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1. "It gets tiring, doing the same thing everyday."
Author: Ajay Devgan
2. "Melancholia is, I believe, a musical problem: a dissonance, a change in rhythm. While on the outside everything happens with the vertiginous rhythm of a cataract, on the inside is the exhausted adagio of drops of water falling from time to tired time. For this reason the outside, seen from the melancholic inside, appears absurd and unreal, and constitutes ‘the farce we all must play'. But for an instant – because of a wild music, or a drug, or the sexual act carried to its climax – the very slow rhythm of the melancholic soul does not only rise to that of the outside world: it overtakes it with an ineffably blissful exorbitance, and the soul then thrills animated by delirious new energies"
Author: Alejandra Pizarnik
3. "The greatest real thrill that life offers is to create, to construct, to develop something useful. Too often we fail to recognize and pay tribute to the creative spirit. It is that spirit that creates our jobs."
Author: Alfred P. Sloan
4. "Your spiritual mind is greater than your physical mind."
Author: Asa Don Brown
5. "Democracies should be a delirium of choices - more options, not fewer; more avenues to travel, not fewer."
Author: B.W. Powe
6. "You and I want to be people to whom God can entrust a spiritually powerful voice. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to alert us to some misuses of the tongue that can greatly diffuse its spiritual effectiveness: • Gossip • Lying • Profanity • Perversity • Rudeness, unkindness, or disrespect • Criticism • Breaking a confidence • Negativism and complaining • Inappropriate humor, including off-color jokes or humor that demeans people • Misuse of God's name"
Author: Beth Moore
7. "Spirituality emerged as a fundamental guidepost in Wholeheartedness. Not religiosity but the deeply held belief that we are inextricably connected to one another by a force greater than ourselves--a force grounded in love and compassion. For some of us that's God, for others it's nature, art, or even human soulfulness. I believe that owning our worthiness is the act of acknowledging that we are sacred. Perhaps embracing vulnerability and overcoming numbing is ultimately about the care and feeding of our spirits."
Author: Brené Brown
8. "Ayni alanda yetenekli olan birisine yardim etmek, öncelikle rüstünü ispat etmis bir özgüven ve o kisinin ileri tarihte rakip olamayacagina dair bir ön-onay gerektirir."
Author: Buket Uzuner
9. "Then, in the spirit of benevolence, "Your face is well balanced." She slapped him encouragingly on the back, "You have very long eyelashes. Like a cow."
Author: C.S. Pacat
10. "If Shirley were not an indolent, a reckless, an ignorant being, she would take a pen at such moments, or at least while the recollection of such moments was yet fresh on her spirit. She would seize, she would fix the apparition, tell the vision revealed. Had she a little more of the organ of acquisitiveness in her head, a little more of the love of property in her nature, she would take a good-sized sheet of paper and write plainly out, in her own queer but clear and legible hand, the story that has been narrated, the song that has been sung to her, and thus possess what she was enabled to create. But indolent she is, reckless she is, and most ignorant; for she does not know her dreams are rare, her feelings peculiar. She does not know, has never known, and will die without knowing, the full value of that spring whose bright fresh bubbling in her heart keeps it green."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
11. "Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura ché la diritta via era smarrita."
Author: Dante Alighieri
12. "No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man; no other idea has so fruitfully stimulated his intellect; yet no other concept stands in greater need of clarification than that of the infinite."
Author: David Hilbert
13. "A guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it. You have to be emotionally and spiritually connected to your instrument. I'm very brutal on my instruments, but not all the time."
Author: Eddie Van Halen
14. "To explore and affiliate with life is a deep and complicated process in mental development. To an extent still undervalued in philosophy and religion, our existence depends on this propensity, our spirit is woven from it hope rises on its currents."
Author: Edward O. Wilson
15. "Sve mi se cini da je taj zgodni decko u tebe zaljubljen, zajedljivo komentira majka dok odlaze s konzervatorija, gdje ju je majka nakon nastave docekala, kako bi dvije dame, ruku pod ruku i uopce vrlo komplicirano povezane, prošetale središtem grada. Jako je važno i kakvo je vrijeme, jer o tomu ovisi kojim ce putem dame krenuti. U izlozima ima puno toga što privlaci pozornost prolaznika, a što Erika nikako ne smije vidjeti. Upravo je zato majka docekuje nakon posla. U izlozima su elegantne cipele, torbice, šeširi i nakit. Majka odvlaci Eriku na drugu stranu, opravdavajuci duži put lijepim vremenom. Osim toga, u parku se vec rascvjetalo cvijece, ruže i tulipani, a ni oni još nisu odabrali svoje halje. Majka govori Eriki o prirodnoj ljepoti, koja ne treba nikakve dodatne ukra¬se. Pa Erika je prirodno lijepa, ma kakva da je. Sto ce joj sve te bezvrijedne krpice?"
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
16. "In the spiritual body moreover, man appears such as he is with respect to love and faith, for everyone in the spiritual world is the effigy of his own love, not only as to the face and the body, but also as to the speech and the actions."
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
17. "Democracy is essentially a means, a utilitarian device for safeguarding internal peace and individual freedom. As such it is by no means infallible or certain. Nor must we forget that there has often been much more cultural and spiritual freedom under an autocratic rule than under some democracies and it is at least conceivable that under the government of a very homogeneous and doctrinaire majority democratic government might be as oppressive as the worst dictatorship."
Author: Friedrich Hayek
18. "Amor fati: this is the very core of my being—And as to my prolonged illness, do I not owe much more to it than I owe to my health? To it I owe a higher kind of health, a sort of health which grows stronger under everything that does not actually kill it!—To it, I owe even my philosophy.… Only great suffering is the ultimate emancipator of spirit, for it teaches one that vast suspiciousness which makes an X out of every U, a genuine and proper X, i.e., the antepenultimate letter. Only great suffering; that great suffering, under which we seem to be over a fire of greenwood, the suffering that takes its time—forces us philosophers to descend into our nethermost depths, and to let go of all trustfulness, all good-nature, all whittling-down, all mildness, all mediocrity,—on which things we had formerly staked our humanity."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
19. "If there is a single factor that makes spiritual direction effective as a change agency for the soul, it is this: spiritual direction holds our shame at bay long enough for us to see ourselves as God sees us in Christ."
Author: Gary W. Moon
20. "Also there is a similitude of a Trinity shining in the body, soul and spirit."
Author: George Ripley
21. "Aside from infrequent comments ("Cheer up, love," or "It's not Hallo'ween"), no one wondered why a teenager was dressed up as a chic governess. Sylvie approved of Miri, even at the same time as she was confused by her. "It's a style at least," she said, and took off her rope of pearls and looped them around Miri's neck."
Author: Helen Oyeyemi
22. "Times of terror and the deepest misery may arrive, but if there is to be any happiness in this misery it can only be a spiritual happiness, related to the past in the rescue of the culture of early ages and to the future in a serene and indefatigable championship of the spirit in a time which would otherwise completely swallow up the material."
Author: Hermann Hesse
23. "The incorruptible things are all within the narrow gate. The peace of God which passed all understanding - the bright hope of good things to come - the sense of the Spirit dwelling in us - the consciousness that we are forgiven, safe, insured, provided for in time and eternity, whatever may happen - these are true gold, and lasting riches."
Author: J.C. Ryle
24. "Sirius — it's me . . . it's Peter . . . your friend . . . you wouldn't . . ."Black kicked out and Pettigrew recoiled."There's enough filth on my robes without you touching them," said Black."
Author: J.K. Rowling
25. "Isn't it funny.I'm enjoying my hatred so much more than i ever enjoyed love. Love is temperamental. Tiring. It makes demands. Love uses you, changes its mind. But hatred, now, that's something you can use. Sculpt. Wield. It's hard, or soft, however you need it. Love humiliates you, but Hatred cradles you."
Author: Janet Fitch
26. "Curiosity is the direct incontinency of the spirit."
Author: Jeremy Taylor
27. "The gross heathenism of civilization has generally destroyed nature, and poetry, and all that is spiritual."
Author: John Muir
28. "Today, Aaron decided, he would begin to grieve in earnest. He would walk the lonely beach, mocked by gulls, uncaring, his every step a stately rebuke to the malign forces that had blighted his fate. His was the tragedy of a man who couldn't have his own way, and he intended to make known his anguish in the solemn solitude that only a stretch of sand, a suspiring sea, and a beetling cliff could provide."
Author: Joseph Caldwell
29. "Ne tuhaf degil mi?" diye devam etti."Biz kibarlar, uygar davranislarimizla övünürüz ama birbirimizi yemeyi en güzel yemeklere tercih ederiz."
Author: Judith McNaught
30. "To whatever extent your mind is aligned with love, you will receive divine compensation for any lack in your material existence. From spiritual substance will come material manifestation. This is not just a theory; it is a fact. It is a law by which the universe operates. I call it the Law of Divine Compensation."
Author: Marianne Williamson
31. "The Mississippi River towns are comely, clean, well built, and pleasing to the eye, and cheering to the spirit. The Mississippi Valley is as reposeful as a dreamland, nothing worldly about it . . . nothing to hang a fret or a worry upon."
Author: Mark Twain
32. "And because his Spirit was wholly God, he is called God, and he is called man on account of his flesh."
Author: Michael Servetus
33. "Toate sunt trecatoare. Chinuri, suferin?e, varsari de sânge, molima, foamete. Totul va pieri, dar stelele de pe cer vor dainui ?i atunci când jos, pe pamânt, nu va mai ramâne nici macar umbra noastra sau a înfaptuirilor noastre. Nu se afla nimeni pe fa?a pamântului care sa n-o ?tie. ?i atunci de ce nu vrem sa ne îndreptam privirea spre stele? De ce?"
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
34. "The impact hit her like a physical blow. He was..."Beautiful." Eyes of such pure undiluted blue it was as if some heavenly artist had crushed sapphires into his paints and then colored in the irises with the finest of brushes."
Author: Nalini Singh
35. "Honor miró por la ventana... y vio la sobrecogedora imagen de un ángel con alas de color azul plateado aterrizando en la zona verde del césped.-Es... -Se quedó sin aliento.Había visto fotos, incluso imágenes de televisión, que mostraban a aquel ángel de alas azules, pero ninguna de ellas le hacía justicia. Nada podría hacérsela.Resultaba mucho más impactante de cerca. No le quitó la vista de encima mientras se reunían con él junto al coche. Tenía los ojos del color del oro veneciano, el cabello negro con matices azules, y un rostro de una belleza tan pura que resultaba casi demasiado hermoso. Casi.Era, sencillamente, la criatura más hermosa que había visto en su vida.-Soy Illium -dijo el ángel mirándola a los ojos.Honor estuvo a punto de esbozar una sonrisa al ver la curiosidad pintada en sus iris dorados.-Yo soy Honor."
Author: Nalini Singh
36. "By all appreciable signs, they loved; they had looked love, with eyes that conveyed the holy secret from the depths of one soul into the depths of the other, as if it were too sacred to be whispered by the way; they had even spoken love, in those gushes of passion when their spirits darted forth in articulated breath, like tongues of long-hidden flame; and yet there had been no seal of lips, no clasp of hands, nor any slightest caress, such as love claims and hallows."
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
37. "Must you know that yours will be the "better" picture before you pick up the brush and paint? Can it not simply be another picture? Another expression of beauty?Must a rose be "better" than an iris in order to justify it's existence?I tell you this: you are all flowers in the Garden of the Gods."
Author: Neale Donald Walsch
38. "Evde oturmaya o kadar alismisim ki sanki evden çikinca gerçek bir dünyada yasamiyorum.Evin disinda her yer sanki ayni,sanki bütün insanlar birbirine benziyor.Ne acikli degil mi?"
Author: Oğuz Atay
39. "Orang kampung seperti sahaya ini, bendoro muda, kelahirannya sendiri sudah suatu kecelakaan. Tak ada sesuatu yang lebih celaka dari nasib orang kampung."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
40. "Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
41. "Love in action puts a mind at ease. It creates wonders and good feelings. Such is the magic word that when you allow it to flow freely, it awakens every human heart, and uplifts every human spirit."
Author: Rita Barnes
42. "It's the deep, fundamental bedrock of hypocrisy upon which religion is founded. Consider: no creature can be said to worship if it does not possess free will. Free will, however, is FREE. And just by virtue of being free, is intractable and incalculable, a truly Godlike gift, the faculty that makes a state of freedom possible. To exist in a state of freedom is a wild, strange thing, and was clearly intended as such. But what to the religions do with this? They say, "Very well, you possess free will; but now you must use your free will to enslave yourself to God and to us." The effrontery of it! God, who would not coerce a fly, is painted as a supreme slavemaster! In the fact of this, any creature with spirit must rebel, must serve God entirely of his own will and volition, or must not serve him at all, thus remaining true to himself and to the faculties God has given him."
Author: Robert Sheckley
43. "Yalniz oldugum zamanlar ancak ikiye kadar sayabilirim."
Author: Romain Gary
44. "Matilde se la había dado todo. Pero eso un hombre no lo agradece nunca, eso se paga profiriendo un insulto. Otras mujeres esperaban su turno y serían menos torpes de lo que ella fue."
Author: Rosario Castellanos
45. "Kalabalik beni sahiden sikti. Ben ikide birde böyle oluyorum, bazen bütün insanlari boyunlarina sarilip öpecek kadar seviyorum, bazen de hiçbirinin yüzünü görmek istemiyorum. Bu nefret filan degil… Insanlardan nefret etmeyi düsünmedim bile… Sadece bir yalnizlik ihtiyaci. Öyle günlerim oluyor ki, etrafimdan küçük bir hareket, en hafif bir ses bile istemiyorum. Fakat sonra birdenbire etrafimda bana yakin birilerini ariyorum. Bütün bu beynimde geçenleri teker teker, uzun uzun anlatacak birini. O zaman nasil hazin bir hal aldigimi tasvir edemezsiniz. Kis günü sokaga atilmis bir kedi gibi kendimi zavalli hissediyorum."
Author: Sabahattin Ali
46. "February arrives cold, wet and gray, her gifts disguised for only the most discerning spirits to see. Gentle is our path. Gratitude is the thread we weave into the fabric of our daily lives this month, giving thanks for our simply abundant lives and asking for the gift of one thing more: grateful hearts."
Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach
47. "Apa boleh buat, jalan seorang penulis adalah jalan kreativitas, di mana segenap penghayatannya terhadap setiap inci gerak kehidupan, dari setiap detik dalam hidupnya, ditumpahkan dengan jujur dan total, seperti setiap orang yang berusaha setia kepada hidup itu sendiri—satu-satunya hal yang membuat kita ada."
Author: Seno Gumira Ajidarma
48. "I'm not going to fight in the physical with physical weapons, because it's not a physical fight. I'm going to fight with spiritual weapons, cause it's a spiritual fight."
Author: Stephen Baldwin
49. "I do feel we can create more jobs and opportunities for Jersey City residents, but in the spirit of free enterprise, I do not think it is right to force companies to hire a fixed percentage of local residents."
Author: Vincent Frank
50. "Washed and waiting. That is my life – my identity as one who is forgiven and spiritually cleansed and my struggle as one who perseveres with a frustrating thorn in the flesh, looking forward to what God has promised to do. That is what this book is all about."
Author: Wesley Hill

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