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1. "In my case I don't mind playing a character that irritates people or makes people question my sanity."
Author: Billy Corgan
2. "Every day, the New York Times carries a motto in a box on its front page. "All the News That's Fit to Print," it says. It's been saying it for decades, day in and day out. I imagine most readers of the canonical sheet have long ceased to notice this bannered and flaunted symbol of its mental furniture. I myself check every day to make sure that the bright, smug, pompous, idiotic claim is still there. Then I check to make sure that it still irritates me. If I can still exclaim, under my breath, why do they insult me and what do they take me for and what the hell is it supposed to mean unless it's as obviously complacent and conceited and censorious as it seems to be, then at least I know I still have a pulse. You may wish to choose a more rigorous mental workout but I credit this daily infusion of annoyance with extending my lifespan."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
3. "I have an almost complete disregard of precedent, and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I go for anything new that might improve the past."
Author: Clara Barton
4. "Here is your law enforcement and media question of the day: Was the TV show COPS real or BS?It might have been real incidents, but it wasn't really all that real. They edited the episodes to make it appear as if black people were committing fewer crimes. That is what the show creator John Langley said in a 2009 interview in response to people who were unhappy his long-running reality show, COPS, was showing too many black people getting arrested. What irritates me sometimes is critics still watch and say, 'Oh look, they misrepresent people of color.' That's absolutely not true. To the contrary, I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime..It's just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I do not want to contribute to negative stereotypes, said Langley, the show's producer, in 2009."
Author: Colin Flaherty
5. "Now do you see why war irritates me? It's always the same. A lot of people get killed, but in the end, the whole thing is settled at the conference table. The notion of having the conference first doesn't seem to occur to people."
Author: David Eddings
6. "Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it's only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly."
Author: Elizabeth Hurley
7. "I don't like this," his brother told him as they walked down the stairs."You don't like anything. I've heard you complain about the air.""It irritates me when it whistles."
Author: G.A. Aiken
8. "Authors are far closer to the truths enfolded in mystery than ordinary people, because of that very audacity of imagination which irritates their plodding critics. As only those who dare to make mistakes succeed greatly, only those who shake free the wings of their imagination brush, once in a way, the secrets of the great pale world. If such writers go wrong, it is not for the mere brains to tell them so"
Author: Gertrude Atherton
9. "As you begin your tour of the United States, you may as well know that one American national trait which irritates many Americans and must be convenient for our critics is that we relentlessly advertise our imperfections."
Author: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
10. "I loathe people who say, 'I always read the ending of the book first.' That really irritates me, It's like someone coming to dinner, just opening the fridge and eating pudding, while you're standing there still working on the starter. It's not on."
Author: J.K. Rowling
11. "I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat.I don't don't know why know why,I simply know that I I Iam am inclined to say to saya lot a lot this way this way-I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat.I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat.My mom my mom gets mad gets mad,it irritates my dad my dad,it drives them up a tree a tree,that's what they tell they tell me me-I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat.I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat.It gets me in a jam a jam,but that's the way I am I am,in fact I think it's neat it's neatto to to to repeat repeat-I often repeat repeat myself,I often repeat repeat."
Author: Jack Prelutsky
12. "Behavior which appears superficially correct but is intrinsically corrupt always irritates those who see below the surface."
Author: James Bryant Conant
13. "I know that to personalize the Earth System as Gaia, as I have often done and continue to do in this book, irritates the scientifically correct, but I am unrepentant because metaphors are more than ever needed for a widespread comprehension of the true nature of the Earth and an understanding of the lethal dangers that lie ahead."
Author: James E. Lovelock
14. "When we dislike someone, or feel threatened by someone, the natural tendency is to focus on something we dislike about the person, something that irritates us. Unfortunately, when we do this--instead of seeing the deeper beauty of the person and giving them energy--we take energy away and actually do them harm. All they know is that they suddenly feel less beautiful and less confident, and it is because we sapped their energy."
Author: James Redfield
15. "It's a very strange thing for a designer to say, but one of the things that really irritates me in products is when I'm aware of designers wagging their tails in my face."
Author: Jonathan Ive
16. "Argumentative exhibitions bring issues to life in a way that very much irritates traditional curators who want to see their pictures valued for themselves."
Author: Jonathan Miller
17. "Can I ask you a personal question"? Of all the rhetorical questionsin the world, that is the one which irritates me most with itssimultaneous gesture towards and denial of the trespass that is aboutto follow."
Author: Kamila Shamsie
18. "When something irritates me, I don't go home and write; I just don't do that."
Author: Kerry King
19. "Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life."
Author: Louis Auchincloss
20. "Have you thought this through? People die, love. I'm all for women, but this isn't a woman's game.'For some reason, this irritates me more than anythign else I've heard all day. It's not even relevant."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
21. "It kind of irritates me that I'm seen as this pretty face. People also say I'm too thin. The truth is pretty people aren't as accepted as other people. It comes with all these stigmas."
Author: Mischa Barton
22. "It irritates me that everybody concentrates on Gawker, because it's just one of 15 sites and it doesn't even get the most traffic. It's a significant site, but it's not what we are."
Author: Nick Denton
23. "Unwanted honking not only irritates others, but may also end up causing accidents. Drivers lose cool and it may result in road rage."
Author: Rahul Dravid
24. "Messy stuff irritates me. I don't like messiness. If you leave something around my house, I'll tell you to move it back, clean it up, throw it in the trash - don't matter, just get rid of it. I need stuff neat, organized. And once I start cleaning stuff, I don't stop until it's done. Otherwise I'm irritated all day."
Author: Russell Westbrook
25. "Originality irritates so obscurely that people may have to evolve to scratch it."
Author: Steve Aylett
26. "What irritates me most about him is his natural goodness, his inborn selflessness."
Author: Veronica Roth
27. "When a great figure passed through a city of Burgundy or Champagne, the corporation of the city turned out to deliver an address and present him with four silver goblets in which there were four wines. On the first goblet he read the inscription "monkey wine," on the second "lion wine," on the third "sheep wine," on the fourth "swine wine." These four inscriptions expressed the four descending degrees of drunkenness: the first, which enlivens; the second, which irritates; the third, which stupefies; finally the last, which brutalizes."
Author: Victor Hugo
28. "This person they make me out to be irritates the hell out of me as well."
Author: Victoria Beckham
29. "Truth, like the juice of the poppy, in small quantities, calms men; in larger, heats and irritates them, and is attended by fatal consequences in excess."
Author: Walter Savage Landor

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