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1. "Even ivory towers need central heating."
Author: Breyten Breytenbach
2. "The creators of the Constitution were not purple-robed scholars, sitting in their ivory towers attempting to put abstract theories into play, but men who had come to realize that their system of government was broken. These men desired desperately to repair it."
Author: C.L. Gammon
3. "Human history has become too much a matter of dogma taught by 'professionals' in ivory towers as though it's all fact. Actually, much of human history is up for grabs. The further back you go, the more that the history that's taught in the schools and universities begins to look like some kind of faerie story."
Author: Graham Hancock
4. "I think public intellectuals have a responsibility - to be self-critical on the one hand, to do serious, nuanced work rigorously executed; but to also be able to get off those perches and out of those ivory towers and speak to the real people who make decisions; to speak truth to power and the powerless with lucidity and eloquence."
Author: Michael Eric Dyson

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Quotes About Ivory Towers
Quotes About Ivory Towers

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