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1. "Creo que dormí porque me desperté con las estrellas sobre el rostro. Los ruidos del campo subían hasta mí. Olores a noche, a tierra y a sal me refrescaban las sienes. La maravillosa paz de este verano adormecido penetraba en mí como una marea. En ese momento y en el límite de la noche aullaron las sirenas. Anunciaban partidas hacia un mundo que ahora me era para siempre indiferente."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "I needed them, sure, and we can all argue about the moment when the balance tipped and I needed them so much that I would hurt. But you can't pretend they didn't need me too, each in his or her way. They wouldn't necessarily have admitted it - except Reza - but you can't tell me they didn't love me. The heart knows. The body knows. When I was with Sirena, or Reza, or Skandar, the air moved differently between us; time passed differently; words or gestures meant more than themselves. If you've never had this experience-but who has not been visited by love, laughing?-then you can't understand. And if you have, you don't need me to say another word."
Author: Claire Messud
3. "But when Sirena left me, sooner or later I'd look up from my table and realize that I was along in a tiny pool of light in a great dark room, as if I were myself the figure in someone else's diorama, manipulated in my own stage set by a giant I could not see."
Author: Claire Messud
4. "Ne upravlja se životom kao brodom. Covek ne može samo gledati u kompas i karte; ploviti po unapred utvrdenim rutama; uspostaviti ugodnost kao jedini postulat putovanja i ocekivati da tako, osiguran od opasnosti i neprijatnih iznenadenja, od poraza i promašaja, pronade rajsku obalu. Uzbudenje nastaje u hodu. Samo uznemirena cula prepoznaju lepotu."
Author: Dragan Velikic
5. "Vaya, vaya, vaya, pero que tenemos aquí, una chupa gasofa preciosa, pensaba que eraís una leyenda de camioneros, pero ya veo que existís, como las sirenas"
Author: Federico Moccia
6. "The most 'authoritative' accounts of a historical Jesus come from the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Note that these Gospels did not come into the Bible as original and authoritative from the authors themselves, but rather from the influence of early church fathers, especially the most influential of them all: Irenaeus of Lyon who lived in the middle of the second century. Many heretical gospels existed by that time, but Irenaeus considered only some of them for mystical reasons. He claimed only four in number; according to Romer, 'like the four zones of the world, the four winds, the four divisions of man's estate, and the four forms of the first living creatures-- the lion of Mark, the calf of Luke, the man of Matthew, the eagle of John."
Author: Frank Butcher
7. "If the Gospel of Judas found in Codex Tchacos can be convincingly identified as being a Coptic translation of the original Greek Gospel of Judas that Bishop Ireneaus mentioned around A.D. 180 in his book, "Against Heresies," it will be an important step in the study of ancient gnosticism. We would have for the first time the chance to trace back the history of Sethian gnosticism to before the time of Irenaeus. This would be a significant gain in our knowledge of early Christianity."
Author: Gregor Wurst
8. "God, you're so hot, Irena. When are we going to get together, have ourselves a litter of little kiggens?""On the first of never, Andy. And they wouldn't be kiggens. They'd be pities."
Author: J.A. Konrath
9. "Business crises energize me. Personal crises devastate me. The doctors call it an avoidance tendency. (Mirena to Eve)"
Author: J.D. Robb
10. "Ve y coge una estrella fugaz;fecunda a la raíz de mandrágora;dime dónde está el pasado,o quién hendió la pezuña del diablo;enséñame a oír cómo canta la sirena,a apartar el aguijón de la envidia,y descubrecual es el vientoque impulsa a una mente honesta.Si has nacido para ver cosas extrañas,cosas invisibles al ojo,cabalga diez mil días y nocheshasta que la edad cubra de nieve tus cabellos.Cuando retornes, me contaráslas extrañas maravillas que te acontecieron,y jurarásque en ningún lugarvive una mujer justa y constante.Si la encuentras, dímelo,¡dulce peregrinación sería!Pero no, porque no iría,aunque fuera justo al lado;aunque fiel, al encontrarla,y hasta al escribir la carta,sin embargo,antes que fuera,infiel con dos, o tres, fuera."
Author: John Donne
11. "The Church's war against women occurred not under Christ—who by all accounts held women as equals to men—but through the writings of St Irenaeus and Tertullian, and that most cruel woman-hater of them all, St Paul, whose hostile views on women were unfortunately included in the Bible. But let me be clear, it is not only a Catholic problem; it is a Christian one: Martin Luther, the scourge of the old Church, shares its views on women. He once wrote: "Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always grow up more quickly than good crops." Weeds! Weeds!"
Author: Matthew Reilly
12. "I stared blankly at Rhys for what felt like about three days."Me?" I finally sputtered.He nodded."You're kidding, right?""Not kidding."I laughed then, and it sounded slightly hysterical. "I'm notgoing to marry you.""I'm not asking you to.""Good."He eyed me. "And you can wipe that horrified look off yourface because it's obviously not true.""Do I look horrified?""Yes, you do."I grimaced. "Nothing personal, Rhys, but—"He held up a hand. "Say nothing else. I shouldn't have evenmentioned it to you. I'll find another dragon to help me.""Second opinions are really important," I said.He just glowered at that.We rode the rest of the way back to Erin Heights in silence.Now I had even more information crowding my already full brain.Maybe that Irena chick should go see a shrink, herself. She wasone crazy dragon lady."
Author: Michelle Rowen
13. "Remembering now all those farewells (fake farewells, worked-up farewells), Irena thinks: a person who messes up her goodbyes shouldn't expect much from her re-unions."
Author: Milan Kundera
14. "The glory of God is the living man, but the life of man is the vision of God', says St. Irenaeus, getting to the heart of what happens when man meets God on the mountain in the wilderness. Ultimately, it is the very life of man, man himself as living righteously, that is the true worship of God, but life only becomes real life when it receives its form from looking toward God."
Author: Pope Benedict XVI
15. "Naked human sex, ew! (Xirena)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
16. "I'd rather have my eyes gouged out. (Urian)If I do that, can the Simi eat them? (Simi)You have to share if you do! (Xirena)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
17. "Stop calling your akri your daddy. It makes my wings droop. (Xirena)My akri is my daddy. He said so and it is so, so your wings can droop all they want, ‘cause it won't change anything! (Simi)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
18. "Apollymi keeps a tight rein on them. (Kat)Death to the bitch-goddess! May she die in a flaming pit of Charonte spit! (Xirena)Damn, Kat, you can't win for losing. Is there anyone, other than you, who actually likes your family? (Sin)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
19. "We need to gather everyone we can.Damien scoffed. Uh, boss, hate to be a pall, but I think everyone we can gather is currently in this room.Sin paused to look at Simi, Xirena, Damien, Kat, Kish, and Xypher. It was a pitiful number of defenders. But it was all the world had. In that case, we need to seriously arm ourselves.Damien crossed himself. Hail Mary, full of grace-What are you doing? Kish asked. You're not Catholic.Yeah but I'm feeling really religious all of a sudden and it seemed like a good idea."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
20. "Hmmm. See, in this world, Xirena, the Simi does what she wants and akri, he say, ‘Okay, Simi, whatever you want, Simi.' Unless it involves eating people; then he usually says no, but that's the only time. Other than that, he do what the Simi says. See how that works? (Simi)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
21. "In tudi, ko najdeš svoj pogled, moraš budno paziti, kajti škrat je stalno na preži - ne prenese, da si zbežal iz tistega malega sveta, kamor te je hotel zapreti. Vsadi ti prepricanje, da si nekaj dosegel. Zato si je treba zamašiti ušesa kot Odisej pred sirenami in hoditi naprej."
Author: Susanna Tamaro

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