. He ahd decided the world a far from logical place long ago, when he'd been lost to the streets at the tender age of eight. "When you mull it over, you and I marrying is scarcely absurd. Fitting perhaps. Face it, neither of us is a feted blueblood."
Author: Sophie Jordan
11. "This case was too full of skewed, slippery parallels, and I couldn't shake the uneasy sense that they were somehow deliberate. Every coincidence felt like a sea-worn bottle slammed down on the sand at my feet, with my name engraved neatly on the glass and inside a message in some mockingly indecipherable code."
Author: Tana French
12. "The Templars' mental confusion makes them indecipherable. That's why so many people venerate them."
Author: Umberto Eco
13. "There will be no legacy for Mr. Bush. I don't believe hissuccessor would re-enunciate the words he used in hissecond inaugural address because they were too ambitious.So therefore I think his legacy is indecipherable."
Author: William F. Buckley Jr.

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