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1. "Jase props himself up on an elbow, looking at me for a minute without saying anything. His face gets an unreadable expression, and I wish I could take back walking over.Then he observes, "I'm guessing that's a uniform."Crap. I'd forgotten I was still wearing it."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
2. "I've got a surprise." Jase opens the door of the van for me a couple days later. I haven't seen Tim or Nan since the incident at the B&T, and I'm secretly glad for a break from the drama.I slide into the van, my sneakers crunching into a crumpled pile of magazines, an empty Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup, various Poland Spring and Gatorade bottles, and lots of unidentifiable snack wrappers. Alice and her Bug are evidently still at work."A surprise, for me?" I ask, intrigued."Well, it's for me, but you too, kind of. I mean, it's something I want you to see."This sounds a little unnerving. "Is it a body part?" I ask.Jase rolls his eyes. "No. Jeez. I hope I'd be smoother than that."I laugh. "Okay. Just checking."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
3. "I return to the sprinklers and sit down. George plunks down next to me. "Did you know that a bird-eating tarantula is as big as your hand?""Jase doesn't have one of those, does he?"George gives me his sunniest smile. "No. He useta have a reg'lar tarantula named Agnes, but she"—his voice drops mournfully—"died.""I'm sure she's in tarantula heaven now," I assure him hastily, shuddering to think what that might look like.Mrs. Garret's van pulls in behind the motorcycle, disgorging what I assume are Duff and Andy, both red-faced and windblown. Judging by their life jackets, they've been at sailing camp.George and Harry, my loyal fans, rave to their mother about my accomplishments, while Patsy immediately bursts into tears, points an accusing finger at her mother, and wails, "Boob.""It was her first word." Mrs. Garret takes her from me, heedless of Patsy's damp swimsuit. "There's one for the baby book."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
4. "Is Jase already gonna marry you?" I start coughing again. "Uh, No. No, George. I'm only seventeen." As if that's the only reason we're not engaged. "I'm this many." George holds up four, slightly grubby fingers. "But Jase is seventeen and a half. You could. Then you could live in here with him. And have a big family." Jase strides back into the room, of course, midway through this proposition. "George. Beat it. Discovery Channel is on." George backs out of the room but not before saying, "His bed's really comfortable. And he never pees in it."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
5. "We get to the front door and I lean back against it. "Thank you," I repeat."You'd have done the same for me." Jase puts his thumb under my chin and tips it up. "It's nothing.""Well, except that I can't drive, and you never would have gotten yourself into that situation and---""Shhh." He pulls on my lower lip gently with his teeth, then fits his mouth to mine. First so careful, and then so deep and deliberate, that I can't think of anything at all but his smooth back under my hands. My fingers travel to the springy-soft texture of his hair, and I lose myself in the movement of his lips and his tongue. I'm so glad I'm still alive to feel all those things."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
6. "George gives me a smile, the same dazzling sweet smile as his big brother, although, at this point, with green teeth. "I might marry you," he allows. "Do you want a big family?"I start to cough and feel a hand pat my back."George, it's usually better to discuss this kind of thing with your pants on." Jase drops boxer shorts at George's feet, then sets Patsy on the ground next to him.She's wearing a pink sunsuit and has one of those little ponytails that make one sprout of hair stick straight up on top all chubby arms and bowed legs. She's, what, one now?"Dat?" she demands, pointing to me a bit belligerently."Dat is Samantha," Jase says. "Apparently soon to be your sister-in-law." He cocks an eyebrow. "You and George move fast.""We talked astronauts," I explain…"
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
7. "—¿Se va a casar Jase ya contigo?Empiezo a toser de nuevo.—Uh. No, no, George. Sólo tengo diecisiete. —Como si esa fuera la única razón por la que no estamos comprometidos.—Yo tengo estos. —George levanta cuatro dedos ligeramente sucios—. Pero Jasetiene diecisiete y medio. Ustedes podrían. Entonces podrías vivir aquí con él. Y tener una gran familia. Jase entra a zancadas a la habitación, por supuesto, a mitad de esta propuesta—George. Lárgate. Discovery Channel está encendido.George se retira de la habitación, pero no antes de decir:—Su cama es realmente cómoda. Y nunca se hace pipi en ella."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
8. "Analiza la cuestión, ¿cómo pretendes que sea un ser agradable si soy un monstruo, o que sea generoso con los demás, si se muestran implacables conmigo? Si tú me arrojases a uno de esos barrancos helados, o me destrozaras con tus manos, ¿verdad que no lo considerarías un crimen? Y yo me pregunto, ¿por qué debo de respectar al que me desprecia? Haz que el hombre, en vez de odiarme, me acepte y me enseñe sus bondades, y serás testigo de todas las cosas buenas que soy capaz de hacer por vosotros."
Author: Mary Shelley
9. "Pero si, después de verme en libertad, uno de mis amigos tuviese una pena y no me permitiese compartirla, sentiría una gran amargura. Si este amigo me cerrase las puertas de la mansión del dolor, yo volvería otra y otra vez, rogándole que me dejase compartir aquello que tengo derecho a compartir. Si me considerara indigno e incapaz de llorar con él, me haría el más cruel de los desprecios, la más terrible de las ofensas."
Author: Oscar Wilde
10. "A Note From JaseI'm the second son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Si (Phil's youngest brother) named me on the riverbank. Si went to the river to tell Phil that Kay was having a baby. I've always heard that Phil's response was something to the effect of, "What do you want me to do about it?" Si asked him, "What do you want to name him?" Phil replied, "Name him after you." So I was given the name Jason Silas Robertson. Maybe that's why Si and I love to argue so much. My dad called me "Jase" about half the time, and somewhere through the years the name stuck."
Author: Phil Robertson
11. "I'm really feeling more like a Harry Potter to your Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.""Harry Potter? Someone is awful full of themselves.""And this way Charlie can be always-loyal and cooler than cool Neville Longbottom, and Liam gets to be Sirius."Jase shook his head. "Sirius dies.""Lupin?""Also dies.""A Weasley twin?""Liam isn't that funny, and Fred dies."I searched over the entire cast of Harry Potter. "All the cool people die."
Author: Tammy Blackwell

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